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Pee Stories Desperation  by Thatbecold
Pee Stories Desperation by Thatbecold
Jus people having to pee. Pls don't report me an don't put mean comments. Nobody's making you read this. I already know I'm messed up for it. For those who do like it, E...
Modern AU Everyone is GAY YEAH THATS IT What will these 8 teens find out on there way to be de-gayed, nobody knows. Will they make it out alive who knows? Will they fi...
POV: I try and make danganronpa x readers  by KyraDaCatto
POV: I try and make danganronpa x...by Alois
Hey, you lil' piss baby You think you're so fucking cool?, huh? You think you're so fucking tough? You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck Aw, look...
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Turn My Page | Led Zeppelin by CoyoteQueen
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelinby Jenni
[This story takes place in 1972, when Led Zeppelin was touring in North America]. Vicky loves Led Zeppelin. Especially Jimmy Page. She's obsessed with him... all she wan...
 Been awhile Audrey x Melvin (comic)(bruh discontinued again I'm so sorry) by PokemasterAlly26
Been awhile Audrey x Melvin (comi...by Ally :3
After Melvin's parents divorce he and his mom move from Harvey Street. He's been gone for 5 years and comes back to be with his dad. He soon realizes his feelings for hi...
Harvey Street Kids Fanfiction!! (OC INSERT)  by xxMinty_Shadowxx
Harvey Street Kids Fanfiction!! (O...by rat empress oof
Astrid, as some call her Ash, is living in Harvey Street. She's the only girl part of the Bloogeys, they made an exception to her. Read and enjoy the adventures of Ash...
Crush4Two by ILoveHarveystreet
Crush4Twoby ILoveHarveystreet
COMPLETED---Book 1 Since the truce took place between Audrey and Melvin, two long-time enemies, the dynamics of their relationship have begun to change. Neither of the t...
Various! Garfield and The Harvey Street Kids Gets Real OC Insert by Crazycartoons5488
Various! Garfield and The Harvey S...by TheSocko Show
The Story Follow Audrey Arbuckle and her friend's Lotta Dot FruFru Chevron Star of the harvey street kid's comic strip and her cat Garfield's life as a comic strip celeb...
Peaky Blinders Quotes by FedeBert00
Peaky Blinders Quotesby J. Bertucci
Collection of the best Peaky Blinders quotes, for all fans of this unmissable TV series and the most ruthless family of Birmingham. The most charming and exciting quotes.
Harvey Street Kids Sneezefic - Audrey Allergies by DEEcat98
Harvey Street Kids Sneezefic - Aud...by DEEcat98
This is a Harvey Street Kids sneeze story I made of Audrey sneezing from allergy season. If you like Harvey Street Kids and have a sneeze fetish, then this is for you to...
Dragonball VS One Punch Man! by WattiaTheWriter
Dragonball VS One Punch Man!by WattyTheWriter
Era passato molto tempo da quando Loki era stato imprigionato nel carcere di massima sicurezza dell'universo da Zeno e tutto procedeva nella norma, finché, un giorno, Ze...
Sapphire (A Harvey Street Kids Fanfic) by SenpaiGamerz
Sapphire (A Harvey Street Kids Fan...by Gamer
There's a new girl in Harvey Street and her name is Sapphire she's Lotta's cousin read and see how she reacts to the Harvey Street Kids and see what they think of her! I...
Heartless by amandabakerr
Heartlessby Amandabaker
Evelyn Johns, dopo un passato turbolento, decide di traferirsi a Santa Barbara per un nuovo inizio. A causa della sua curiosità si ritrova difronte ad una lotta clandest...
La terra nelle mie mani  (rivelazioni) il finale.il seguito di(oscuro segreto) by ManolaGaleazzi
La terra nelle mie mani (rivelazi...by Manola Galeazzi
L'ultimo atto dei miei angeli, salvarmi da coloro che misero piede sulla terra facendola diventare malvagia. Un lucifero condannato per amore, un lucifero buono che aiut...
Trunks, Futuro Pattugliatore Temporale by WattiaTheWriter
Trunks, Futuro Pattugliatore Tempo...by WattyTheWriter
Un possibile modo in cui Trunks del futuro sia diventato un pattugliatore temporale. Seguitelo mentre cerca di sistemare ogni dimensione temporale in modo che vinca semp...
L'arte del sangue by darkharlock
L'arte del sangueby Dark Harlock
Negli ultimi anni la consapevolezza dei cambiamenti climatici e le conseguenti catastrofi mettono sempre piú in dubbio le sorti dell'umanità. La Collins Foundation si pr...
The Dairy of Lotta-Grace by RowanCookie
The Dairy of Lotta-Graceby RowanCookie
Follow the life of Lotta-Grace as she starts Hogwarts with the normal and abnormal ups and downs of her life
Adrenalina by besanna02
Adrenalinaby Anna
DAL LIBRO: [...]"Attenzione, signori, la mia amica americana si è incazzata" la derisi provocando una risatina dai presenti. [...] "Scusa se ti blocco, ma...
FIGHTER || Harry Styles by thalassophjle
FIGHTER || Harry Stylesby thalassophjle
Lei era feroce, non aveva paura di combattere per ottenere qualcosa, abbastanza coraggiosa da andare sul ring per avere ciò che le spettava. Lei aveva bisogno di qualc...