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You Are Mine - TinCan KlaNo Story (COMPLETED) by struggle_wind
You Are Mine - TinCan KlaNo yuiszhou62
Focus on TinCan & KlaNo and a little AePete, TharnType or else. We'll see later. This FF is a continuation of the last episode of LBC. How TinCan improved their relation...
[Kengkla x Techno] Unfinished Business (Love by Chance Fanfic) by ch3ckmat3y
[Kengkla x Techno] Unfinished ch3ckmat3y
Kengkla hasn't seen Techno since that night. But with no answer about where they stand after Techno ran out of his own house, it's been eating at Kengkla all week. So he...
Love By Chance~a collection by Yukichi69
Love By Chance~a collectionby Yukichi69
Just daily snippets of our favorite Love By Chance boys.
Ice Cold You by iamjvillanueva
Ice Cold Youby Zeydamn
Ice cold heart and a loudmouth. What will happen when these two opposite poles collide? Will friendship blossom into something else or the striking personalities will...
My Boy Toy by lexiedenzy
My Boy Toyby 𝑳𝒆𝒙𝒊𝒆 (卓慧欣)
My name is Can Rathavit. I wondered WHY ME? All he did was let out a small snicker, showing his stunningly white teeth through a side smile and said, "Be my boy toy...
You Are The One (Completed) by Tinynainine
You Are The One (Completed)by 𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐲𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞ᴶ⁹
Well this is just A fanfic that I wrote about perthsaint all the story is changed and the persons too so their will be just perthsaint and meanplan there will be also nc...
The CEO [BxB] [COMPLETED]  by gxxkimm
Two heirs from two of the biggest mafias in Bangkok find love at the unexepected exchange of blood shed.
Choux Cream Cake by Zellaraya
Choux Cream Cakeby Zellaraya
Barista x Baker AU Perth, a young barista cafe owner, unkowingly hires Saint, the baker of his favourite dessert, to work at his cafe. To Plan's dismay, they have unrema...
You Had Got Me From Hello END by muted_whispers
You Had Got Me From Hello ENDby muted_whispers HIATUS
A Subtle Romance❤ 💙🍷💚 "I have never greeted any customer before...but you made me unable to hold myself back. With your petite body a...
Love Fiction [BxB] [COMPLETED] by gxxkimm
Love Fiction [BxB] [COMPLETED]by M
If the deities gave you a shot at true love, will you take it even if it means that, that love will become no less than fiction?
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To Find Love in a Place Called Trat by Zellaraya
To Find Love in a Place Called Tratby Zellaraya
Saint misses Perth, so Mae Nuk makes Perth come over and spend three weeks in Trat. Love ensues. A story set after the ending of LBC, where Perth and Saint come to terms...
Let Me In | TinxCan [ discontinued ] by yayforpie
Let Me In | TinxCan [ MarshmallowNinja
" Why are you like this", Can whispered softly, still pressed against the wall by two firm hands on his waist. " If you knew, you would hate me more than...
Bunny [NSFW 18+] by Zellaraya
Bunny [NSFW 18+]by Zellaraya
●ABO Omegaverse BDSM ● Saint is an insecure omega taking a harmful suppressant, Perth offers an alternative- finding an alpha dom to bond with to minimise his scent. Sa...
Kengkla - the wolf in the closet by rearthit
Kengkla - the wolf in the closetby rearthit
How Kengkla the spoiled brat falls in love. The title is based on his character arc in the book (which I haven't read but have just heard a little bit about.) I really l...
Mine To Love by innerempireeee
Mine To Loveby innerempire
(Type x Techno) Type's aware that the freshies in the soccer team refers to Techno and he as the parental figures of the club. While sweet, pure-hearted Techno may be th...
By Your Side || Tin&Can by shiruuka
By Your Side || Tin&Canby procrastinating
Can becomes the bodyguard of Tin Medthanan, the rich but broken boy. At first it's all because he needs the money to take care of his family, but soon that changes as he...
Trust in Love [TinCan/KenglaTechno] by Missing1love
Trust in Love [TinCan/KenglaTechno]by Missing1love
Who knows all love at first sight could happen at anytime and anywhere. The characters are belonged to the owners (Love By Chance The Series)
YOUR THE ONE I WANT PART 2( day dreamer
tin and can are finally official its a dream come true for tin but a handsome earthquake comes along and shakes the relationship, will it stand firm or will it crack
Ae x Pete/Perth x Saint OneShot [Discontinued] by PurplePeach96
Ae x Pete/Perth x Saint OneShot [ PurplePeach96
This is a one-shot book for Ae and Pete. Characters for new bl drama under GMMTV called Love By Chance. Love By Chance has 4 bl couples but I love the most these two Ed...
A Magic to Melt A Heart (TinCan) by KitMiki
A Magic to Melt A Heart (TinCan)by Neko Kawaii Gang
In a world where magic exists, two groups competed to become the dominant magical force of the world: the elementalists and beast summoners. The rivalry of these two gr...