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SDCA-Terrifying Love by EugenioCabezas_SoHot
SDCA-Terrifying Loveby EugenioCabezas_SoHot
A mysterious girl being bullied in SDCA suddenly disappears and haunts the students in love. People say that the girl hates the people in love. Can their love conquer th...
  • yandere
  • sdca
  • horrorlove
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~Held Back~ by YanYenz
~Held Back~by YanYenz
Rumors have spread there will be a new student. Russia and his friends have great lives until SHE arrives. Upon her arrival, things start to get a little bit...fishy. Th...
  • insanity
  • russia
  • rusphil
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Roses In Bahamas by winnie1231
Roses In Bahamasby winnie1231
17 year old, Caroline Jade, is back in the Bahamas like every summer for a relaxing trip with her family. Her trip takes a turn as she meets 17 year old, Jay Bennett, wh...
  • photography
  • vacation
  • distance
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He Turned (Voltron Fanfic) by LatLunaTea
He Turned (Voltron Fanfic)by 🅛🅤🅝🅐
•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Voltron is not mine! The characters are not mine! Drawings and songs are not mine!Also , there will be a lot of curse words...
  • klance
  • hunk
  • lovesick
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Stalker - Min YoonGi by Kim_Jigeun
Stalker - Min YoonGiby MochiCookieSuga_
•He always has his eyes on you. He stalks you and obsesses with you. You are the only one he wants.•
  • obsess
  • yandere
  • btssuga
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pietá by mysplitendsss
pietáby idiota
(yandere × reader) 5 wealthy and incredibly good looking men, all from royalty, have hopelessly fallen lovesick for the same woman. a woman named (Y/n), a young castle m...
  • yandere
  • readerinsert
  • pieta
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The Rantings of a Doting Boy by kinkiest_of_sluts
The Rantings of a Doting Boyby Saturn
"Love is a fickle thing." "Oh honey, there are so many reasons to not think that. " "My sunbeam darling, my love for you will never wilt." ...
  • random
  • lovepoems
  • girlfriend
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Yandere by MangaPrincess69
Yandereby ♛
  • jealous
  • love
  • lovesick
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₮ØӾł₵ LØVE?? ((Rusame)) by waffles_032
₮ØӾł₵ LØVE?? ((Rusame))by LØL♥ĐØR₭
If you don't Like it, don't read it..Simple, Okay? [REWRITE] This will be in a Aslylum AU so...yea...BUT there's a point where it gets interesting and most likely bloo...
  • rusame
  • blood
  • countryhumans
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Mine! (Yandere X Reader Oneshots) by Yanderechan122
Mine! (Yandere X Reader Oneshots)by One Crazy Army
Your Mine! All mine! No one else can have you! I'll kill anyone who gets in the way of our love! I love you! I love you! I love you!
  • lovesick
  • pschyo
  • anime
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Unstable Lovesick (countryhumans RusAme AU) by MarkaiCat
Unstable Lovesick (countryhumans Collin eats Grass
This story includes mentions of self harm, violent language, mental insanity, suicidal behavior and/ or thoughts, gore, physical/ mental bullying, and EDs (eating disord...
  • mentalhospital
  • edgy
  • america
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Love Sick by 7readgirl
Love Sickby SexyForThisShirt
"Why don't you wanna give us another try. I know, i messed up in the past few times, but I promise that I'll try my best. I really want us to work" "No...
  • adoption
  • multicultural
  • backstabbing
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catharsis by glassdiamonds
catharsisby mal!
and now when all is said and done, i still love you. a collection of thoughts concerning love, heartbreak, letting go, and discovering who you truly are. © glassdiamond...
  • lover
  • lettinggo
  • crush
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Thoughts about him.  by lovesickeros
Thoughts about him. by Lewis Schulz
I like writing and venting. Struggles about love and feelings that I'd never express in person. I love love, so I write about love when I feel like it. Each day I fall f...
  • bxb
  • gaypoet
  • poetry
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My Sunflower by EmberIsDead
My Sunflowerby EmberIsDead
Shit about love and shit.
  • depressed
  • lovesick
  • anxiety
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Apologies (Yandere! Cheater x reader) by AestheticWuv_
Apologies (Yandere! Cheater x Hanako Fujiko
Erin Himiko and (Y/N) (L/N) is the school couple. Everyone knows about their relationship and fully supports them including their parents, teachers, and the principal as...
  • yanderecheater
  • readerinsert
  • erinhimiko
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Thoughts by EmberIsDead
Thoughtsby EmberIsDead
Probably pretty emo, so sorry about that. (Credit for cover art goes to zephy0 on deviantart)
  • sunflower
  • lonely
  • lovesick
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Obsessive Love || yandere jungkook x reader by xXxKAOxXx
Obsessive Love || yandere ✨k a o✨
--------------------------------------------------- This book will be about Jungkook being a love sick following the love of his life and who will come in between him...
  • romantic
  • btsfanfic
  • jungkookfanfic
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Senpai Lovesick by FoxChanXChad
Senpai Lovesickby FoxChanXChad
You have dreams of this girl who would kill everyone at school because she was in love with her senpai, Chad. Today at school, you found out she's a new student at your...
  • fantasy
  • lovesick
r o c k e t m a n  [ taron egerton ] by swooshd
r o c k e t m a n [ taron viva
amoreena and taron met when they were just five years old. they grew up together, and along with that, their love for each other grew. more than they would've thought wa...
  • guitar
  • beatles
  • lovesick
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