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Level Up Project by whichfn
Level Up Projectby whichfn
Ada sebuah ikatan, yang mengikat kita, membuat sebuah janji yang kulupakan jauh menjauh sebuah takdir yang mempertemukan kita lagi dan lagi. Aku bertemu dengan mu ditem...
The adventure zone preferences  by 404_lost_in_space
The adventure zone preferences by Space Case
It's all in the name, hail and well met my dudes Characters include Magnus Taako Merle Kravitz Lup Barry If anyone wants me to add in someone else just let me know!
Metamorphosis: Lup Oras by Izy483
Metamorphosis: Lup Orasby Izy
Ezzy has had a complicated life, always. Things don't get better for her when she comes back home to find that her step-sister threw a party in which she's killed. From...
Angus Mcdonalds Birthday (TAZ) by jonlasaga
Angus Mcdonalds Birthday (TAZ)by Cecil Afton
It's Angus Mcdonalds 12th Birthday, and his family is desperately trying to plan a surprise party, while trying not to let Angus (the worlds greatest detective) find out...
Cycles (A TAZ Oneshot book) by LazinessCookieGod
Cycles (A TAZ Oneshot book)by LazinessCookieGod
I thought it would be cool to make a Oneshot book based off the podcast The Adventure Zone (TAZ). Most of it will be balance unless requested otherwise. Art and characte...
WONDERLAND by WannaDriveMyTruck
WONDERLANDby WannaDriveMyTruck
WARNING: HAS A LOT OF CURSING, VIOLENCE, GORE, AND OF COURSE CHEESY ROMANCE. After the crews battle with The Hunger, life had gone at a much slower pace. Especially for...
Fiery Footprints - The Adventure Zone Fanfiction by JohnIsNotYourFather
Fiery Footprints - The Adventure JohnIsNotYourFather
Because I'm a degenerate I've crafted a fanfiction based on Barry Bluejeans and Lup Taaco from The Adventure Zone created by the McElroy family. In this AU soul mates ar...
Phantasmal and Resplendent by andy-sterling
Phantasmal and Resplendentby Andromeda Sterling
Taako asked Kravitz to figure out what was up with his Umbrastaff. Kravitz still isn't sure how it could have gone worse.
Metamorphosis 2: The Ecliptic Kiss by Izy483
Metamorphosis 2: The Ecliptic Kissby Izy
Another day, another dangerous hour for Lup Orians. With Adomis still out on the run, no one is safe. After Ezzy left Lup Oras, new secrets have been hidden from everyo...
i'll love you for a century by dottlist
i'll love you for a centuryby dott
TAZ BALANCE SPOILERS basically i made a blupjeans playlist on spotify and i wanted to kinda explore the storyline i made through the songs. some stuff may not be comple...
Sazed's repentance (The Adventure Zone) by nia_everlocke
Sazed's repentance (The Nia Everlocke
What happened to Sazed after the apocalypse? Find out yourself.
The Bookshop by The_Taz_twins
The Bookshopby The_Tacco_twins
Taako has been constantly abused by Sazed. One day after a talk Sazed goes to far and lands taako in the hospital. He gets fired from his job after weeks of not going to...
The Adventure Zone One shots by Whovian_Gamer
The Adventure Zone One shotsby AttackOnTitanDwGrill
One shot stories from the Mcelroy's podcast The Adventure Zone.
Sworn Servitude  by KiwiWrites_
Sworn Servitude by Kiwi
Lup is due to take the throne of Faerun and become queen in a few days, the daughter of a powerful king and wise queen. But it isn't supposed to be like this. Her twin b...
Super Rocking Taz One-shots Fun Time by mnmiller1214
Super Rocking Taz One-shots Fun Marissa
It's all in the name bubbala. Fun time ficlets. Mostly fluff probably 'cause couldn't we all do with a break from angst? But, yeah, there will be angst. Also, MASSIVE SP...
Prietenul din calimara by Alexandra_Eys
Prietenul din calimaraby Alexandra_Eys
Fiind o zi ploioasa, am decis sa scriu o carte despre un personaj ce imi umbla prin vise; astfel ca, in timp ce scriam, ceva neasteptat s-a intamplat...
Ella y el by louxangells
Ella y elby angelss
No se muy bien lo que escribire pero se que tendra romance, accion, ect...