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Holy: Book 4 by lowefantasy1
Holy: Book 4by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Cumin, Plain, Gang, but can be read on its own. Mai is preoccupied with building relationships with her soon-to-be in-laws, but SPR's ultra ritzy, high profile...
White: Book 5 by lowefantasy1
White: Book 5by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Holy but can be read on its own. A college legend says that if you walk through a part of campus at a certain time of night with the man you love, if he be unf...
Boon: Book 7 by lowefantasy1
Boon: Book 7by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Slim, BUT CAN BE READ ON IT'S OWN. Despite being irritable and having to deal with an overprotective Naru, Mai's pregnancy is coming along without complication...
Before Beasts, There Was Metal--Book 5 by lowefantasy1
Before Beasts, There Was Metal--Bo...by LoweFantasy
Just before Tala moves in with Kai, he sends a warning to flee. The leftovers of Cain's plan is about to plunge Japan into nuclear warfare. That's easier said than done...
Before Beasts, There Was Lightening--7 by lowefantasy1
Before Beasts, There Was Lightenin...by LoweFantasy
Their pirated ship sunk, land finally found, Kai and his transformed team find themselves out of the pan and into the fire when they're captured by the U.S. Army, who ha...
Out of Hand by lowefantasy1
Out of Handby LoweFantasy
Sequel to Out of Reach BUT CAN BE READ ON ITS OWN. A new semester, a new case, and Mai is ready to go. But she gives herself too much credit and the paranormal too littl...