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Ngụy Thiếu Phụ ( Np, Cao H) by hoatinh3005
Ngụy Thiếu Phụ ( Np, Cao H)by Họa Tình
NP Cha vs con gái, chị gái, anh trai, giáo viên và học sinh, chú, dì , chồng chưa cưới
(H) Cấp Tốc Luân Hãm (Hoàn) - Hiểu Xuân [Rolling In The Deep] edited by Helen by helenlovelyvn
(H) Cấp Tốc Luân Hãm (Hoàn) - Hiể Helen ● onenone
Một tác phẩm của tác giả Hiểu Xuân đã quen thuộc với độc giả đam mỹ ưa thể loại "cường công cường thụ", đặc biệt là bộ "Xung Động". Một người đàn ông...
The Loud House: New Friends by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: New Friendsby WriterReyes
Everything was normal for the Loud family, but there was a new family that recently moved in right across the street. Join the Loud's as they meet these new people and g...
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The Pokémon House: Disaster Version by RogueShadow77
The Pokémon House: Disaster Versionby RogueShadow77
Shunned by his family, believing him to be a curse, Lincoln embarks on a new grand adventure...
Tình Sự ( H 18+ Cấm Đoán ) by hoatinh3005
Tình Sự ( H 18+ Cấm Đoán )by Họa Tình
Xuất thân danh môn, lại yêu quý chuyện nam nữ. Đứng đắn khu xác, đút lấy một cái phóng đãng linh hồn. Cực lạc quán chính là nàng nhìn trộm yêu cùng muốn tuyệt hảo chi đị...
The loud house: we love him  by EmilyHowen
The loud house: we love him by Jacksepticeye is #1
Lincoln falls ill and goes into the hospital who later goes into a coma. Which all his sisters tell him stories about when they helped him when he he was little to guide...
Three Hatreds  by drsymanietz
Three Hatreds by drsymanietz
This is a during events story to @Ch276Zj's story called Lincoln's Justice, where Luan, Lori, and Lynn had a nightmare where Luan was laying in blood when suddenly, the...
The Loud House: Oneshots by ZexyZane
The Loud House: Oneshotsby xXZexyZaneXx
This book will contain Oneshots from the show "The Loud House" it contains many stories published by other authors in which case I hold no credits in any story...
Lincoln: Tale of the Ocean King  by Tyzuma
Lincoln: Tale of the Ocean King by A somebody
In the ocean town of Royal Woods, strange things start happening after a powerful storm hits the town. Along these strange things is a weird white haired man washed up o...
Es muy tarde ¿Verdad? - The Loud House by DocPan2
Es muy tarde ¿Verdad? - The Loud DocPan2
Reinicio de mi obra "Pata de conejo" de mi antigua cuenta en donde veremos una historia de NSL desde un punto de vista diferente en donde Lincoln comienza a cr...
The Loud House: Nightmares by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: Nightmaresby WriterReyes
Lincoln had nightmares of bad times when he messed up and made his sisters mad at him. After seeing Death the Reaper (my oc) in his nightmare, he decided that it would b...
The Moon Werewolf and her white snow Pup by CartoonNetwork90sfan
The Moon Werewolf and her white Cathleen Ross
Luna was born with a cursed she is able to transform into a werewolf at every full moon, she is the only Loud to do so. After being disowned and get treated by her famil...
ghoulish loud( loud housex Tokyo ghoul)  by INFINITEWRITER427
ghoulish loud( loud housex Tokyo Asonnieclarke598
what happen when Lynn tries to poison Lincoln and he survives and gets complete organ failure and a mix up at the hospital accidentally gives him two ghoul kidney. and f...
the Loud House Choice Of Love (discontinued Sorry)  by alexmason125
the Loud House Choice Of Love ( A
Who will lincoln should choice at the end of this story will it be Jordan or Ronnie anne or maybe Stella try and figure it out by reading this story and hope you guys e...
the loud house La Carta Capitulo 04 comic manga by KURAZAO
the loud house La Carta Capitulo kurazao
continuación de mi comic de the loud house Orden de lectura recomendado: - the loud house La Carta capitulo 1 - the loud house no es gracioso - la pintura the loud hous...
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Kingdom Hearts: A Loud Heart by AddictReaderLife
Kingdom Hearts: A Loud Heartby WriterReyes
Crossover of Kingdom Hearts and The Loud House. It was a normal day in Royal Woods, until the creatures known as Heartless came in and attacked everyone. The Loud siblin...
comic manga the loud house Balón Perdido by KURAZAO
comic manga the loud house Balón kurazao
el siguiente comic pertenece al mismo universo de "la carta" Lynn jr. quiere ser la mejor, a cualquier costo
codename marksman loud (loud House\ suicide squad crossover ) by INFINITEWRITER427
codename marksman loud (loud Asonnieclarke598
when Lincoln get casted out by His family he joins the suicide squad and he meets one of them from His past will they regain His trust or will he turn his back on his f...
Loud House family tree by predator211
Loud House family treeby predator 21
They are 11 siblings in the Louds, here is the prediction of the future of the Loud family tree.
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The loud house - La maldición de Royal Wood by MoisesEspinozaGonzal
The loud house - La maldición de MoisesEspinozaGonz
En la noche de halloween, en royal woods, hubo mucha desaparición de 5 niños o niñas por 1 año, y lincoln ha perdido a sus 5 hermanas menores; luego de un año, se da cue...
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