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90s Love by love990
90s Loveby Love
Set in California in the 1990s, follow Janae in her journey of navigating her high school life in an environment where it's easy to slip through the cracks. And the lov...
The Mafia Mans Stripper by KaileyPoplar9
The Mafia Mans Stripperby Kailey Poplar
The streets are a cold place, no place to call home no escaping them,they tell you when you grow up don't get caught up in them streets you never really think about what...
Seven Ten Third by smackwrites
Seven Ten Thirdby Sara Mack
On a warm spring night in May, three lives changed forever. Lucy Anderson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cody Cunningham lost his life. And Aaron Matthews cou...
Meeting Them Again (ON HOLD) by amauriguzman
Meeting Them Again (ON HOLD)by amauri
Blair. She's gone through a lot. By herself in this cruel and lonely world. Blair's mother was an abusive drunk after she left her father. Her brothers stayed with their...
The "LOVE CHAPTER" by AvneetKaur04
The "LOVE CHAPTER"by Avneet Kaur
Life is a book ........ We turn the pages of this book to reach a new chapter of life... A new phase, new destination......Every chapter of life is a journey we travel...
Arranged Marriage : A Path to our dreams by SwatiRaghuwanshi7
Arranged Marriage : A Path to our...by Swati Raghuwanshi
Hello readers, This story is my first attempt towards story writing and I'm really happy that i'm writing a fiction on my favourite couple SIDNAAZ😍. They're just love.I...
Tied In Knot Of Love by Manalik13
Tied In Knot Of Loveby Manalik13
Randhir Singh Shekhawat a handsome,rich,spoil brat,out of focus,carefree,confused but a sensitive and caring person by heart. Basically he has no aim in life. Has no i...
The Arrogant Alpha by BlakesPumpkin
The Arrogant Alphaby 🦂
"Every beauty needs her beast to protect her from everything except himself" I say bullshits. He's ruthless, they call him untameable, that he's unable to love...
The Gangleader's Tomboy  by True_Legend_
The Gangleader's Tomboy by Legend
****Completed story **** A girl named Andrea was a full out tomboy she played basketball ,volleyball and ,football.She had good grades even tho she was the schools bitch...
Awaiting  by vaishnavi_writes
Awaiting by Vaishnavi
Aadya an independent, ambitious girl had innumerable dreams and expectations about her life partner. Her life turns upside down when she marries Omkar Mitra. UNEDITED ...
The Safe Haven  by ImNotMentalyStable
The Safe Haven by Ded Inside
There's facilities around the world that kidnap and experiment on their kind. America happened to escape from one of those facilities. He is told that there's a safe ha...
Taken By The Bad Boy by BookQueen2021
Taken By The Bad Boyby BookQueen2021
Raleigh Richards is now seventeen. She tries to make it through high school the best she can. But its hard when everyone is keeping secrets. She has a temper but at the...
ARRANGED TO LOVE  by rockingdesign
ARRANGED TO LOVE by rockingdesign
#1 in random (15 Oct 2016) #96 in Romance (1 April 2017) #86 in Romance (25 April 2017) #82 in Romance (13 may 2017) #77 in Romance (29 may 2017) #30 in love marriage (1...
Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess by SoundHammer
Reincarnated into an otome game an...by Sound Hammer
Full title: Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess - For my master, I'm ready to even kill the heroine. Kuro Aku was a highscho...
°J.D Imagines || 🌹 by strexaz
°J.D Imagines || 🌹by strexa.vi
One shot Johnny Depp fanfics :) ☆Requests are open if you want No.1 in #depp :)) No. 2 in #johnnydepp <3 Started around June 2019 :D
Ruby Red 3 - A Romance for All Time by dlcroisette
Ruby Red 3 - A Romance for All Timeby D L Croisette
Love is the foundation for a permanent partnership. Life has returned to normal for Sam and Ali after their tumultuous first few months in New York. If only it could sta...
Hate & Love by vampbeach6
Hate & Loveby 👀👀
Being inlove with yo best friend while living in the hood is some difficult shit. Read to find out what happens.
THE LITTLEST MIKAELSON TWINS (Rewritten) by Jessie_by_essie
THE LITTLEST MIKAELSON TWINS (Rewr...by Jessie_by_essie
What if henrik wasn't the youngest out of the mikaelsons. what if easter slept with niklause's father and gotten pregnant with twin girls. mikeal thought the twins was h...
The Unexpected Beautiful Relationship by abhaydubey0999
The Unexpected Beautiful Relations...by yours_cheeky_abhay
Dev Dixit : A fun loving smart mamma's boy who is very casual and pays no heed of what others think about him he likes to do whatever he feels right ... He has been reje...