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Saving her by Lyn-blue
Saving herby Lyn-blue
"You mean everything to me, you Ella and Adam. You guys saved my life." His face neared mine as he looked into my grey eyes. I was saying the truth, he meant...
All About Revenge (#1) [NOT EDITED] by pumpkinyara
All About Revenge (#1) [NOT EDITED]by Yara
{Completed} Book #1 He finally answered the phone after the third ring. " You wanted to destroy me right ? Don't worry i'll do it for you, i wont disappoint you on...
Naruto Boyfriend Preferences/Scenarios by hammockbabe
Naruto Boyfriend Preferences/ hammockbabe
REQUESTS OPEN , please request away and i will do my best to write it. I want to include people less included in the scenarios, Garra, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee...
Everything About Her by caramelan
Everything About Herby SweetCaramelan
Ashton Black, He's gorgeous,handsome,smart.Greek god is the name that suit him.He's powerful and talented.He earned the title 'the richest billionaire' since he was just...
The High Queen Book One by MatildaKav
The High Queen Book Oneby Kitty220305
It's 1940, and World War two has taken its toll on England, particularly one family. Matilda Knight, next-door neighbour and best friend to the Pevensie's. When Tilly's...
Half-Blood Princess Book Seven by MatildaKav
Half-Blood Princess Book Sevenby Kitty220305
The War is nearing, and Tilly is stuck in between both sides. With Voldemort on her back, wanting to have Harry in his grasp as soon as possible. Harry and everyone watc...
Only You Can Give Me That Feeling (Zen X Reader) by Shika-sheee
Only You Can Give Me That Shika Sheee~~
Zen's route but the Mc has narcolepsy, just like the one I wrote with Jumin and Mc Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulne...
SUKUFUSHI [.short story.] by JulianaCantika
SUKUFUSHI [.short story.]by Juliana Cantika
Kumpulan bermacam macam cerita sukufushi berbagai versi . Tidak hanya cerita pendek Namun juga tersedia cerita yg ber episode . Kapan lagi kan dalam 1 buku ada macam&quo...
Married to the Mafia King  by babySakura16
Married to the Mafia King by Babe
Storm thought she was marrying the man of her life the kindest gentlest man ever but it turned out that he been a long time mafia king since day one. WARNING: this book...
Ciel x Abused reader! Abusive Alois by Junofrost
Ciel x Abused reader! Abusive Aloisby Juno Frost
You Have known Ciel since birth He had become your BEST and ONLY friend and would DIE! for you! but what happens when his worst enemy Alois trancy turn out to be your bo...
Only with You (Stuck with You 2) by KayCee_K
Only with You (Stuck with You 2)by KayCee K
Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really fall...
Help me. Please. by Iminluvwfictionnlol
Help me. ur mother laugh out loud
Sophia Cambridge gets saved and her life restared by who? We will see 🤗 Warnings ⚠️ E.D Depression Anxiety
Pink Hair (Saiki Kusuo X Saikou Hiyori) (A Saiki Kusuo fanfic) by CreeperDreamer
Pink Hair (Saiki Kusuo X Saikou EmyLovely11
Pink Hair is a story of Saikou Hiyori (Oc) who is an unknown Psychic. She has every single ability imaginable. For example Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Foresight, X-Ray vis...
Lupus -xiao x oc/reader story- by Sxnzuuku
Lupus -xiao x oc/reader story-by Sen
once born before the archon war, yet still alive. fighting for her own side and being alone but not for long. hearing wishing and pleads of people wasnt for her style. s...
Mafia innocent baby girl  by DiyaSharma972
Mafia innocent baby girl by Diya Sharma
🥀 "Will you stop staring"she said to him when he pulled her in his lap, " Then will you let me do other things to like" She blushed as she tried to...
Dragon Ball super Future Trunks x reader by dbzlover436
Dragon Ball super Future Trunks Inazuma Senpai
You were the childhood friend of Trunks and you were with him during the Androids attack and Cell and all the other threats he faced in his time and back in the past lik...
The young master's sister-ON HIATUS  by webrose4567
The young master's sister-ON webrose4567
After the fire that end their parents lives. Ciel came back with his demon butler Sebastian. But Ciel's sister Ciecla was nowhere to be found,everyone thought she died i...
A variety of doctor kdramas from earliest to latest (2013-2020) hope you enjoy them!
What Next? by hannahbibby
What Next?by Hannah♡
Faced with the death of her mother, Jessica is worried about where her future may lead her. Spending her life trying to make everyone else happy, she forgets how to put...