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Manan ff : Shining Armour by rachana_rn
Manan ff : Shining Armourby Rachana RN
Hey guys ... !!! This is a story about how a betrayed impulsive and an arrogant Manik Malhotra starts to live his life after finding his shining armour that is Nandini M...
  • romance
  • lovestorry
  • manan
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Arranged Marriage (James Phelps) by Devilninja-fanfics
Arranged Marriage (James Phelps)by Jay
In a Parallel Universe where James and Oliver Phelps are just two normal boys who live next door to a young girl named Laylah. Their parents were best friends and promis...
  • jamesphelps
  • oliverphelps
  • party
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Fighting for what was mine all along (A Meliodas x reader)🤗 by bunnyluv101890
Fighting for what was mine all ❤️😜Sweettooth😜❤️
Hey everyone!!!! This is my very first time writing my own story, I'm going to try my best to make it a good and well written story that will blow your minds! And I wil...
  • reader
  • lovestorry
  • meliodas
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My Bully by callmepatheticbut
My Bullyby callmepatheticbut
Summer Dens is a 17 year old girl who gets bullied by her old friend Ryan Ceks. It started out verbal then led to physical. Not only does he and his friends bully her, b...
  • lovestorry
  • depression
  • truelove
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I Love You! | Inazuma Eleven Go X Reader by Freakish_Senpai
I Love You! | Inazuma Eleven Go ¯-uɐɥƆ-¯-ʎʞɐǝɹℲ-¯
Yep, it's the 1/2k special! Enjoy reading! ❤️ [Discontinued. Thanks!]
  • school
  • boys
  • football
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More Than Just A Nerd (A Justin Bieber Love Story) by LovingBieberXox
More Than Just A Nerd (A Justin Flower Child
its the year 2012. Senior Year for most kids epspecially Justin Bieber. How would justin be treated in school if he had.never went to Atlanta or had the.fame life. youll...
  • belieber
  • chazsomers
  • normal
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House of Gold- Tommen Baratheon love story by _catacombs_
House of Gold- Tommen Baratheon Lena
Guests have started arriving for his brother Joffrey's wedding to margaery tyrell, families from all over the seven kingdoms have traveled for the celebration. One famil...
  • housestark
  • lannister
  • tommen
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Romitri  by evolleyball13
Romitri by fangirl
Love and humor
  • found
  • romance
  • romitri
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This Metalhead by HighwayToUnknown
This Metalheadby HighwayToUnknown
don't judge me, I was 12 when I wrote this and yeah I know it's the cringiest shit ever, but I'm gonna leave it here cause it funny
  • thislove
  • heavymetal
  • music
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heute um 13.20 by itssCokieflawor
heute um 13.20by lol, bin nur hier für Kekse :)
"also heute um 13.20?" sage ich und streiche mir durch die Haare. Mein Blick auf den Boden gerichtet. "klar" antwortet er verlegen und blickt ebenfal...
  • liebesgeschichte
  • hdgdl
  • jakob
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AFRAID  by rafaaabella
AFRAID by rafabella
hueeeek....hueeeek.... Zena memuntahkan sarapannya pada wastafel. Mama Zena memijit tengkuk putrinya sambil tersenyum. "kakak hamil?" "HAH?!"
  • lovestrory
  • zendaya
  • raka
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Requests by gillybrandybuck
Requestsby elliebear
Where I shall keep all my requests.<3
  • kili
  • thecompany
  • fantasy-romance
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Ceritaku Tentangmu by SasaChance
Ceritaku Tentangmuby Sunshine
Diandra (Aku) selalu menikmati setiap langkah perjalanan hidupknya tak terkecuali percintaan. Kisah cintanya memang tidak banyak diketahui oleh teman-temannya, karena...
  • wattpadstory
  • ctm
  • lovestrory
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Anorexie by Emberlive
Anorexieby Emberlive
Muj přiběh anorexie
  • lovestrory
  • live
  • život
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You are the Reason (On Going) by 09shangislyf
You are the Reason (On Going)by Muffin
Ang bridge sa tagalog ay tulay, hindi tao.
  • yatr
  • cebu
  • love
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The struggles they face to be together by ashbritt817
The struggles they face to be ashbritt817
Lucy just got back from a solo mission and when she gets back a pink haired Baka is in her room so read the rest of the story to find out what happens (nalu)
  • romancefanfiction
  • lovestorry
  • fanfiction
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Dirty imagines || Jacob Sartorius  by Katie597
Dirty imagines || Jacob Sartorius by Sartorius_lover
This is a story about Jacob and Brooklyn who fall in love with each other ❤️ will the love last or not ✨
  • romancefanfiction
  • dirty
  • jacob
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Random  by RebelsOfEnca
Random by XxBiancaxX
This are all the pain and joy of what love can bring in our lives. Pero joke lang may mga funny din dito This are random about poems, one shots and song lyrics, at kung...
  • lovestrory
  • tagalog
  • philippines
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Wife by nanawaw
Wifeby SAL
Jinhwan harus menikah dengan sahabat masa kecilnya. Ia telah menyakiti hatinya sendiri, hati istrinya, dan hati orang yang seharusnya menjadi istrinya. Soolna selalu ber...
  • junhoe
  • bobby
  • chanwoo
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The Triangle Love Story by abstract_artist
The Triangle Love Storyby
This story is not the usual triangle love story in which one of the three are left heartbroken or dies in the end. This story revolves around three characters , a woman...
  • adoption
  • lovestrory
  • rude