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Last Night:An EarnPete Fanfic by S5M_5o
Last Night:An EarnPete Fanficby S5M_5o
COMPLETED Highest rank #1 lovesick What happens when you find your partner at one time promiscuity in one of your classes---as one of your students?!?
  • studentteacher
  • wattys2019
  • onenightstand
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~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male Rivals ~       ♡Completed♡ by Rxihne_Cxxkie
~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male
Ayano had a Crush on a Student name "Taro Yamada".On Friday,She went to Confess him at the Cherry Blossom Tree..Taro Rejected her love and she became heartbrok...
  • ayanoxoko
  • ayanoxamoodayaka
  • lovesick
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Only With You by pinkmilkmonster
Only With Youby pinkmilkmonsterwants99roses
A life with Noh by his side, that's how Phun imagine his life would be. A clinic of his own, their very own restobar where Noh and his band could jam, a cozy house by th...
  • angst
  • whitenawat
  • fanfic
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Lovesick (Yandere-Kun! x Male Rivals! x Fem! Reader) Yandere simulator XReader by KanaNeverSleeps
Lovesick (Yandere-Kun! x Male KanaNeverSleeps
(Y/n) is a girl attending Akademi high. She meets Yandere-kun and he convinced her that she should help him with Taeko and his rivals. She tried to distract them to stay...
  • genderswap
  • love
  • rivals
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His Rogue Mate by delicatecalico
His Rogue Mateby ʰᵘⁿⁿʸ
Isabelle Jones a seventeen-year-old teenager who once had everything, a family,friends, a home. She couldn't ask for more, she was the daughter of Tim Jones, Alpha of th...
  • lovesick
  • werewolves
  • youngadult
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CANCER (Yandere!Husband X Reader)  by Mixvella
CANCER (Yandere!Husband X Reader) by Angelica
(Y/n) is the wife of the Ainsley's son, Leo Ainsley. They were once a perfect couple. Once. Many people find them quite a charm, but behind those charm is a cruel realit...
  • caught
  • maniac
  • psychopath
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2 Moons the Series 2 by ChrisSakett
2 Moons the Series 2by Dark Lord
3 boy couples \\"Yo has been secretly in love with Pha since high school and follows Pha to this university because he wants to see him again."...
  • shounenai
  • bl
  • lgbtq
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Conquered by the Devil(RusAme) by Pumpkinluv1
Conquered by the Devil(RusAme)by Pumpkinluv
Russia was once told that he will reign terror across this world just for one person. His whole life he has been waiting to meet that one person. When Russia meets Amer...
  • usa
  • lovesick
  • war
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Undeniable love(Completed)  by Lovesick_12
Undeniable love(Completed) by Lovesick_12
This is the story on an Indian girl, Ragini who is so innocent yet very naughty. She has high goals in her life. She always dreamt of making her parents proud of her wit...
  • undeniable
  • love
  • lovesick
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pietá by mysplitendsss
pietáby idiota
(yandere males x reader) 5 wealthy and incredibly good looking men, all from royalty, have hopelessly fallen lovesick for the same woman. a woman named (Y/n), a young ca...
  • xreader
  • maleyandere
  • pity
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Unstable Lovesick (countryhumans RusAme AU) by MarkaiCat
Unstable Lovesick (countryhumans Collin eats Grass
This story includes mentions of self harm, violent language, mental insanity, suicidal behavior and/ or thoughts, gore, physical/ mental bullying, and EDs (eating disord...
  • rusame
  • america
  • death
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Yandere Simulator: Yaoi Version by ShihoFujioka
Yandere Simulator: Yaoi Versionby Gothic Geek💀
What if Akademi High School was a school for boys. Ayato Aishi a.k.a Yandere-kun for do anything to win his senpai in the name of love. Espically kill every boy in the s...
  • blood
  • humor
  • yanderesimulator
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♥ Yandere Anime Character Masterlist ♥ by atriums
♥ Yandere Anime Character kayleigh lannon.
The title says it all.
  • yandereanimecharacters
  • yanderegirls
  • weeaboo
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Locked Upon A Cellar { Yandere Sadist x Reader } ONESHOT by iiNEONZ
Locked Upon A Cellar { Yandere iiNEONZ
"oh, what's wrong?" "is it the shackles on your wrist?" "perhaps it is the bruises littered around your skin?" "do not be worried my...
  • abuse
  • pshhonthisaccanyways
  • dark
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What Concealed Inside by the1st_sun
What Concealed Insideby PAW
White and Captain are not friends. They just happened to collide in one TV lakorn and *boom* everybody suddenly ship them to be together.
  • alternateuniverse
  • kongyingyong
  • love
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Art Book by Madeline228
Art Bookby Madeline
All of my crappy art in one place!
  • fanart
  • memes
  • lovesick
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Alpha's Queen by banawolkaye
Alpha's Queenby banawolkaye
When the King meets his Queen, he has no plans to let her go. Leona thought she'll only have a vacation at her grandma's pack. But in a flick of an escapade, she found s...
  • king
  • vacation
  • obsession
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Yandere Naga x Reader by iiZombii
Yandere Naga x Readerby 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓩𝓸𝓶𝓫𝓲𝓲~
*Cover art doesn't belong to me. Art belongs to rightful owners. Y/n... A simple girl, a trip, a disaster. Levaithan, a human....?
  • naga
  • obsession
  • nagaxreader
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love-sick ➢ j.jk  by paperjeons
love-sick ➢ j.jk by 老婆
- ❝I'm sick.❞ He took the word 'infatuation' to a whole other level. psychopath bts jungkook x reader ©︎paperjeons
  • possesive
  • btsjungkook
  • dark
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Mine! (Yandere X Reader Oneshots) by Yanderechan122
Mine! (Yandere X Reader Oneshots)by One Crazy Army
Your Mine! All mine! No one else can have you! I'll kill anyone who gets in the way of our love! I love you! I love you! I love you!
  • love
  • magi
  • inuyasha
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