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SVSSS fanfic: Bing-ge and his new Shizun by Oniku_Kamisama
SVSSS fanfic: Bing-ge and his Tsuki Natsuki
*This is a fan fiction based off the novel of 'Scum Villain's Self Saving System' Especially after the extras of Bing-ge vs Bing-mei. Credits to Mo Xiang Tongxiu : All...
MDZS, SVSSS and TGCF memes&fanarts by xxNineTailsxx
MDZS, SVSSS and TGCF memes&fanartsby Riya
Just a bunch of memes, fanarts that I've collected and put into this book. Credits to the original creators.
Hit or Miss <SVSSS> by dreameh
Hit or Miss by 🌸
I guess they never miss, huh? Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua are meme-deprived millennials in an ancient cultivation world in which memes don't exist, so of course, that...
mxtx crack by joyjia1202
mxtx crackby miichan
mostly just the demonic trio being crackheads, but there is some non demonic trio chilling too, and some random oneshots
Yuanfen by ClearaBliss
Yuanfenby ClearBliss
*Takes place in the nove of Scumbag Villian Self-Saving system the, specifically the extras.* The original Luo Binghe in the stallion novel has caused the Scumbag system...
My Son Is Protagonist  by hobiilover1802
My Son Is Protagonist by J.Dyaus
This story is about Bingqiu being WWX'S parents ... "Shizun, thank you for surprise you gave me best gift ever. I knew it shizun could produce brightest of children...
The Lost Prince by jiwookim_
The Lost Princeby rlswldn
Wei WuXian is the Lost Prince.
My Turn by XianYusGuqin123
My Turnby The Un-Lan
Everyone in Wei WuXian's life is gone. The only thing he has now we're small objects and robes from HIM. As he stays in his abode in the Burial Mounds, he must raise a...
Home Away From Home (MXTX Crossover) by ChenWenXing
Home Away From Home (MXTX 陈文鑫 CWX
{A MXTX crossover} Wei Wuxian clapped his hands twice before opening his arms as if intending to hug them all and said, "I can tell all of us are going to get along...
Hiraeth  by junghoseok289
Hiraeth by junghoseok289
Hiraeth (n) the feeling of being homesick for a home one is not able to return to; homesickness pertaining to a home that never was
Odd Week by junghoseok289
Odd Weekby junghoseok289
Wei Ying, Lan Zhan, Hua Cheng, and Xie Lian all turned into kids for a week. Now it is up to Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe to take care of them.
Goddamn it! Where the hell is google translate!!! by shizunsrighttiddie
Goddamn it! Where the hell is shizunsrighttiddie
Shen Yuan is transmigrated into the book that he died cursing, <<<Proud Immortal Demon Way>>> even the title sounds half assed! What could the author h...
A Tired Med Student's Journey Through PIDW! by A_Certain_Wanderer
A Tired Med Student's Journey nope
This time, our lovely meme loving millennial Shen yuan, does not transmigrate into a villainous canon fodder no no. He transmigrates into a background NPC! The kind that...
Only You (MXTX three main couples) by kyoongmae
Only You (MXTX three main couples)by eun.
[MODERN TIMES] The number one university, Tsai Hua welcomes many new faces, including the hottest trio; Hua Cheng, Lan Wangji and Luo Binghe. What happened when the tri...
Youths (MXTX + WOH) by ChenWenXing
Youths (MXTX + WOH)by 陈文鑫 CWX
{A MXTX school AU with WOH} Follow the adventures of some idiots as they navigate through high school. Or The literature teacher who kept trying to chased after the math...
SVSSS photo by Calendular
SVSSS photoby Blacky
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Into The Future [Mxtx+Erha/2ha] by Rinshirosagi
Into The Future [Mxtx+Erha/2ha]by Rinshirosagi
What if Svsss, Hob/Tgcf, Mdzs and Erha/2ha get to react to their past selves? I had seen some characters reacting to their shows or series before and I decided to make o...
Drama  by junghoseok289
Drama by junghoseok289
MDZS, TGCF, and SVSSS all together at school in Cloud Recesses
Hurdling by EncanisHeartshield
Hurdlingby Encanis
Esta es otra traducción de un fic BingJiu que me gustó mucho, escrito por: baekhyun (baruna) y posteado en AO3, si les gusta por favor apoyen a su trayectoria.
The Black Lotus Maid by Leah_Kore
The Black Lotus Maidby Leah_Kore
AU basado en "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon" Shen Yuan solo era un otaku universitario con una vida totalmente normal, pero todo cambia completamente el día...