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Bedside: A Short Story by AzulMidnight
Bedside: A Short Storyby AzulMidnight
Winner of the 'Love In Time Of Tragedy Contest' by @Romance and @ChallengeCorner. A nurse and a wounded soldier fall in love over a series of conversations. How will the...
Romance Anthology by Romance
Romance Anthologyby Romance | Ambassadors
In which we share the stories in this anthology that are all winners of the contests hosted by Romance and in collaboration with other profiles.
Augustin & Gia  by Annanotfound
Augustin & Gia by I follow back!
Gia had spent the last half decade running from the life she'd left behind, a family injury compels her to drop all fear and walk back into the town she'd made all of he...
Mrs. Postman by MeganFeenix
Mrs. Postmanby Megan Phoenix
Elly woke up with a void in her heart and a colorless world. Unbothered by it, she continued being a letter carrier that brings smiles to an unfamiliar neighborhood. But...
Reflection (GxG) by JadedNoble
Reflection (GxG)by JadedNoble
How do you tell someone that you are in love with your reflection, when your reflection isn't even yours? GirlxGirl #Loveintragety 2,153 words
No One's Fault (Love in the Time of Tragedy Contest) by GauriDevi
No One's Fault (Love in the Time Gauri Devi
A heated family argument reveals hidden truths in the most hurtful manner. Trapped by everyone else's expectations but their own, could their relationship recover. This...
In the Before After by SteamrollerBaker
In the Before Afterby SteamrollerBaker
*A Short Story for the Love in tragedy contest* Alex is trapped with no way in or out. There is no future for him. He does have one thing going... he has some memories...
5.1 | New York by AOFunke
5.1 | New Yorkby Funke
Andrew quits the military only to return and find out that the life he left behind has morphed into something worse than a nightmare. AOFunke ©2021
A Blooming Love by Elderguard
A Blooming Loveby Elderguard
it is 1957, in a world where the black population is struggling to be seen as equals, a young black girl falls in love with a white Army lieutenant in the wrong place, a...
The Ninth Note ✔ | A Short Story by AnvilGottlieb
The Ninth Note ✔ | A Short Storyby — Vill
Meet Kyle Fisher. If only destinies weren't meant to be, and we could've lived in peace. But unfortunately, we're stuck with him. The observer of our story. Kyle is als...
Midsummer's Dream by LendsyBea
Midsummer's Dreamby Lendsy Bea Salcedo
Love recognizes no barriers even war, time and distance will not able to break the two hearts who promised and who hoped for their love story to last forever. Yllisa Cle...
Bombay Flu by Sheelpaa
Bombay Fluby শিল্পা
Set in the second decade of early 20th century, revolving around the Presidency of Bombay under colonial rule, 'Bombay Flu' tells about the jeopardies of the diseased pr...
November by SakshiiSingh
Novemberby Sakshi Singh
After being cheated by the love of his life , Aiden Martin was supposed to move on. It was so easy . At least that's was what he thought but ended up messing everything...
Phoenix Embers by constellatedsky
Phoenix Embersby constellatedsky
A world of fire and water, two neighbouring enemies. Despite both families' strong opposition, Princess Amber, being deeply in love with the Water Prince, struggles to e...
The Beauty In Tragedy by _thatwriternerd_
The Beauty In Tragedyby Just call me Tee
I wrote this book as an entry for the 'Love in the Time of Tragedy' Contest hosted by Romance and Challenge Corner "I am definitely going to die." I thought t...
Fatal Flaws by TiredTearsTantrums
Fatal Flawsby Lyba
Girl. That's her name. Or that's what I called her because I never found out her real name. I was too near the end when we met... #loveintragedy contest entry
Since That Day ✔️ [FINISHED]  by The_Silencegirl
Since That Day ✔️ [FINISHED] by Tori Lia
When one dreams of the impossible, it is there when it's fulfilled. And they did. Beautiful cover from: @Mechula03 👏🏻❤️
I Love You, Estelle Sylvia 💟 by CaptainJones934
I Love You, Estelle Sylvia 💟by Maddi
It was forbidden... And they knew it, they just didn't care. Love conquers all... Right?
False Hope by Saharwood
False Hopeby Sariah Harwood
"I wanted you Lily Rose. You were all I ever wanted. You were the girl I loved." Wanted, loved. Past tense, in the past. No more. He didn't love her anymore. I...
Serendipity Against Tragedy (Love In The Time Of Tragedy) COMPLETED by Altairythosia
Serendipity Against Tragedy ( Altairythosia
An entry for Love in the Time of Tragedy (Challenge Corner)