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It's our Journey || Storna by animebelief
It's our Journey || Stornaby ⚘ ᴮᴬᴮᵞ ⚘
Luna Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster two known wizards from the one and only Fairy Tail guild. It all started with one job that was supposed to be easy but took a turn. **...
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  • reikifernandez
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Fairy tail next generation texts and some one shots  by LunaNashDragneel
Fairy tail next generation texts Luna Dragneel
Check out my other book ? please bye I don't own any of the characters fairytail and pictures I draw stick people for a living and some of the texts I find of the inter...
  • ezra
  • lunadragneel
  • nalu
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Storm Fullbuster and Luna Dragneel: Storms Quest by _Windless_
Storm Fullbuster and Luna •Karma•
Luna Dragneel just passed away saving Storm. He promised her they will see each other again... And he is determined to make that happen
  • lunadragneel
  • romance
  • stormfullbuster
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Dragon knight (vampire knight and fairy tail crossover)  by awsompandacat
Dragon knight (vampire knight Abey
Luna Dragneel is a fairy tail mage and youngest child of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. She gets caught in a lost magic spell and ends up in the world of vampires. "I ha...
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  • fairytail
  • fanfic
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fairy tail : next gen by Lunathekuudere
fairy tail : next genby Lunatheyandere
Nashi, Storm, Asu, Rosemary, Igneel and Aaron are all the next generation of fairy tail.
  • nalu
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My Blue Starss ❤️❤️❤️❤️ by Loveluce
My Blue Starss ❤️❤️❤️❤️by Luna
Where people have tag me and stuff about me
  • friendship
  • family
  • nextgeneration
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Tales of Fairy Tail High: New Generation by thescarletviolet
Tales of Fairy Tail High: New Valerie
Yes another Fairy Tail wizards go to high school story!!! BUT... 2 things! 1. This is about the NEW GENERATION (kkumri 's characters) 2. I promise good spelling and gr...
  • fairytailchildren
  • fairytailfunny
  • fthighschool
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Fairy Tail Next Generation: Civil War  by min_lee_hyo
Fairy Tail Next Generation: 1-800-Y00NGAY
Luna Dragneel. Daughter of Natsu and Lucy. A secret that was kept from her since she was born. Her demon side. Inheriting it from her father, also used to be known as E...
  • kkumri
  • civilwar
  • dragneel
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation by animufangirl8
Fairy Tail: Next Generationby shæ elric.
When Nashi Dragneel was ten years old she left on her own journey, she was in search of magic. She had always wanted to learn magic she had never seen before, unlike all...
  • magic
  • fullbuster
  • fairytail
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As Long As Your With Me (NaLu) (Next Gen) by Nash-Luke-Dragneel
As Long As Your With Me (NaLu) ( Nash Luke Dragneel
Lucy had been ignored after she was defeated at the Grand Magic Games. Only Natsu, Happy, Cana, Gildarts, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, PantherLily, Levy, MiraJane, Lisanna, Juv...
  • natsudragneel
  • fairytail
  • nashdragneel
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The Weaknes Of Love( Fairy Tail Next Generation Fanfiction) by Tatsu_Thedragon
The Weaknes Of Love( Fairy Tail Tatsu_Thedragon
love is a great story to be writen but what happen when this love be ruined by the enemy's hand will our heros forget about it or try to fix it.. Will it became their po...
  • gruvia
  • storm
  • luke
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Back To The Future by dinosaur_meet_meteor
Back To The Futureby dinosaur_meet_meteor
The next gen of fairy tail are sent to the past. They show up at the guild and scare the crap out of their parents. With their parents help they try and get back to the...
  • jerza
  • fairy
  • nash
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Fairy tail {new journey} chronicles by Yugenstars
Fairy tail {new journey} chroniclesby ユゲンの星
After the first generation of fairy tail all got married each had there own kid. But one in particular is got a hard time ahead of her... Nashi Dragneel. She is the dau...
  • dragneel
  • lunadragneel
  • fairytail
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Mira's Comeback by luxmeep
Mira's Comebackby luxmeep
Mira is the shipper of Fairy Tail. Although after all her ships have sailed, the next generation comes. Mirajane is ready to strike back, and she has her eyes on her nex...
  • rowen
  • nalu
  • gale
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Don't Worry It's Just Us {A Storm x Luna Fanfic} by happy_eatsfish
Don't Worry It's Just Us {A Happy_Fangirlz
Luna Dragneel and Storm Fulbuster. Just normal teenagers. They were best friends scored a really long time and they help each other with anything and everything. But wha...
  • lunaxstorm
  • lunadragneel
  • nashixstorm
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The journey continues (fairy tail 2nd generation ) by NATSUxLUCY16
The journey continues (fairy NATSUxLUCY16
So 20 years have passed since the couples (Mira's ships) got married.But that's not what this story is about. Mira is back and she new ships that are the kids of her for...
  • stormfullbuster
  • lunadragneel
  • novadreyar
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Luna Dragneel story by Lunachan109
Luna Dragneel storyby Luna Dragneel
this is a story about my oc luna dragneel
  • blackbutler
  • fairytail
  • lunadragneel
O.S.s Fairy Tail: la famille Dragneel (Natsu x Lucy) Next Generation by _fandom_rules_
O.S.s Fairy Tail: la famille _fandom_rules_
FAIRY TAIL NEXT GENERATION. De leur naissance à leurs premiers pas dans la vie, retrouvez la famille Dragneel, avec notre éternel NaLu et leurs enfants, qui promettent d...
  • ship
  • natsu
  • fairytail
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Luna's Life (Lobotomy) by blank-jiunii
Luna's Life (Lobotomy)by blank-jiunii
Welcome to Luna's Life, better known as Luna's Lobotomy. It's a rough world for the FT new gens: adolescence... sprinkled with newfound mage responsibilities. Oh and ugh...
  • ftnewgens
  • lunadragneel
  • rosemary
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Luna and Storm: Love Equals Feud by Anime__Nerd
Luna and Storm: Love Equals Feudby Cutie Pie
This is about Grey and Juvia's older son Storm Fullbuster who is in love with Natsu and Lucy's oldest daughter Luna Dragneel...when they fall in love you better believe...
  • lunadragneel
  • mirajanedreyar
  • gajeelredfox
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