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The Void Dragon: Rimuru by ChaosDragon06
The Void Dragon: Rimuruby Letter Chain
gsudnsmsidbsmkzjd hqbzbofns x Many grammatical error and Wrong spelling.
Rimuru Tempest the Void Dragon by elite3532
Rimuru Tempest the Void Dragonby elite3532
Rimuru is the elder sister of Veldanava and true creator of the univers. After a long sleep, she wake up and have fun in the world that his little brother create. She wi...
Velsura! - That Time I Got Sent Back in Time as a Slime! by Lobotomiskii
Velsura! - That Time I Got Sent Lobotomized_Cunt
**NEW CHAPTER EVERY SUNDAY** "It is I, the Great Storm Dragon: Veldora Tempest! Now, uhm- you see, I may have caused a few problems in Tempest, and now Rimuru is ma...
Entwined Fate by CrqzyCalico
Entwined Fateby Lico
One of the three very being created by Stellar Dragon King Veldanava and his faithful servant, also the manager of the world Rimuru has started a new journey in the card...
RimuruxLuminous by 121308ispass
RimuruxLuminousby 121308ispass
RimuruxLuminous ship
That Time I Got Reincarnated In Tensura  by Azazelofcalamity
That Time I Got Reincarnated In Azazelofcalamity
A guy got killed meet with the Great ROB Sama get has wishes granted and reincarnated in tensura before the era of DEMON LORD'S
Void God Dragon by TensuraLover
Void God Dragonby TensuraLover
The Strongest and most Powerful True dragon of all (Rimuru x Luminous) there will be a Rimuru x Shizue/Hinata but they will be all different
The Mother of All by swedyixn
The Mother of Allby nami
Rimuru who's known as the creator and mother of all monsters and humans, creator of the world who was dead and finally humans and monsters decided to cause trouble when...
The Slime Administrator by EchoFlag
The Slime Administratorby Pak Bagus
Satoru Mikami, a 56 year old guy who is still single and looks like a 30 years old with grandpa hair, work as one of the Directors in the company that he work in, he's a...
The return of the Destined One(Rimuru x Harem) by gamech227VN
The return of the Destined One( gamech227VN
This story take place 10 years after the Tenma War.Our protagonist,Rimuru Tempest,is laying his head on his desk after going on a date with one of his lover,Chloe Aubert...
Dragon Raja by mochaawagic
Dragon Rajaby mocha
Johann Chu x Reader - The world was once ruled by a clan called the Dragon Raja. After many battles lost, humans were finally able to defeat the Dark King and put him an...
Rimuru in the author's PoV by whatsup71
Rimuru in the author's PoVby What’s up ⬆️
Rimuru who's lost everything due to his <azazoth> skill going out of control which resulted In him blaming himself for what happened..all he wants now is to....wil...
Mio (femxrimuru) by BloomingEyes14
Mio (femxrimuru)by Narcissa🥀
one-shots that time I got reincarnated as a slime Femxrimuru Luminous Valentine X OC
submissive rimuru by voidtempest
submissive rimuruby tensura
Just some fucked up shits
MVs by Lou192403
MVsby Lou
Different Kpop, Tpop, & Cpop MVs All songs I've listened to and are on my playlist
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STAY - Against The System | CHOSEN 2 (MINSUNG FF)  by zerooclock_bbokari
STAY - Against The System | Nabi
Part 2 of 'CHOSEN - The system never lies' Jisung loves Minho. And Minho loves Jisung. Everything feels like a fairy tale - until the system forbids them to be together...
Tensura Veteran Difficulty by Fallen_Michael
Tensura Veteran Difficultyby Fallen_Michael
It was a strange day for the rich inventor Alexander Sarmos to say the least. Running into a crack in the sky, falling into it and waking up in a forest in the middle of...
𝐃𝐎𝐋𝐋 ᴰʳᵃᵍᵒⁿ ᴿᵃʲᵃ by g1rlust
𝐃𝐎𝐋𝐋 ᴰʳᵃᵍᵒⁿ ᴿᵃʲᵃby g1rlust
Hybrids, the cruel result of human greed, have one purpose: kill the dragons that rule the world. She couldn't possibly care less and is far more interested in achieving...
Ubiquitous [Maplestory] by akashiyasenpai
Ubiquitous [Maplestory]by 凛
[Various!MapleStory x Reader] [FriendStory!AU] ubiquitous /juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/ ; adjective present, appearing, or found everywhere. A single person like you can change the fa...
Skylanders Shrink Squad Characters by burnettaj
Skylanders Shrink Squad Charactersby AJ Burnett
Character sheets for each of the 32 characters to be released in Skylanders Shrink Squad. If you haven't already, check out my profile for the Skylanders Shrink Squad s...