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Wedding...?! [Sequel to I'm 100% Sure... You Love Me!] by TheWhoufflePrincess
Wedding...?! [Sequel to I'm 100% Chelsea
Alfendi Layton had just admitted that he loved Lucy Baker. And it wasn't just Placid, also Potty. Now the pressure is on, when the question is asked to Alfendi. Are you...
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Case Closed  by hxnnxh1404
Case Closed by Hannah T x
"Firstly there's something you must understand. Do not think badly of me for it. But this- this will change everything." Four months after the events at Forbo...
  • lucy
  • case
  • lucybaker
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A Complicated Relationship by girlycathy
A Complicated Relationshipby Cathy
I DO NOT OWN MYSTERY ROOM OR ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS This is "Mystery Room Fanfiction" rewritten This duo faces constant obstacles in their journey to happ...
  • level5
  • alfendilayton
  • mysteryroom
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I'll Stand By (A Lucifendi Fanfiction) by TheWhoufflePrincess
I'll Stand By (A Lucifendi Chelsea
A Lucifendi fanfiction where Lucy gets kidnapped and the Prof must fight an unknown opponent.
  • mystery
  • lucybaker
  • alfendilayton
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Professor, Professor by TheWhoufflePrincess
Professor, Professorby Chelsea
Pretty much one-shots about the dear Lucy Baker and the lovely Alfendi Layton. You may know me for my other fanfics on Lucifendi, but hopefully this will be written bett...
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  • mysteryroom
  • laytonbrothers
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I'm 100% Certain... You Love Me! [Lucifendi] by TheWhoufflePrincess
I'm 100% Certain... You Love Me! [ Chelsea
Lucy has never been certain about her feelings for Alfendi. It's always just been a blur, several people from their cases even assume them to be a couple... But when som...
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  • layton
  • mysteryroom
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Will it ever end? by LoZDisneyGirl
Will it ever end?by Gracie Sticht
A Layton Family story, spoilers for all Professor Layton, Lady Layton, and Mystery Room games as well as the Lady Layton Anime. The one loose end in the story, Targent...
  • katriellelayton
  • descolê
  • earnestgrieves
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Lucifendi One shots by lucifendi-haddock
Lucifendi One shotsby Sky
A bunch of lucifendi one shots :)
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  • layton
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CHAPPIE ONE- Romione fluff CHAPPIE TWO- Mey-Rin x Bardroy fluff CHAPPIE THREE- Lucifendi CHAPPIE FOUR- Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream/Gelato (Neo x Roman) Chapter 5- Shitty Sno...
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Layton's Murder~ (Layton's File) [Mystery Room/Layton Saga] by Yumehara_Magic
Layton's Murder~ (Layton's File) [ In the Name of this Dream~
-¿Quién está detrás de todos estos crímenes?, ¡Llamen al Inspector Layton! -...Emm...el Inspector Layton acaba de ser asesinado, están tratando de curarle la herida... ...
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