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Can't Resist Me - A Lucas Coly Story by Mirapad
Can't Resist Me - A Lucas Coly Samira
Since they were born Lyric and Lucas have known each other becuase their moms are bestfriends. But that doesn't mean they get along. Because they...... don't at all. Lyr...
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A Thugs Weakness | Lucas Coly & LovelySeven❤️ by ItsyourgirlTy
A Thugs Weakness | Lucas Coly & ItsyourgirlTy
"Why cant everything jus be normal..." a 17 year old girl cried out as she curled up into a ball. 'Remember BabyGirl In Order Too Find Your Rainbow You Have To...
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KPOWERS IMAGINES by aaaaanddone
KPOWERS IMAGINESby aaaaanddone
Somewhat slow update! VERY SORRY FOR THAT
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Cold-blooded by greeneyedbandxitt
Cold-bloodedby Bandxitt
Read and find out
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Being Dani by Lexiilexii12
Being Daniby Alexis Smith
My life has never been no lolly pops and rainbows. My mothers a junkie, does anything to get high. I can't even remember the last time I seen her. My father ain't no f...
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Slave For Him by _itstionna21
Slave For Himby Tionna💛🥳
A young girl named Nyema is a sex slave, forced into the business by her drunk, drug-addict father. She is a sweet 17 year old girl who is going to be sold to a thug. A...
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In love With A Street Nigga . by djkpppppppp
In love With A Street Nigga .by Kolombiianaa . 😽
15 year old Kehlania is fed up with being bullied because of her weight & appearance . She's going to high school a whole new person , & she just so happens to catch the...
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M Y L O N G L O S T L O V E R by Meriaaaaaaaaaaaaa
M Y L O N G L O S T L O V E Rby Meriaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Chanel was heartbroken when she lost her first love she soon decides it's time to start the next chapter in her life called healing when she finds out some unexpected ne...
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No one cares until you die by SIS_SUS
No one cares until you dieby KayMilano🥵
No cares until i die No one sees me until I try to die I'm all alone How did my happiness and life change for the worst all because of 1 guy Where were you when he w...
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The Thug boy  by lai5la
The Thug boy by lai5la
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Celebrity Imagines by Blvckhaven
Celebrity Imaginesby Black Haven
Celebrity Imagines. Sweet. Funny. Freaky. Drama. I take requests.
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Rags To Riches (Lucas Coly) by alovelymotherfuck
Rags To Riches (Lucas Coly)by 🖤
Dedicated to @Lovethesky43
 What is Love? by Shadia1233445566
What is Love?by Shadiii
When 17 year old Jada gets pregnant by her bestfreind Jhacari will that mess up here future relationships or do her and Images I still have a connection? Find out in my...
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Murder He Wrote by MelaninTingz_
Murder He Wroteby Breezy’s Passion
"If only they could see what I see in you.."
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Kidnapped By Lucas Coly by CorriaunnaReese
Kidnapped By Lucas Colyby Corriaunna Deshae Reese
What Happens When A Happy Girl From The Hills Go To The Hood And Gets Caught Up...But Also Gets Snatched up By No Other Then The 1And Only LUCAS COLY
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My thug  by craveeariii
My thug by craveeariii
Lucas coly is a high schooler trying to make a living he is feared by everyone in his school and on the streets while destiny is a quiet girl who stay to herself she is...
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Forbidden Mafia Love  by PrincessNya5
Forbidden Mafia Love by PrincessNya5
Bad girl Mia is in high school,she claims she don't believe in love UNTIL she meets Xzavier,the gang leader.
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Revenge Body  by TrishyDolan
Revenge Body by TrishyDolan
"You didn't want me when I was fat, why do you want me now" ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ "Do you know what its like to be out of shape and have an ugly face too?" ⚫⚫⚫...
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KAI•LI•AH by nlab21
KAI•LI•AHby Naliiiiii✨
Kailiah is dealing the ups and down of her life, her mother died when she was 12 years old and her father has been locked up for 5 years now. Kailiah's older brother and...
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The P.K by ayalinbby
The P.Kby yalin🌸
Could you handle being a preacher's kid with the devil on your shoulder?
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