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The Trapped Lover by insanely_infectious
The Trapped Loverby Rashi Talesara
Here, Love is lunacy. "You are in those chains because I love you!" Rhea is an average girl with a normal life, a normal job and a loving fiancé. Though her pr...
Corruption by BeastOfWords
Corruptionby Z Martinez
First book in The Lunacy trilogy: Sent to an Asylum to be treated for Female hysteria. Isabelle just wanted to dance and live her own life, but they didn't agree with th...
Transcribed from April 24, 2014 Poetic lunacy describing my opiate dependency...metaphorically told...
Lunacy~HP by -SupErViLaiN-
Lunacy~HPby -SupErViLaiN-
~The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist~
My life belongs to you by Aneiko2006
My life belongs to youby Agent 708
The story is not kinda related to the title. Now lets get started... One sunsetting day, The girl who has purple hair and eyes which was named Miyuki Tachibana go buy so...
Lunacy. ☯ by -garments
Lunacy. ☯by chi 🦋
" I might be a crazy mad man but Charlotte I am so deeply in love with you. " "It's not everyday that you come across a serial killer and he doesn't want...
Sudden Lunacy by Katelyn_Vaughan
Sudden Lunacyby Katelyn_Vaughan
Marcus couldn't believe his eyes as they fell upon the three mutilated men on the floor. Gashed open with a large knife the woman still held, their bellies were complete...
Time W by lamaneo
Time Wby lamaneo
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A Mess by meabottleofmagic
A Messby Hectra
Year 2993.A lady wakes up to a peculiar reality. This is a little part of when she first woke up that way. # This is not an official story whatsoever , but I did write...
KISMET by MTeresaClayton
Reason informed by religion - reality defined in the surreal - when we open our eyes to what we have created and what we have created is coming for us - it's kismet.
Bitter Laugh by Jay-Jannine
Bitter Laughby Jay Jannine
A Joker fanfic. It takes place a year or two after Batman: Arkham Origins. The main character, Phantom, is a Spartan from Halo. Instead of making this book with the Halo...
Lunacy || z.m. short story by zivacious
Lunacy || z.m. short storyby ن
"I wish I could be normal, like you." she knotted her fingers in her lap as unsettling nerves charged her body. "You know, sane." A soft chuckle left...
Jack and Jill in Luna Seaside by KaranSeraph
Jack and Jill in Luna Seasideby Karan Seraph
John and Jillian Glastonbury aren't too thrilled when their dad announces their newly-blended family is to let a small cottage near his dig site. How will they survive a...
Love Note by LogicalLunacy
Love Noteby LogicalLunacy
Akane Aiko is a matchmaker. She knows everything there is to know about love, but when her parents encourage her to find someone for Valentine's day, and she needs to he...
The MadHouse by BriXlocoAmor
The MadHouseby INSOMNIA
You were put in a mental asylum by your father, what happens when you meet the one and only Jax Black wood the feared psychopath.
Lunacy by TheAmazingM
Lunacyby M
An insomniac's lullaby.
FLAT LUNACY by TimOzman4
Flat Lunacy, a Flat Earth Comedy is the story of Herbert Kurszenburger, a retired scientist who is driven to the edge of sanity by the flat earth theory and its proponen...