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5SOS Pregnancy Series by maisychains
5SOS Pregnancy Seriesby maisychains
A series of preferences dedicated to the boys as they deal with the pregnancies of their wives.
Pieces Of Me ~ Luke Hemmings (IN NEED OF DESPERATE EDITING) by CakeMashtonLover
Pieces Of Me ~ Luke Hemmings (IN Shakila
Ashley has been the outcast ever since she moved to a new school 6 months ago....bullied and alone she has no one turn to...and yeah at first it bothered her, but now it...
Bullied By Luke Hemmings. by NiallHoransPerfect
Bullied By Luke NiallHoransPerfect
Being told that you have to tutor your bully never really sounds good. When Caitlyn is told she has to tutor the person who has bullied her for years, how will they both...
Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings Fanfic) by AshtonDimples0
Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)by AshtonDimples0
"He's kind of like, a blow pop" "A blow pop really?" "Yea, he's hard on the outside but in reality he's a totally softy on the inside"
Black Rose (l.h) by flannelslrh
Black Rose (l.h)by A
He saved her and didnt even know.
Story Ideas by louvhe
Story Ideasby dulcé
shitty story ideas that I don't have time to write [ x ] freaking open till y'all take them all away [ till 100 ]
Stay Beautiful by evalooks4walle
Stay Beautifulby Eva Zamrazil
(Luke Hemmings AU) She is in love with him. He thinks of her as one of the best friends he will ever have. Or so she believes.
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU) by jumping-from-swings
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU)by Leila
Leila is your average girl. She reads books, does her homework and talks to her friends and family. But that's in the holidays. One big thing makes Leila's life differen...
Demons ~ Luke Hemmings by CakeMashtonLover
Demons ~ Luke Hemmingsby Shakila
Don't get too close, it's dark inside, it's where my demons hide. Chicklit #184
over and over - l.h. by VickyVonValentine
over and over - 🙂
"What's your name?" "...Cora." "How old are you?" Much older thank you think.
Sing to me//L.R.H. by IoannaBln
Sing to me// Jo
She's a loser. He's popular. She has nothing. He has everything. Until one day a music class brings them together. And she falls. The question is; will he be there to ca...
after midnight // m.c by yoongi4president
after midnight // m.cby yoongi4president
Love, can be found in the most unusual of places, with the most unusual of people. Mental Institutes aren't one of the normal places to find your prince charming, or is...
Dirty Business  »»Luke Hemmings«« by GuitarLuke
Dirty Business »»Luke Hemmings««by GuitarLuke
"You only have to sign these papers, darling" COPYRIGHTED © GuitarLuke 2014
Luke Hemmings Smut (13+) by rainbowduck1122
Luke Hemmings Smut (13+)by Alexia
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds Of Summer by CakeMashtonLover
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds Of Shakila
Sometimes the impossible just happens.....maybe its not as hard as we thought it would be to get noticed...
frat // luke hemmings by maryjodunn15
frat // luke hemmingsby maryjodunn15
He was a quarterback with a big ego and she was a cheerleader from a small town.
Edit Me by Rezzi_
Edit Meby Rezzi
This book does not focus on the member of the Australian band, but rather on the female character Kayla Grace. She battles her own mind every day, and her entire world r...
~Paralyzed~ || L.H AU (Coming soon). by justcallmeamyy
~Paralyzed~ || L.H AU (Coming justcallmeamyy
She gets paralysed and thinks it's the end of everything. He gets the opportunity to show her she still can be happy.
Day in the life of Luke's buttcrack by Lukesbuttcrack
Day in the life of Luke's buttcrackby Lukesbuttcrack
It's not easy bring a crack on a famous guys butt, but I make it work.