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What if-- Caleb Mclaughlin by little_leila11
What if-- Caleb Mclaughlinby little_leila11
When my twin brother Gaten matarazzo and i got cast for the show Stranger things but my role takes a turn into Caleb's arms.
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I am a Bad Girl(Completed) by Gigglycira
I am a Bad Girl(Completed)by itsRuth✨
#2- Maldita I am a Bad Girl Author: PixiesAnn I am Anika Demonyeta Janine Lopez, I am the daughter of Know one, Yes Know One. Actually I have a Parent's but i didn't tre...
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Lover Girl ► Cheryl Blossom [The West Siblings] by peachiejm
Lover Girl ► Cheryl Blossom [The . ♡
"wanna taste my lipstick, lover girl?" "stop flirting with me, princess" in which a girl who gives no fucks stumbles upon a girl who makes her care...
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The life of Brooklyn Frost!!💕🤩 by kkaylaaa_
The life of Brooklyn Frost!!💕🤩by kkaylaaa_
Brooklyn is 17 about to be 18 and living her best life!!!🥰
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Sold for nothing. ✓ by Demessor
Sold for nothing. ✓by Demessor
I was home alone, as always. In my red t-shirt that goes down to my knees. I heard a car door shut. I knew it's not my mom or dad, they're in LA. I grab a lampshade then...
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SMITTEN by girlwithxpectations
SMITTENby girlwithxpectations
Crushing on people is so normal. Will this obsession affect me?
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A House Full Of Love  by Peterpangirl9252
A House Full Of Love by Peterpangirl9252
Michael Jackson and his wife (y/n) finally decided to settle down and have kids of their own but what happens when (y/n) can't help but continue to have kids and they en...
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Lover Girl by pettyperfections
Lover Girlby AmberFire
When she finally starts liking someone else, only then does her long time first crush start noticing her. Add a bad boy to the equation, why not.
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Wait What!! by gossipgirl367
Wait What!!by Gossip girl bitch
Love love love 3 guys and wait what so i like 3 guys and it's complex so I'm trying to figure out who I love more and my whole life is a movie and full of drama 32 guys...
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Lovergirl by Michaela_McFarland
Lovergirlby Michaela McFarland
Everyone has their best friend. Mine just happened to be her, Tracey Hale. Smart, funny, and somewhat of an optimistic. More importantly she was like another sister. Bu...
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zonniquexbahja lover girl by FamousGiggles
zonniquexbahja lover girlby FamousGiggles
all u need to know is zonnique is my lover girl in I would do anything yo be with her Hey I might just twerk in a drive way for her ! -xoxox bajha
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Suicide Squad by ClarissaLau
Suicide Squadby Clarissa Lau
my crushes         author: unknown       purpose: to express my feelings  by ashcahh
my crushes author: ashcahh
this is for all my crushes that i've had through out middle school even though most of them weren't mutual i still will count it .
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Lover Girl by kat-2004
Lover Girlby Kat
This is a re-creation to the best of my abilities of my long lost story that I think was named something similar to this. It is about a girl who has a long lived crush...
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to be My man  by Catherinelak
to be My man by Catherinelak
Charlie want a free life but her mother want her to marry. her life turn a twist when she starts to chat with a guy "fake friend "in Instagram.
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My totally unbelievable messed up, life by Mahomie0713
My totally unbelievable messed Mahomie0713
Anna, short for Anastasia has had to go through a difficult life. She grew up with horrible parents, but what happens when those parents aren't her real parents? What wi...
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loverboy by floor1509
loverboyby Floor Sterckx
dit is een boek dat gaat over loverboys. Een loverboy is iemand die een meisje voorzichzelf wil en dan allerlei klusjes laat oplossen.
Ask Or Dare by fearless_tns1312
Ask Or Dareby Princesses Of Fandoms
Here you can ask or dare the authors: DP_LoverGirl(Terryn), Kireina_Hana(ShaKaya), and NaStariaTheHedgehog(NaStaria. I like my user name better). Just no inappropriate s...
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princess by -sexgoddess
princessby princess✨
te amo.🖤