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Bnha Love potion by Shoto_Jiro
Bnha Love potionby Shoto & Jiro
Class 1A faces a new villain: Kiki Valentine! Her quirk is one they've never seen before. Shes known for always being let off, but her crimes are growing larger. When sh...
Drarry Potions AU by Moonstone711
Drarry Potions AUby Moonstone711
FINISHED!!! Based off of this prompt: Drarry AU in which the Slytherins give Draco a 24-hour love potion so he'll fall in love with Harry Potter, and they're all laughin...
Lockhart's Love Potion by 2themoonand
Lockhart's Love Potionby 2themoonand
The chamber of secrets have opened and the new teacher Gilderoy Lockhart believes he has solved the mystery of who the Heir of Slytherin is (after overhearing Ron Weasle...
The Love Potion by voidhermione
The Love Potionby Harmione Enthusiast
When Hermione Granger decides to give her life-long friend Harry Potter a check up since his line of work was rather dangerous, she discovers that the only real danger t...
Mr maybe by Atinyfeels
Mr maybeby Moonchild
When Hermione Granger is hit by a love potion and falls for Draco Malfoy, chaos ensues. But what if he slowly falls for her? What about when the potion wears off? -AU fic
love Potion // taekook by jeonadorbz
love Potion // taekookby ♡︎ᴠᴀɴᴛᴀᴇ⁷♡︎
where the popular boy accidentally spilled a love spell, that just fell from the sky, to a nerdy boy. It said the potion will last in 2 weeks and the popular boy didn't...
UNDER REWRITING "Checking me out?" "In your dreams, Diggory." 🥀 Starts in ~ Prisoner of Azkaban Ends in ~ Goblet of Fire Book 1 of 3 Any original...
Paraluman (18+) by mjburns
Paraluman (18+)by Em Burns
"I can't imagine myself touching anyone but you. Will you teach me? Teach me, Samantha, how to please you." And then they were lost, stunned by the intensity o...
Veritaserum by multi_fandomfics
Veritaserumby Mia the Malfoy
Draco wants to use truth potion on Hermione, so she will spill the secrets of her heart... Which leads to A true Dramoine adventure
love potion || diakko [COMPLETED] by doctorgaymilk
love potion || diakko [COMPLETED]by Blueberry
::"why was this potion created..."::
One Taste Was All It Took - Drarry by HeidiMonroe13
One Taste Was All It Took - Drarryby Nightcrawler13
(I do NOT claim ownership of any of these pictures or characters!!! Also, this story is completed) Harry Potter has it good. It's his Sixth year, and Voldemort isn't doi...
APHRODITE'S POTION ||Jirose & Taennie||  by IUmochi
Two girls with one same goal. They say love potion is the key to a man's heart. Will Jennie and Rosé be finally able to put their prince charmings under their spell? or...
Mix and Match by Gudesaiya
Mix and Matchby Gudesaiya
Of all the question Mix hated the most to answer is: "What is your present relationship status?" ( ) SINGLE ( ) IN A RELATIONSHIP ( ) MARRIED ( ) ENGAGED ...
Bewitched by pararanch
Bewitchedby pararanch
After went out for more than a year, Mew decided to avoided Gulf without any preamble and confused the hell of the younger one, without knowing that Mew just simply want...
The love potion by lunarwolf110
The love potionby lunar wolf
What if Bakugou accidentally drank a love potion the Deku made for todoroki. What if they both fall in love what if all the what if's were true. Slight cursing a bit of...
Have you always looked so cute? by AnxiousSpark
Have you always looked so cute?by AnxiousSpark
After accidentally eating some love potion tainted gum, Luz finds that Amity is acting strangely towards her
Spellbinding || Severus Snape x Reader by SaltyLemynn
Spellbinding || Severus Snape x lemynn
"She's mesmerizing, it's like she's put a curse on me." "That's called love, Severus. Go ask her out you lovesick bafoon!" ****** - 10 Years ago ...
Jarbyn AU~The Love Potion with Zaniel and Jeben by Wdwoneshots
Jarbyn AU~The Love Potion with Wdwoneshots
Three boys fall in love with the senior wizards at the "Wizard Academy". They spell them with a love potion making them fall for the younger boys. But what hap...
The Gardener and the Idiot - A Tratie Fanfiction (ON HOLD UNTIL JUNE  20TH) by ZeeGardner
The Gardener and the Idiot - A Lizzie
After years of being chased by mischievous yet incredibly alluring Travis Stoll, Katie Gardner finally decided to date him. But a demigod's life isn't that simple. When...
You'll Be Mine by Learn_2_Luv
You'll Be Mineby Luv
She wanted Percy. He wanted nothing to do with her. - Disclaimer: No, I'm not some 56+ years old man writing fanfiction about my own stories. Big shocker, huh? Anyways...