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What is Omegaverse? I will not care about It~ (ToCF fanfiction) by SoutaTimeMachine
What is Omegaverse? I will not Kirie Souta
Suddenly he wakes up in a strange environment. super soft bed, very comfortable pillows, plush but comfortable silk blanket covering up to his stomach. "young mast...
Can You Hear My Heart by YouriTakehiko
Can You Hear My Heartby Y/A
1ST.ONE Fanfiction Story This is my 2nd fanfiction Story of 1stOne. Other characters here is just created. Support our Boys and only Spread Love. Thank you so much and...
Kita Berbeza by qis_desmarets
Kita Berbezaby Qis
Saat dua jiwa berlainan agama dan bangsa bertemu, hari-hari mereka bertelagah. "Ergh, bengap!" - Maria Kermila "What's bengap, anyway?" - Tristan Se...
A pesar de todo by itsackerman01
A pesar de todoby itsackerman01
A pesar de todo, me sigue gustando A pesar de todo, me sigue queriendo A pesar de todo sigo existiendo A pesar de todo, te sigo odiando maldita zorra Y al final solo be...
"Maybe, just Maybe..." Countryhumans IndoPan (Male 🇲🇨x Female🇯🇵)  by SofiaJasmine0
"Maybe, just Maybe..." Sofia Jasmine
Story in ENG Main pairing : Countryhumans Indonesia and Countryhumans Japan . Nekomi may knows almost quite everything about Indo, even if the citizens doesn't know him...
Kagami-kun no Mirai: El Futuro de Kagami by KameKenmeino
Kagami-kun no Mirai: El Futuro 賢明ノ亀 [Kame Kenmeino]
Matsuyoshi Kagami parece preocuparse más por sus propias metas que por lo que ocurre a su alrededor... Al menos hasta que un encuentro con una hermosa chica logra sacarl...
After 134 Rejections... by ishika_ratish
After 134 ishika_ratish
A marriage between our two individuals who are not interested in getting into a wedlock. At all. A story that gives an example of why marriage is not just between two i...
My Guilty Pleasure [Coming Soon] by hueofjeon
My Guilty Pleasure [Coming Soon]by smol one ™ (hiatus)
What would happen when you accidentally sent a naughty text to your professor ? . . . "Can I record your lecture so that I can review them at home?" " Why...
Romeo & Juilet by crowner_life
Romeo & Juiletby crowner_life
Do you like romeo & juilet? Well if you like them you will maybe like this. My story is a classic paraody of romeo & juilet meaning its diffrent & funny. So if you like...
I have just got the flirting missions in isekai world! by Ypjapan
I have just got the flirting Shiro
My name is Shiro Minoka, who is an ordinary supporting character having no charm like other love comedy main characters. One day___ I had a car accident. After that, I w...
An Every Day Cyclops by PrinceKurushimi
An Every Day Cyclopsby Tether
This is a story of an uptight and flustered monster boy who finds himself surrounded by a group of spazzes. Will he survive?
Scream Queens by jayjay1245869
Scream Queensby jayjay1245869
This is a house of Devils, murders, and mysteries. On the twentieth anniversary of a 1995 sorority pledge something bad happened which went terribly wrong, a college cam...
Keep It A Secret by Ria-sama08
Keep It A Secretby Lucy_Heartfilia08/ anime_love...
A lazy girl with a lazy life and an everyday lazy expression living under the same roof with her laz-- industrious and diligent younger brother is anything but typical...
Unwanted: Sugar Daddy(EN) by TaniIsTiny
Unwanted: Sugar Daddy(EN)by TKR
Vi is in her practical semester when she meets Henry. A handsome, middle-aged British man. From the first moment, Henry makes Vi's heart race. Rumour has it that Henry...
Sanctuary Syakira by aersejuk
Sanctuary Syakiraby aersejuk
Mamanya yang kawin cerai hingga 3 kali cukup membuat Syakira mantap tidak ingin menikah. Di matanya laki-laki itu tidak ada yang baik. Gue cantik, mandiri, penghasilan o...
Mysterious Modern Princess by khaniewanie
Mysterious Modern Princessby khaniewanie
A girl who lives in royalty, but not allowed to go past the royal gates, ever since she grew up. She wanted to see the world behind the gates, but how? She planned to sn...
That Thing Called Love: Just The Way You Are by gurl_onfire
That Thing Called Love: Just The gurl_onfire
kadalasan sa atin ngayong mga teens ay nag kaka "lovelife" ayun yung karamihan naman nakakahanap ng forever at yung iba naman sakit ulo lamang..... Ako nga pal...
Cinnamon apple by Forevermorecx
Cinnamon appleby jazz
How could one person distract me in every way possible, in this case it's the pizza delivery guy