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Invisible string~ Matthew Fairchild {1} by meadowdaydream
Invisible string~ Matthew Bella
"I burned my soul when I first found it, I watched as it went up in flames." "Whenever thoughts were hammering in Amelia's head, she could rely on the ste...
ꜰɪɢʜᴛ ꜱᴏɴɢ ❶ by xanneherondale
ꜰɪɢʜᴛ ꜱᴏɴɢ ❶by ✨lien✨
ɪɴ ᴡʜɪᴄʜ Tᴇssᴀ Hᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ's ᴍɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ᴄʜɪʟᴅ ɪs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀ ᴡᴀʀʟᴏᴄᴋ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴀ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. ᴏʀ Cʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ Hᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ ʜᴀs ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴅɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ, ɴᴏᴡ sʜᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡs ᴡʜʏ. = ʜᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ ᴄʜʀᴏɴɪᴄ...
The Last Hours by Miss_Fairchild
The Last Hoursby Miss_Fairchild
Tessa, Will, and Jem's generation is over. Now it is time for their children to take the spotlight. The ever delightful Matthew Fairchild. The dreamer Lucie Herondale. T...
Anachronism ~ Shadowhunters ~ James Herondale (Rewriting in progress) by DarlingDelight4
Anachronism ~ Shadowhunters ~ Я🌹
When Aurora Carstairs gets sent back to 1903 with her parabatai, Julian Fairchild. Will she find a way back home or be stuck for good, and will she find love along the w...
TLH meets TMI by BookAndMusicalPerson
TLH meets TMIby Δ Delta δ
One random morning, Christopher creates a time machine, taking the characters from the Last Hours series into the modern shadow world. There they meet the New York shado...
TMI meets TID 3 by Miss_Fairchild
TMI meets TID 3by Miss_Fairchild
In the third and final book of the TMI meets TID series, the New Yorkers decide to go back in time to London 1903. Only this time, they bring their children with them. W...
𝑷𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝑺𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔 by Rainbowsexkitten
𝑷𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝑺𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔by 𝒚𝒏
She who walks the floors of Hell finds the key to the gates of her own Heaven buried there like a seed. Ranked #1 in James Herondale [4/21/21] Matthew Fairchild X Oc ...
𝐌𝐲 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝| 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 by -jemscarstairs
𝐌𝐲 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝| 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐭 � 𝓗.
❛ this was the ecstasy of a love forgotten. ❜ (female!oc x matthew fairchild and lucie herondale) (the last hours) (cover by @-jasontodd) (@-jemscarstairs)
BLOOM, matthew fairchild by kodzukeh
BLOOM, matthew fairchildby 𝐃
OH, HOW SWEET IT IS, TO BE LOVED BY YOU. [ matthew fairchild/oc ] [ the last hours: chain of gold - ? ]
Petal Blades, Matthew Fairchild {1} by ivy_stanton
Petal Blades, Matthew Fairchild {1}by ivy_stanton
❝In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, For they in thee a thousand errors note; But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise, Who, in despite of view, is please...
Nyctophilia [m. fairchild] ON HOLD by KaseyCardale
Nyctophilia [m. fairchild] ON HOLDby 𝐾𝐼𝑊𝐼™️
Nyctophilia (n.) love of darkness or night; finding comfort or relaxation in the darkness ------------------------- "Matthew, I know how much you love Oscar Wilde...
Freely We Serve, Because We Freely Love by Aoife_bookworm_blues
Freely We Serve, Because We Aoife_booko_navy
So this is where I dump all of my fanfics/oneshots. Mostly oneshots. Some of them will be death scenes, you have been warned. On-going Jordelia fanfic! ^^ On-going Thoma...
Chain of Iron by 000Lilypad000
Chain of Ironby lils
FANFICTION: The Shadowhunters must catch a killer in Edwardian London in this dangerous and romantic sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Chain of Gold, fro...
Flicker - Matthew Fairchild (TLH) by MidnightThoughts73
Flicker - Matthew Fairchild (TLH)by LyraCarstairs
"You are more to me than all art can ever be." ― oscar wilde - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Their love was written in the stars, but so was the story...
Cortana: The Crowd by ThaylitaNeves
Cortana: The Crowdby Thaylita Neves
Fanfiction for the upcoming Shadowhunters series 'The Last Hours' by Cassandra Clare. After leaving London three years ago, Cordelia Carstairs is living in Paris with h...
Intelligent Fools~ Christopher Lightwood {1} by meadowdaydream
Intelligent Fools~ Christopher Bella
"For people of our intellect, we really are fools." For as long as she could remember, Esme Montclaire has been taught that being different was the worst mista...
The Merry Thieves and Co. by positiveparx
The Merry Thieves and positiveparx
Groupchats from TLH characters if they had phones. (Cannon)
Cassandra Clareby We Are Dust And Shadows
This is the Cassandra Clare Fanbook! So this is where we role play characters, and we update our roles and stuff! The role play rules for the Cassandra Clare books are i...
My Angel // TID And TLH One Shots by egandbooks
My Angel // TID And TLH One Shotsby ❤️Gabi and Eden❤️
A collection of one shots from the series The Infernal Devices and The Last Hours. I did not come up with these characters. Cassandra Clare did. (This is also written b...
The Tells of Hallowgreen  by skatergirl1345
The Tells of Hallowgreen by Salem
In 1904, Christopher Lightwood was sent to the Hallowgreen Manor in hopes of getting better training. It's there he falls in love with the mysterious Sage. She is beauti...