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Even After Time by EmoEdgyGayLord
Even After Timeby MiraculouslyAPotterhead
"It's been ages but, I could probably give it a shot and we should hopefully be able to end it all!" --- He tried to reclaim what was his but instead ended up...
  • witchau
  • magic
  • âu
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My Bad Loverboy (Klance Au)  by justme1215
My Bad Loverboy (Klance Au) by justme1215
Keith Kogane is a introvert. Someone who is shy and is not outgoing. Lance McClain on the other hand is a extrovert. Someone who Is outgoing. Not to mention he's the sc...
  • lotor
  • wattys2019
  • lance
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Generation 00        {X.x. Voltron AU .x.X} by thepitofwriting
Generation 00 {X.x. Voltron...by Soup...
Generation 00, is step one in the Run Project. The Run Project is the end of the world and it's coming fast. Their are Five that made it through the test. Voltron AU
  • lance
  • allura
  • voltron
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My Favorite Voltron Ships Oneshots (Slow Updates) Remade!!! by BrandyLupinEvans
My Favorite Voltron Ships Oneshots...by Brandy Winters
Basically what the title says. And with my OCs. Includes one shots. Will also include sister and brother ships.
  • kidge
  • lance
  • shiro
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Voltron one shots by ladydragon2003
Voltron one shotsby Danger Fangirl
You all know the drill (I own none of the characters
  • hunkgarret
  • veronicamcclain
  • lotor
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•Crowns And Arrows• [Klance] by SevenSidedStories
•Crowns And Arrows• [Klance]by SevenSidedStories
~In a quick, not too loud movement the thief charged at the boy from behind before he could turn, shutting his mouth before he could scream, placing the sharp, cold edge...
  • laith
  • iloveraven
  • lance
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Voltron HS Book 1 by King_Skyler
Voltron HS Book 1by Skyler
June moved to her new school when her parents had a fallout, mom and dad didn't get along but guess who June was stuck with thanks to the lawsuit? Dad, so the summer bef...
  • zarcon
  • lance
  • alfor
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Klance one shots  by Llloootttaaa
Klance one shots by lotta
Just some badly written one shots about hopeless gays...I mean guys. Totally. Cover and artwork is not mine nor are Voltron characters. All are owned by the respect own...
  • one
  • voltron
  • shiro
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The Blind Runaway Prince (Klance FanFic) by XxGalawayStarxX
The Blind Runaway Prince (Klance F...by ★𝑴𝒊𝒅𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕𝑱𝒂𝒅𝒆𝑺𝒕...
Lance runs away from his kingdom. Far, far away. Despite how dangerous it is and how everyone wants to get their hands on the prince for his magic that only royals posse...
  • klangst
  • lancexkeith
  • keithxlance
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Klance - Cómics & Imágenes by LanceyLance13
Klance - Cómics & Imágenesby LanceyLance13
Me he dado cuenta de que tengo un montón de imágenes y cómics tanto en mi galería como en Pinterest, así que me he dicho: ¿por qué no compartirlo? Voy a intentar traduci...
  • lancemcclain
  • pidge
  • klance
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Hidden Messages [Klance AU] by SoniDragon
Hidden Messages [Klance AU]by Soni
Keith can't sleep. Ever since his older brother disappeared, he's had nightmares that keep him awake at night. It's been three years. As much as he tries to hide it, pe...
  • fanfiction
  • voltron
  • lotor
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Moon Dust || Klance by what-up-bitch
Moon Dust || Klanceby That Bitch
"Maybe it was the reality of being so close in a way he never had been. Maybe it was the fact that his breath was so close that it made the hair on the back of his...
  • lotor
  • sheracharacters
  • shiro
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just some weird and funny voltron stuff by Lilwaffle1
just some weird and funny voltron...by Lilwaffle1
Hello! this is ma first book so please don't judge me 😭 What's inside? - funny chat rooms and now shorts (mainly) - klance and Adshi and maybe some lancelot?? - wer...
  • klance
  • keith
  • spacedad
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something that changed my mind by Eliztoria
something that changed my mindby Ruaa_2126
What could go wrong at a simple music festival?or what Could go right,who knows.What started out as a simple friendship soon becomes a complex triangle (or a square).its...
  • voltronlegendarydefender
  • shiro
  • lance
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With Love, Kidge by kimqwi
With Love, Kidgeby kimqwi
This is a Kidge AU Mostly Pidge but yeah A bully won't change. And that's what Pidge, her brother and her friends are going to learn in this story. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT...
  • keithxpidge
  • pidge
  • lotor
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Razzle Dazzle by ElvishPotterhead
Razzle Dazzleby Just Me
Sequel to Form Voltron. I advise that you read that first or you won't understand the story. After they left Voltron, Zara and Levi finally return home. Unfortunately, a...
  • voltron
  • lotor
  • klance
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No Place Like Home (Lotor x Lance) by SayaCielfreeforall
No Place Like Home (Lotor x Lance)by Saya Ciel✔
Lance was kicked out of his home because of his family why? Because he was bisexual now he lives all alone, he has no friends and he is picked on by a lot of people in s...
  • lancetor
  • lancexlotor
  • lance
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Sticky notes and empty pens by 1S2Insanity_
Sticky notes and empty pensby 1S2Insanity_
Klance Hogwarts/soulmate au. It all starts out fine. Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Lance meet when they're on the train on their way to Hogwarts. Some having a little bit of a...
  • soulmateau
  • klancesoulmateau
  • harrypotterau
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Perpendicular: The Beginning (Voltron x reader) by Threbony
Perpendicular: The Beginning (Volt...by Threbony
Previously known as: Transcending Reality. OK, where the hell are you? One minute you're all alone on the streets, looking for your friend who you were separated from e...
  • allura
  • mattholt
  • romance
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Voltron Roleplay! by official_andrews
Voltron Roleplay!by Crystal Andrews
The Title, Dummy ❤️
  • voltron
  • allura
  • zarkon
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