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troublesome by tommo-the-tomlinson
troublesomeby hi I love you
Harry Styles is a sensible, responsible man. Louis Tomlinson is a rude, disobedient boy. What happens when Louis' mother is fed up with his behavior and calls the only p...
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One Direction [Louis Centric] by PrincessLouis7
One Direction [Louis Centric]by Princess Louis
Louis is the slut in one direction
Uniquely Special by WritingIsMyNepenthe
Uniquely Specialby WritingIsMyNepenthe
Running away to college...not his best idea. Louis' past will always come back to bite him in the butt, it is a constant in the universe. But he is going to sprint until...
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Made from Stardust (Louis Tomlinson) by loulouoz
Made from Stardust (Louis Tomlinso...by Isabel
Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles' adventures at college. Louis centric.
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call me out » louis centric by effingstyles
call me out » louis centricby daniel
zianourry au. | louis centric. people call them the cruel Mafia brothers. they love to watch people scream in pain as blood comes out. until a homeless 18 year old boy a...
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Blue-Eyed Omega // l.s by larry-child
Blue-Eyed Omega // l.sby 🌈
(Alpha!StylesTriplets / Omega!Louis) "Everyone could fall in love with him just by looking at those blue eyes."
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instagram famous -louis centric✔️ by koekjesvrouw
instagram famous -louis centric✔️by ~
When louis is insta famous and the boys loves him!
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London Bridge Hospital (Zianourry) (Louis-Centric) by weird_otaku_fangirl
London Bridge Hospital (Zianourry)...by Anonymous
The band One Direction consists of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. They have all been dating each other since they sang the song 'Torn' at the Jud...
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one shot~ One Direction - Louis Centric by koekjesvrouw
one shot~ One Direction - Louis Ce...by ~
One direction ship one shot. It will be Louis with the boy. Maybe sometime it will be the boys with eachother. You can ask if you want something!!
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The Quadtruplet Princes... ;; Zianourry {Louis Centric} by TheRedness52
The Quadtruplet Princes... ;; Zian...by Larry's Daughter
;; Louis... a name almost no one knew. He was one of the poorest kids in the school, and had no friends. He was known as the gay boy at the school. Born as an male Omega...
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oneshots [zianourry] by d-a-m-n
oneshots [zianourry]by d-a-m-n
Just some Zianourry One Shots NOT MINE
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bottom!louis && louis centric ; book recs by effingstyles
bottom!louis && louis centric ; bo...by daniel
books that i recommend you guys to read. ( b!lou & lou centric )
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Little Louis by gooniesneversaydie1
Little Louisby gooniesneversaydie1
Louis has a past full of saddness and abuse. He's classified a "little" but has been taught not to regress. Harry and Edward are carers, they've been looking f...
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If I don't have you (At least I'll still have me) by -uranus
If I don't have you (At least I'll...by Pam
"Te veré en partes de mí, en quien fui en aquel entonces" Louis conoce a un escritor local Su nombre es Harry .
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kismet by rarayP22
kismetby Kaye
"what chance did I stand against kismet?"
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Zianourry Family Fluff (One Direction) by zolozen
Zianourry Family Fluff (One Direct...by mind of mine
I get bored and when I get bored I write but I don't like to write what people tell me to write so I start to write random drabbles and sometimes they turn into 10k word...
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Thursday; Larry Stylinson (On hold) by sleepdeprivedloner
Thursday; Larry Stylinson (On hold)by king val
"My body is yours, every Thursday." Louis marriage is failing and his only solution is to fall in love with the boy of the angelic voice. The risks are high a...
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My Daddies Baby  //Zianourry// by larrykeepsmealiveee
My Daddies Baby //Zianourry//by uranus
"Hello, Louis is it?" "Uhm..y-yes?" "Welcome home, Louis." {Warning!-contains smut-spanking-some abuse-might be triggering-read at own ri...
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This side of paradise by suga-hobii
This side of paradiseby warning
"We're not like stalking him or obsessed with him or anything, it's just... we like observing him from afar" ••••• Louis knows it isn't normal for those four g...
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Finsta [Louis Centric] by TheOppositeOfBlue
Finsta [Louis Centric]by Crazy Baby Harley
Sorry for the shitty cover. I'm a slacker. A Finsta is a combination of the words fake & Instagram. When people have a finsta they post pictures they only want their cl...
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