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Rain and rainbow  by domieon
Rain and rainbow by weilanyuan
what if p'phayu hurt rain? what if sky ignore him? how will rain move on? who will be rain's saviour?the one that comes with the promise of forever ,will that person giv...
Eminence by Kcrescent_V
Eminenceby Kcrescent_V
The two best friends, One too dumb to survive on his own and the other soo sharp that it makes it hard for others to survive. Rain's mom is worried about her son's depe...
He's My Wife by ang3l_n_d3vil
He's My Wifeby Angel
They are going to pay for taking his wife from him.
Rain Will Fall by Nelly2560
Rain Will Fallby Nele
Some of Rain's classmates don't understand why someone as annoying as him can catch the eye of someone as amazing as P-Phayu. The God of the architecture faculty can def...
5 TIMES PRAPAI INSISTS ON tearingcoala1244
Just a story about Prapai being clingy with his parents. (And maybe with other people too) 🥇1 on Prapaisky *28/04/2023 🥇1 on kimchay *20/09/2023 🥇1 on Kinnporchethe s...
After (18+)          LOVE IN THE AIR [REALITY] by Richeskay
After (18+) LOVE IN THE Richeskay
this book is about the imagines of life after love in the air the series 😁 note: this is purely my imagination nothing else and is gonna contain alot of NC scenes 🙃 #9...
What the heart wants by Feychild1225
What the heart wantsby Feychild1225
AU where Phayu and Prapai are at the same university as Sky and Rain. Sky has no history of trauma and Rain is the same precious little cinnamon roll as always. This i...
morning night by bssnoe
morning nightby ☂
If Rain was going to stay awake at odd hours of the morning to do his work, Phayu was going to stay awake with him.
Lugubrious Amore  by sun_shine_4
Lugubrious Amore by appledrip
"She taught me how to love, not how to stop." *** Raghav Malhotra had it all. A big family, amazing parents, good looks and a shit load of money. Like any oth...
Opposite Repels by its_sanjh
Opposite Repelsby Sanjh
"She was sunshine to his darkest sky but his darkness were so consuming that it was fading her light." Ruhi is entering the college of her choice. She is hopi...
The Hate Game by olaw12341234
The Hate Gameby ola1234
Two broken souls and closed-off hearts. When they meet, will they heal each other or destroy what was left inside them? Eda is a young university student who just transf...
Edser In Love  by readershraz
Edser In Love by readershraz
Mostly one shots revolving around the storyline. I feel the show didn't have a lot of mushy and cute edser scenes without any problems thrown their way. So it's my take...
And Then You Happened by the_meltinglines
And Then You Happenedby Chandani
Best ranking #1 Love as on 06/22 #1 wattpadindia as on 03/21 #1 in pearlvpuri as on 11/20 #1 in Surbhi Jyoti as on 04/20 #1 in pvp as on 01/20 Hey Readers...First Of a...
Come Back to Me II SCK by olaw12341234
Come Back to Me II SCKby ola1234
His crazy Peri Kizi, who came to him from the fairyland of sex, flowers, and chocolate, to illuminate his life with all the madness she held. She was the real force of n...
Million Dollar Wife by maishaaa_
Million Dollar Wifeby Maisha
"Some promises are hard to break, Some feelings are hard to deny, Some people are hard to forget, Some relations are hard to accept" Ashton David Cross w...
TheTwist Of TheScenes - StormRain by aiLi_elly
TheTwist Of TheScenes - StormRainby Jem@Mo!
A short "drama-twist" from the scenes aired. Rain was prohibited from coming to the garage but he still go to meet Phayu. There, something happened. How will P...
The Arrange Marriage (Youtuber :weds: Singer) by triggeredinsaan22
The Arrange Marriage (Youtuber Pratishtha Gaur
This is just a fictional story so please don't take it seriously. Just enjoy the story and don't take it personal. Hope you will enjoy reading it.
Erotica Short Stories by J3nnif3r
Erotica Short Storiesby Jennifer
Jenna is your small town girl who has been married to Tommy for years. Richard is a friend of theirs who has secretly been in love with Jenna for many years but never ac...
Edser OS and Short Stories by olaw12341234
Edser OS and Short Storiesby ola1234
The collection of short stories and one-shots about Eda and Serkan. Whatever will come to my crazy mind at night. * Enjoy! * * * WARNING. MATURE SCENES AND STRONG LANGUA...
Love In the air/Kinnporsche One Shot by Griffinelena
Love In the air/Kinnporsche One Griffin elena
this is collection of one shot. enjoy English isn't my first language. i am sorry if there is any mistake