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Darker Side of Love by Kaylue_Lee
Darker Side of Loveby Kaylue
Part two of my second poetry book in the "You" trilogy, from "Love You" comes "Darker Side of Love". Because my poetry books are of a leng...
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IT and stranger things one shots + Spam  by StrangerGirl208
IT and stranger things one shots +...by ♡𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘢♡
just one shots lol idk no hate
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Toys in the Attic by MarCafeWrites
Toys in the Atticby Mar Café
An assault leaving her with no memories, the girl dubbed by the police as "Thai Place" attempts to reassemble her past. As she begins to come in contact with t...
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Demigod Ships by Wendy2523033
Demigod Shipsby Wendytheshipper
Not the demigods, just me this time! Just my opinion on the ships, idk my post schedule on this, so yup! Request ships for me! I try to do all the ships involving one p...
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losing virginity at 14  by mynameunknownn
losing virginity at 14 by mynameunknown
When I was 12, hanging out with skate-boarders was the cool thing to do and I recognised a lot of the attitudes of the skaters in the film. On your own you are just a 13...
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Inner Fight Club of the Jitters Matrix by MarCafeWrites
Inner Fight Club of the Jitters Ma...by Mar Café
"I wonder if the machines have a Fight Club? If they did, the first rule would be: You do not talk about the Matrix." Stuck at work with a pounding headache an...
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Coronavirus x reader  by NevaehLewis506
Coronavirus x reader by NevaehLewis506
I'm stuck at home so idk I'm losing my mind
Sentiments by impala674744
Sentimentsby impala674744
**WARNING** may be triggering. #1 in #losingmyself in 5/9/2018 #1 in #losingmymind 5/9/2018 #1 in #numbness 11/9/2018 #2 in #existentialcrisis 8/9/2018 #3 in #mentalbrea...
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I'm Losing Because Of This Gangsters by Christinegoals
I'm Losing Because Of This Gangste...by Christine goals
The school when the 4 gangster are in there,they brousful,they weird, they will do everything to make you jealous they might destroy your day but what if oneday you will...
Dear thoughts by dvarzeckaite
Dear thoughtsby dvarzeckaite
Girl who's life is a mess so she writes down her thoughts on paper so that maybe someday she would get help
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Stuck With You- An Eddsworld Story by ImMildyInsane
Stuck With You- An Eddsworld Storyby 𝚆𝚎𝚒𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚜𝚝
Tord came back, but you and Tom are a bit suspicious about his behavior. You try to investigate and figure out he is a criminal and a leader of a communist army. Tord de...
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Broken glass heart  by -anonymous-loser-
Broken glass heart by -anonymous-loser-
Sometimes I look back To when my perfect life Made of beautiful glass Was dropped and now I am just full of Broken Glass
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Trading Places, (Losing my Mind) by sithlordlokichu
Trading Places, (Losing my Mind)by sithlordlokichu
(a Gerard Way and Frank Iero fanfic) Not a Frerard (Ferard) Gerard and Frank end up on the outskirts of Battery City in Gerard's comic world of the Fabulous Killjoys. s...
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Losing my mind by PoeticSoldier
Losing my mindby Raee
A poem I wrote of me losing my mind
Don't Go In Alone by k-pain
Don't Go In Aloneby Kai
The old Victorian across the street has always given Molly the creeps. Despite her fears, she goes inside one night with her friends in what they hope will be a fun sto...
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Losing My Mind by ArgoSinns
Losing My Mindby ArgoSinns
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Losing my mind?! by dimitrantnr
Losing my mind?!by antnr✡️
Μόλις τελείωσαν οι εξετάσεις και η Ρόζυ παει με την παρέα της στην παραλία οταν γνωρίζει τον Jacob και γινονται αχώριστοι φίλοι απο Τοτός τι θα γινει όμως οταν εκτός απο...
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Everything I've Ever Feared by down_in_the_nether
Everything I've Ever Fearedby down_in_the_nether
This is one of my short stories I will be publishing on wattpad, while this quarantine is going on. Any feedback/ constructive criticism is highly appreciated. Or just i...
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Unexpected Result by liztej
Unexpected Resultby liztej
This is a story about three friends, they really love being with each other,but in this story you will see different views about this three friends, you will see the lov...
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what you don't know about us.. by Scyllas_lotus
what you don't know about us..by Siren_Scylla
✴️trigger warning✴️ A message to the people how have a suicidal friend or family member. These are some things I wish the people around me knew and understood.
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