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Saved//a.irwin [completed / editing] by tidal-wxves
Saved//a.irwin [completed / unlucky angel ☁️👼🏼
Skylenne is just an ignored beaten teenage girl in Australia. Her father beats her at home, students beat her at school, and she hides in a darkened room both in and out...
choose 2 | luke hemmings by abstractstyles
choose 2 | luke hemmingsby abstractstyles
may clifford & luke hemmings: 10 years later
annoyed by lukeshemmos
annoyedby 𝐅
LUKE HEMMINGS ❝i'm in love.❞ ❝luke, it's 2 am.❞ ❨2018, currently editing❩ ❨9/29 chapte...
Live fast, die young - Larry Stylinson by adoremytommox
Live fast, die young - Larry adoremytommox
Kiedy Harry dowiaduje się, że jego najleszy przyjaciel Zayn Malik należy do gangu i właśnie ma wziąc udział w strzelaninie, za wszelką cene chce go powstrzmac. Nie wie j...
he saved me » l.h by bluemgc23
he saved me » l.hby bluemgc23
"Being sick sucks, because I can't be with you forever." @Lazyunicorn_ 2013-2016 [[was on a hiatus but trying to get back on it]]
Don't leave me/// Luke Hemmings Love Story by Ally_loveee
Don't leave me/// Luke Hemmings Ally_loveee
Hello readers!! Thank you sooo much for reading this book! This is my first book sooo it might be a bit rocky but let me know what ya'll think about it. Anyway this is t...
Surprise  by OMGClifford95
Surprise by BubblyGirl123
Luke just gets a small package at his door. Can he take good care of it?
Your the best mistake I'v ever made.
My step brother -Luke Hemmings by ilovelukehemmings__
My step brother -Luke Hemmingsby Rebecca F
Morgan is a regular 16 year old girl obsessed with Starbucks an struggles with depression her only happiness being Australian band 5 seconds of summer she's crushing...
Little Hemmings by hoodsteries
Little Hemmingsby noashiii<3
A girl, Taylor Wembley, she had a boyfriend at the age of 15. Got her pregnant and her boyfriend left her alone. Not knowing that he has a child. The kid's father is a m...
LOZLINby Im Seqouia
This is for meh best panda Jozlin. She is tottaly obsessed with Luke Hemmo so I am making this for her
Everything i didnt say (luke hemmings fanfic) by lukehemmings1714
Everything i didnt say (luke lukehemmings1714
I have always know I was adopted. I never needed anyone to tell me or for anyone to confirm I was. I just always have know that I was different from everyone else, diffe...
the Windows by kallyclifford18
the Windowsby kallyclifford18
Isabella is your average girl but she has a secret and her dad only knows about it she's a teen mom
Airplanes | L.H | __xhemmox__ by __xhemmox__
Airplanes | L.H | __xhemmox__by __xhemmox__
airplanes cut through the clouds like angles can fly, we'll never die. ❤
That Night by helloimtay
That Nightby helloimtay
Karlie Kloss a well known youtuber goes out one night. That night changed everything.
Luke Hemmings Smut by bopppp1
Luke Hemmings Smutby bopppp1
A1 Luke smut bro. perfect for you fangirls out there. plz message me for recommendations cuz i shall totes write them. also this joke plz laugh (haha lol so funny i die...
lewk hemmo by mrvelstan
lewk hemmoby ana ♡
lewk miets a pengueeno and dey becom bffs
rejected »  l.h. by irkedirwin
rejected » irkedirwin
"does your pretty face see what he's worth?" © 2015 @hiddenirwin&nbsp; lowercase intended
wrong number - l.h by cthisadad
wrong number - l.hby calum hood’s bitch
sorry, i think youve got the wrong number. » lowercase intended » some mature content