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Uglydolls (Lou X OC) by IsabellaAnne1803112
Uglydolls (Lou X OC)by IsabellaAnne1803112
I wanted to do a story based on the Uglydolls movie
Lou X reader by 1DeadGurlWalking
Lou X readerby Cassandra
(SEQUEL NOW AVAILABLE) WARNING ⚠️HARSH LANGUAGE ⚠️ 12+ READERS ONLY⚠️This is only a Lou x girl reader You are the second most perfect doll in the Institutions of Perfect...
Utter Perfection | Lou X Reader by ThatBabyQuinnDoh
Utter Perfection | Lou X Readerby Harley Quinn
"Your name is (Y/N), you are a Perfectionist.../Model." The Robotic voice informed me, as the machine opened and revealed my proper form dressed in a neat unif...
Perfect as me (Lou fanfic) Uglydolls by FlowerRose709
Perfect as me (Lou fanfic) FlowerRose709
A girl named Lonna who was made to be perfect/Musician/Model at first nobody liked her. Why? Because she came out with glasses and A messy Bun. How can someone like that...
The Ugliest Truth [UglyDolls fanfiction] by RyanAkagi
The Ugliest Truth [UglyDolls —Grug moment
After the Ugly dolls arrived in the institute of perfection and changed everything, Life hasn't been the same for Lou, he was now hated, and lonely. Stuck by himself bec...
UglyDolls MEMES!!!!!! And Other $hit... by 1DeadGurlWalking
UglyDolls MEMES!!!!!! And Other $ Cassandra
I have dedicated this book to UglyDolls memes. DISCLAIMER: i do not own these memes.
uglydolls x reader by trydifferentpassword
uglydolls x readerby Ashley Renee josey
welcome to my weird writing life.
Uglydolls by Sukura41
Uglydollsby Kadrien FL💛💚
Follow Penny as she goes on an adventure to the Institute of Perfection with her uglydoll friends! She might even fall for a certain blond-haired doll on the way.
UglyDolls Crud :'v by LilTilOne3231
UglyDolls Crud :'vby DJ Faith
I KNOW THIS ISN'T A STORY BUT AAAA I HAVE TO MAKE A COLLECTION OUT OF THIS H H H (And yes, this may contains spoilers from the movie that I screenshot before it gets tak...
Lou x Reader oneshots by ShiNekoCreator
Lou x Reader oneshotsby Demon Queen
Many human AU's. Requests open. Warning: Lou may be ooc in some oneshots
Lou X Prototype Reader(SLOW UPDATES!!!) by 1DeadGurlWalking
Lou X Prototype Reader(SLOW Cassandra
So let me explain this.... So Their are 2 institutes. The one where it is now called Institution of imperfection and your one that was kept in secret. somehow The UglyDo...
UglyDolls And a humans beginning: Book 1 by Crossover42
UglyDolls And a humans Crossover42
I saw that there were no uglydolls X child OC, so i decided to make a book about one myself. What if a human child appeared in uglyville, and joined the uglydolls on th...
Uglydolls: More than JUST brothers? (ON HOLD) by Annoyingsister2004
Uglydolls: More than JUST Casey.
(Pairing is Lou X Ox) Perfect..was the most important thing for a doll like HIM. He had the looks, the smarts, the admirers. It was the same everyday. Wake up, teach, be...
Two dolls in love (moxy x ox) by destinyunicorn123
Two dolls in love (moxy x ox)by Moxy x ox
(I'll be post soon) after the event of the movie ox starts to have feelings for moxy but doesn't know how to tell her.enjoy
Little girl human and doll (Uglydolls) by Saharawolf2020
Little girl human and doll ( SaharaWolf
Little girl named Diana goes to the factory dolls of imperfection with uglydolls and perfect dolls.
My Little Servent {Lou X Oc} by PennutPutter
My Little Servent {Lou X Oc}by PennutPutter
Instead of combining the institute and uglyville the dolls dicide to live uglyville. After all the dolls abandoned the institute, Lou was left alone to rot. One day Lou...
→ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕌𝕤← by KingGay388
→ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕌𝕤←by KingGay388
This takes place after what happened in the movie, Though in this the dolls don't leave since they are scared of being destroyed by the humans. Lou soon became the leade...
BlackPink & UglyDolls by MNGillam365
BlackPink & UglyDollsby Morgan Gilliam
BlackPink K-Pop star Rose travels to New York city for a Vacation. While Rose makes it to a Hotel, She meets some little doll people called "UglyDolls" Rose f...