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Lucia and the Bodyguard by sweetblunch
Lucia and the Bodyguardby sweetblunch
When someone comes back in your life without notice... Lucia Salazar, a world's renowned fashion designer thought she had everything in life. Fame, wealth and string of...
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Riders MC by diamondhunni
Riders MCby Glasgow, Scotland
MC romance Currently #35 in action What happens when your friend leaves you alone at the busiest nightclub in town? What happens when you bump into a hot biker who is s...
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DMC V {Headcanons, Imagines, and much more} by 1ssa-Otaku-Mayu
DMC V {Headcanons, Imagines, and Alpha_Bear
Hello this is Devil May Cry~ Oh? A fresh new beginning? Well then...LET'S ROCK! ••• Both SFW and NSFW welcomed with Headcanons, Imagines, Scenarios, etc. Everything is...
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Germangie - The Comeback 2 by clari_luf
Germangie - The Comeback 2by clari_luf
SEQUEL TO 'The Comeback' - @Clari_luf & @Perfectgermangie • When everything seemed to go perfect, Priscila made her second unexpected comeback what leads to back trouble...
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The Best Family Ever{1d 5sos} [dutch] by lucjeplucje
The Best Family Ever{1d 5sos} [ Lucia dijks
Het gaat over een meisje genaamt lucia. Ze zat in het weeshuis samen met 1van de drie 4ling broers Naill James Horan. Ze werd gepest omdat ze met Louis, Liam, Zayn, Mich...
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Not Everyone is Normal | Lalin's Curse OC Insert by pUma_Hakx
Not Everyone is Normal | Lalin's pUma_Hakx
Spoilers! So go read the webtoon comic oof. Amitola is a outgoing girl who cares for her friends. She isn't a human girl, though. She is a fairy.
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Lucia - Satan's Daughter (COMPLETED) by ArianneBarroma
Lucia - Satan's Daughter ( Arianne
Lucifer was the fallen angel, Jesus was hope. But what happens when Lucifer's powers had skip generations and generations until...Lucia. Will she be condemed with her fa...
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The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy 2(On Hold) by MarkiyaPierce
The Bad Girl And The Bad Boy 2( dunnodinno
"He broke my heart once. What makes you think that I want him back?" Lucia, now 22, has everything she's ever wanted. Being one of the best doctors in the stat...
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Lujuria,Pasión y adicción by Anonimo_Fox28
Lujuria,Pasión y adicciónby Anonimo_Fox28
Todo iba bien en la vida de Valentina dos padres que la quieren mucho en la de Juliana no muy bien dos padres perfeccionistas y sobretodo muy homofobicos pero una relac...
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Lucia Devlin by OluStar0
Lucia Devlinby Olu Star
Rachael Daniels is a well behaved, beautiful and sensible high schooler. Something happened in her past that makes her aggressive towards males. She secretly uses the na...
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It Started With a Pen by BrendaDaaeDestler
It Started With a Penby BrendaDaaeDestler
Lucia Matthews, a young woman who lives in Seattle, has had a pen pal for two years, who writes under the name "Potato Guy". As she gets to know him through hi...
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❝La lluvia sabe por qué.❞ by _kiss_and_makeup
❝La lluvia sabe por qué.❞by re OFF.
«Las lágrimas no se quedan demasiado tiempo, cumplen con su trabajo y luego siguen su camino. Limpian, aclaran... Como la lluvia. Todo se ve distinto después de la lluvi...
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I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Will my Secret Get Out?? Lucia && Rickson by tinny3038
I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Tinarra
Luke Snowater is a chapion Motorcross rider with a deep dark secret... he is REALLY a girl! Lucia Somers is a minor Supermodel that is leading a double life... As Luke...
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Things That Piss Caribbean People Off by StarrNelson9
Things That Piss Caribbean Starr Nelson
these are things that piss Caribbean People off and also facts and things they do
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Rebirth by CookieThief2000
Rebirthby dino🦕
❛ he was suppose to die in his world, but instead he was reborn into another ❜ f a n f i c t i o n | l a l i n ' s c u r s e c o o k i e t h i e f 2 0 0 0 © 2 0 1 8
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Neolya by EliseCarbonnel
Neolyaby alphagirl<3
Neolya : 16 ans filles simples aime s'amuser ne se laisse pas faire ,mais que toute ca vie va basculer quand elle va rencontrée Kaleb ..
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Parejas de Fire emblem Lemon by Brandy_Bonnie_Girl
Parejas de Fire emblem Lemonby Brandy_Bonnie_Girl
Este libro se basara en One-Shots Lemos de parejas de la saga de Videojuegos Fire emblem asi que si gustan pueden pedir una pareja, posdata puede contener cosas fuertes...
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Unbearable || Riley Biers BOOK ONE by madi_maree
Unbearable || Riley Biers BOOK ONEby Mads
"I haven't felt anything since the eighteenth century." -- Lucia Maes-Cullen. Since her transformation in 1743, she's tried anything she could to make herself...
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Teen Wolf Season 3 // Scott McCall fanfiction by EmmaMelaey
Teen Wolf Season 3 // Scott EmmaMelaey
This is the third book in the 'Teen Wolf Season...' Series :) Enjoy! The story belongs to Jeff Davis and all the other producers. So do the characters. I do not own anyt...
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