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NTT Solmare FanClub by The2tailedfoxy
NTT Solmare FanClubby the2tailedfoxy
✏️I say "NTT Solmare" because I play MOE! Ninja Girls, but other than that, it's mainly their Shall We Date games! I'll update this whenever they put up an eve...
  • thoughtsandopinions
  • ninjashadow
  • destinyninja2
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Shall We Date Boy/Girlfriend Scenarios by Dragon_Descendant
Shall We Date Boy/Girlfriend Scena...by Flare
These will be scenarios of you and your SWD crush/boy/girlfriend.
  • sherlock
  • guardme
  • shallwedate
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Shall We Date? Parent Scenarios(Request: OPEN) by Dragon_Descendant
Shall We Date? Parent Scenarios(Re...by Flare
There aren't many Shall We Date X Reader stories so I decided to make this. Keep requests PG13.
  • mysweetprince
  • otome
  • otomegames
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Otome Game?..... by StoryTellingGal
Otome Game?.....by Story Telling
  • magic
  • shallwedate
  • fantasy
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NTT Solmare FanClub Part 2 by The2tailedfoxy
NTT Solmare FanClub Part 2by the2tailedfoxy
Updates and opinions on the current and discontinued Shall We Date? games. Including: Wizardess Heart Lost Alice Love Tangle Moe! Ninja Girls Blood In Roses Guard Me, Sh...
  • öz
  • destinyninja2
  • lostalice
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 ❝ Ꮮᴏsᴛ Ꮖɴ Wᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ. . ❞  CHATROOM by MADHATTERR-
❝ Ꮮᴏsᴛ Ꮖɴ Wᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ. . ❞ CHATRO...by ⠀
The official anon group of Lost A̶l̶i̶c̶e̶ i̶n̶ w̶o̶n̶d̶e̶r̶l̶a̶n̶d̶
  • chatroom
  • groupchat
  • alice
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Shall We Date? Lost Alice (Guide+routes) by anemonegaleyay
Shall We Date? Lost Alice (Guide+r...by VinierAnemone43
[Ranked #1 gameguide 2/2/19] Here I present 'Lost Alice; Destined lovers in wonderland' from the Shall we date? series. Thus here the guide and the routes of the charact...
  • shallwedate
  • routes
  • gameguide
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Ethics (The hunt has begun) by Travel_Master
Ethics (The hunt has begun)by Travel_ Master
Athena and Delora were cursed a long time ago when they joined the human world and the monster world because of this the great gods have punished them. Their punishment...
  • bendyandtheinkmachine
  • myheroacadamia
  • markiplyer
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Lost Alice+ 🔹Miss Wonderland🔹 by FlamingoFreak
Lost Alice+ 🔹Miss Wonderland🔹by Nina Horvat
I don't own Lost Alice+, the rightful owner is NTT SOLMARE Corporation. I also don't own those Miss Wonderland stories. I don't own the characters. GAME LINK: https://pl...
  • thebeareroftime
  • themarchhare
  • jokerbraze
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My True Power(Fairytail Academy/NaLu Fanfiction by princessnashi
My True Power(Fairytail Academy/Na...by princessnashi
This is where Lucy studys at Fairytail Academy. No one knows she has magical powers except Levy and Erza. Levy, Erza and Lucy are sisters. Levy and Erza also has magical...
  • lostalice
  • rushiheartfilia
  • truth000
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Ayame Reacts To SWD Ships by PrincessKawaiichan18
Ayame Reacts To SWD Shipsby CrazyAnimeFreak
Ayame Kushinada reacts to ships from the SWD Games I played.
  • bloodinroses
  • guardmesherlock
  • wizardessheart
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Otome: Lost Alice - Luke Estheim [on going] by Otome_writer
Otome: Lost Alice - Luke Estheim [...by ???
if you haven't read the prologue yet, please read it before you read this. Name: Luke Estheim "I've been waiting for Embracing you for...
  • swd
  • xreader
  • otomegame
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OTOME ONE-SHOTS by Thalia_Swan
I am writing one shots from voltage, ikemen, shall we date .Requests are open
  • ikemensengoku
  • voltageinc
  • bemyprincess
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Lost Alice (Joker Braze) by sadgirl004
Lost Alice (Joker Braze)by Angela Mäntynen
You woke up from unconscious in a mysterious room you have never seen before. You couldn't recall anything or any memories expect for your own name "Airis Riedel&qu...
  • romance
  • shallwedate
  • fantasy
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[Otome] Lost Alice: Prologue by Otome_writer
[Otome] Lost Alice: Prologueby ???
you stumbled into Wonderland without your memories. You met a lot people, but the strange thing is...Why are they calling you "Alice"?! (not good at descripti...
  • shallwedate
  • swd
  • otomegames
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Otome: Lost Alice - Joker Braze [on going] by Otome_writer
Otome: Lost Alice - Joker Braze [o...by ???
if you haven't read the prologue yet. Please read it before you read this. Name:Joker braze "Don't forget. I'm a...
  • swd
  • readerxoc
  • otomegame
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Lost Alice (Prologue) by Trial_Captain_Lana
Lost Alice (Prologue)by 💙Lana💙
{Y/N}= Your name {L/N}= Last name
  • lostalice
  • fanfic
  • otome
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Review: Lost Alice | Owen Chester by ReadMePeeps
Review: Lost Alice | Owen Chesterby Otome Game
Alice (Main character) is from real world and Owen is from Wonderland. Find out how their love story begin!
  • lostalice
  • review
  • owenchester
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No game no life by Nickole_nathalie
No game no lifeby Nickole_nathalie
This give that two people Shiro the youngest and Sora the oldest. There were in there room playing video games for five days after playing Shiro got a message from someo...
  • unicornotaku9
  • seagreencookiecat
  • ichigo4563
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Shall We Date (+Various) One Shots by PxlayeRoyale-
Shall We Date (+Various) One Shotsby Katie Holt
Hey! This is a book dedicated to the wonderful characters created by NTT Solmare and by other underappreciated creators of wonderful otome games.
  • vampireidol
  • otome
  • mononokekiss
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