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Luis Coronel Images by BChola
Luis Coronel Imagesby Queen B👑
here is your fav artist Luis Coronel
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Luis Coronel [COMPLETED] by Haz_the_curlyfry
Luis Coronel [COMPLETED]by ♡ B ♡
Luis Coronel never thought that the girl he found wondering around would be the love of his life... This book has alot of Grammer mistakes since I wrote this when I was...
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  • heartbreak
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Prince Royce's Sister (Erick Or Yoandri) #Wattys2016 by MusicDreamer80
Prince Royce's Sister (Erick Or Kyle Royce Colon
Kyle Royce Rojas goes to each event with her brother Prince Royce while being chased by Yoandri and Erick who will she pick? And will her brother agree? Or will he becom...
  • camilacabello
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Luis coronel by verenise13
Luis coronelby verenise13
Luis and Lexi are ment for each other will they be together at last ?
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El que se enamora pierde: A Luis Coronel fanfic by luciiddreams
El que se enamora pierde: A Luis 🌹
Lyndsey loves to pick fights, she has gotten arrested and is failing every class and shes the lead singer of a promising rock band. After sneaking out to go to a festiva...
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Love At First Sight ( Luis Coronel FanFic ) by MalikGirl37
Love At First Sight ( Luis MalikGirl37
Maite Perroni is a normal teenager, she loves Luis Coronel. She adores him. Then her family makes her a Quinceanera, Does her mom get Luis Coronel to perform at her par...
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Amor Del Bueno (Love At First Sight ~ Part2) Luis Coronel Fan-Fiction  by groovyfanficss
Amor Del Bueno (Love At First groovyfanficss
This is part 2 of Love At First Sight . In this story you will see the struggles that Marissa and Luis will go through as a married couple and as parents . You'll also s...
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Luis Coronel Imagines by CoronelsPrincess
Luis Coronel Imaginesby Catalina
Luis Coronel Imagines. Request my loves! It can be Sweet, Dirty, Or a Fight.
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Luis coronel the sequel [COMPLETED] by Haz_the_curlyfry
Luis coronel the sequel [COMPLETED]by ♡ B ♡
Everything was going well with the family Coronel until one day they vandalize their home and it all went down hill from there. Sequel to "Luis Coronel"
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Summer adventures...  by alexis__coronel
Summer adventures... by King•since•1996
This story is about how a girl named Maya just got out of a long school year and they finally got to summer break and well she meets luis..... I hope guys enjoy it's my...
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Nothing left to lose:A luis coronel fanfic by luciiddreams
Nothing left to lose:A luis 🌹
Sequel To El Que se enamora pierde, Lynn is 19 living in London with her band. After they reached stardom they decided to move there. Lynn's life has not been sunshine...
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Instagram // Luis Coronel  by Ellaa10
Instagram // Luis Coronel by Ellaa10
Luis Coronel
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Madi Gomez ♡ by OfficMadisonGomez
Madi Gomez ♡by Madi♡
Picture book. Madi Gomez ♡
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Promise you won't forget me? by xletty_
Promise you won't forget me?by Letty
A 17 year old girl, Dania is currently a Junior in High School in Texas. She's the typical average straight A student who goes to school and comes straight back home. He...
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Meeting luis Coronel in person for the first time by LoveNatyy
Meeting luis Coronel in person Love Natyy
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Hatred at second sight  by soccxr_tho
Hatred at second sight by soccxr_tho
"If you were my girl I'd bring you iced coffee and a rose every day" he told me as he looked into my eyes For him it was love at first sight but for her it wa...
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  • romance
Citas de amor by LuisaoMata
Citas de amorby Luis Leonardo Mata Montece
"Las palabras solo duelen cuando te importa quien las dice".
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