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Dragon Spirit by iiapparitionii
Dragon Spiritby Apparition
Lucy, Wendy, Juvia, Levy, and Gajeel all feel out of place and unwanted by their guild. The others have all known each other since their childhood and these five just ca...
  • levymcgarden
  • lisannastrauss
  • yukinoagria
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The Angel Queen by Warrior_Izzy
The Angel Queenby Isabelle Hunter Scar
Go check out the rewritten version on my profile! Lucy Heartfilia....... Everyone calls her weak, they say she always hides behind her spirits, and she always has to...
  • gmg
  • revenge
  • lucyheartfilia
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Acnologia's a Father!? by BriZiculasSkits
Acnologia's a Father!?by Brianna Rose 🥀
Lucy has been feeling weak ever since the grand magic games.Though the guild think other wise,this isn't enough to convince Lucy.After thinking things through she decide...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • lucy
  • acnolgia
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Sabertooth's Princess by silverkatana
Sabertooth's Princessby silv
Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss kick Lucy out of Team Natsu. The heartbroken girl trains hard, fueled by the rejection and joins Sabertooth. Who is this 'Sabertooth P...
  • stingxlucy
  • stilu
  • overpowered
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One of the Spriggan  by Abby_of_the_Fandoms
One of the Spriggan by Animated Abby
What if Lucy met Zeref when Lucy ran away from home and became the strongest member of the Spriggan twelve? What happens when her mission is to pose as a weak celestial...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • spriggan
Elements Of Sabertooth by iiapparitionii
Elements Of Sabertoothby Apparition
Every girl falls in love at some point, but what they never wish to expect is to have their hearts broken. And the boys of Fairy Tail have done just that. Weak, pathetic...
  • hibiki
  • gray
  • juvialockser
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Celestial Dragon: Mating Season (B1) by bookeatingworm
Celestial Dragon: Mating Season ( bookeatingworm
Lucy decides it's time to train after being kidnapped again and saved again. She left for 5 years coming back as a dragon slayer. But with secrets. Mating Season approac...
  • matingseason
  • completed
  • secrets
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My Revenge On The Fairies ||COMPLETED||  by girlish_army0495
My Revenge On The Fairies || 💛🐥
"how could you" "you don't belong here" "weak" "Useless" "Pathetic" after the GMGs Fairy Tail was still not "sat...
  • fanfiction
  • lucydragonslayer
  • stinglu
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Fairy Tail - We're Back by fairytail_bunny
Fairy Tail - We're Backby fairytail_bunny
I didn't draw the cover, I just got two pictures from the anime and added the writing. I don't own any of the characters either. Only the story idea xx After leaving Fa...
  • lucyxgray
  • matingseason
  • grayfullbuster
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The Last Heartfilia  by Drina_Bloom
The Last Heartfilia by Drina Bloom
She's back... they ignore me... They don't notice me. Not Levy, not Natsu... no one... Lisanna this. Lisanna that. Funny thing is that she's the only one that talks to...
  • naluforever
  • dragonqueen
  • fairytail
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The New Me [LaLu fanfic] DISCONTINUED by Kyrie_Scarlet
The New Me [LaLu fanfic] Sinned.
Lisanna came back from the " Dead ", everyone has been partying for months and ignored Lucy except for Mira, Levy, Gajeel, Wendy, Happy, Lily, Charle/Carla, Li...
  • lisannastrauss
  • lalu
  • training
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Mine (StingLu Fanfic)  by NatskiChan04
Mine (StingLu Fanfic) by >Mitsu<
Ever since Lisanna came back from Edolas, the guild Fairy Tail and some of it's members started acting oddly weird. They would say things that would hurt Lucy and felt...
  • lucy
  • fantasy
  • romance
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( IgLu ) I Got You Back by LoveMeliodasDragneel
( IgLu ) I Got You Backby Love Meliodas Dragneel
Its been 2 months aftet the Grand Magic Games and Lucy was afraid to go back to the guild. When Lucy does go to the guild everyone calls her weak and hurts her. Then L...
  • iglu
  • natsudragneel
  • igneel
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Mating Season, What!? by starlushheart
Mating Season, What!?by S_star101
The dragon slayers of Fairy Tail are acting weird. Somethings going on... Will the girls survive? Nalu, Gale, Miraxus, RoWen.Yukino x Sting, Rogura. Gruvia I know there...
  • natsu
  • romeo
  • gray
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Lucy goes to Ouran High by AVLEscalantes
Lucy goes to Ouran Highby #vivianaescalante
This story is originally made by HeartBaylon, but... I have full approval to continue it. Lucy goes to Japan to see her uncle/aunt and her cousin. But her uncle says tha...
  • crossover
  • lucyheartfilia
  • romance
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Lucy of Fairy Tail  by Blackrabbit89
Lucy of Fairy Tail by Blackrabbit89
Lucy feels like she is a burden to the team especially her long time crush Natsu.She decides to go to the celestial world to train but will she comeback as the same Lucy...
  • zodiac
  • stardress
  • lucyxnatsu
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Baby Natsu Dragneel by GalaxyCrystalPearl
Baby Natsu Dragneelby GalaxyCrystalPearl
Lucy was walking to the guild until she saw something that made her Jaw drop. Find out more when you read the story! Edit: this is my first fanfiction, hope you enjoy! (...
  • nalu
  • lucyheartfilia
  • fairytail
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Her Mafia Boss by Nalu4life1317
Her Mafia Bossby Risa_Royal17
A mysterious girl transferred into a new school. Not just a new school, the worst possible school there could be in the entire country. -- Academy. Not only did she make...
  • fan
  • fiction
  • anime
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The Lost Warriors by DragonGirl0723
The Lost Warriorsby The Anime & Dragon Lady
When Lisanna came back from 'the dead', everyone ignores Lucy. But, only Lucy could see the full picture. For some reason, she's the only one who could see Lisanna's sha...
  • levymcgarden
  • gale
  • thelostwarriors
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My Hero  by NatsuDrag1447
My Hero by NatsuDrag1447
Fairy Tail x Boku No Hero fanfic ! Waking up in a strange new place, new faces around. Eyes always watching you. "W-where am I?" The young blonde asks hersel...
  • myheroacademia
  • action
  • bokunoheroacademia
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