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Love Live!: School Idol Festival (PART 2) by SecondRound
Love Live!: School Idol Festival ( SECOND ROUND
Determined to save the idol industry, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki and the 27 idols of μ's, Aqours and Nijigasaki must save the School Idol Festival from becoming canc...
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem!Reader by skyekurohoshi
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem! Skye
The Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine!! girls featuring Fem!Reader-chan~ Enjoy! Requests CLOSED!
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
YOUR SMILE | love live! by EYDEL_
YOUR SMILE | love live!by EYDEL
❝ just how far are you willing to go to chase your feelings? ❞ -これから [korekara] + a collection of love live! and love live! sunshine!! oneshots. + ❝ surely you feel the...
Love Live!: Perfect Dream Project by SecondRound
Love Live!: Perfect Dream Projectby SECOND ROUND
STARSTRUCK after watching a joint performance by μ's and Aqours, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki seeks to find the same radience of School idols from his own school of Ni...
YouRiko [One Shots Scenes] DISCONTINUED by sky_reign18
YouRiko [One Shots Scenes] @ricchan_nosuke
I hope you like my YouRiko one shots.. Warning: I do not own Love Live Sunshine!! Characters
Love Live IdolHellposting (Scenarios, Incorrect Chatroom, Memes and Shitposting) by Aikyanism13
Love Live IdolHellposting ( YoshikoPadoruMfs420
Yeah. A fucked up shit. This is where you can find how shitty and happy being a love liver. Credits to all owners of some of my memes here. @incorrectaqours @incorrectse...
Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours)  by dusk_drawings
Love Live! One Shots (u's & parfaitgay
Once upon a time there were two idol groups from Japan, filled with 18 teenage girls that have stolen the hearts of thousands (as well as each other), who also happened...
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader] by DahKittehKat
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader]by DahDrawingKat
(Y/N) (L/N), the girl who only makes friends with boys. When she finds out she's been moving to another school, a all-girls high school in Uchiura. There she will make n...
Know Your Stars (Love Live School Idol Project and Love Live Sunshine Edition) by FlutterDashFan18
Know Your Stars (Love Live km mk
Watch your favorite school idols get humiliated in the public eye when a disembodied voice says "true facts" (lies). This is basically a parody of "Know...
Love Live Sunshine x Reader  by urdubu
Love Live Sunshine x Reader by Tofufufufu
Meeting the leader of Love Live Sunshine will be interesting, right?~ Better read this story and Like it!! ^^
Love Live and Seiyuus One-shots!!! (Complete)  by BLAHBLAHWOW
Love Live and Seiyuus BLAHBLAHWOW
So I made this book just for fun so please request anything you like! Please help me my mind is blank right now so the only thing you guys can help me with is just a req...
Lovelive Ships ( + Female Readers) by KylaGaming126
Lovelive Ships ( + Female Readers)by Kyla Gaming126
I love doing oneshots and female readers stories so it's all in one book! There will be mostly Honoka though 😉
Secret (ChikaRiko AU) by RikakoTrashyFan
Secret (ChikaRiko AU)by Fic ゆうツ
Uranohoshi Girls High School is a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu. Riko Sakurauchi moved here and became a school idol because of Chika T...
Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
Over Stuffed Mari Ohara by oborosenpai
Over Stuffed Mari Oharaby oborosenpai
One Shots Fem! Anime Characters X Reader by _Mikusaki39_
One Shots Fem! Anime Characters Lizzy
I have decided to change this from just RWBY to all of the fem anime characters I know of. Or something like that. Also, my amazingly talented friend, @Noelle_Senpaiii...
Hello Watanabe-chan (YouxRiko, Love Live! Sunshine Fanfic) by Stepha-senpai
Hello Watanabe-chan (YouxRiko, Stepha-senpai
In 2017, You Watanabe, a 16-year old teenager girl and second year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, also member of the school idol group Aqours. You falls deep in love...