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My Autism And Anxiety by Writingmachinedude
My Autism And Anxietyby Roger
I have autism and very bad anxiety. Please don't make fun of me. My anxiety acts up every now and then. Any hate, and you will be reported.
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Nemesism  by Potterhead305
Nemesism by Potterhead394
We're all stories in the end, so focus on the good and never lose hope. Don't let it consume you. If I told you my secrets, you'd never look at me the same. You write...
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sweet sweet godest life... {dutch story} by valeriepotter2005
sweet sweet godest life... {dutch...by milo<3
hoi allemaal dit is het verhaal waar ik heel lang over getwijfeld heb om te schrijven want heb is best heftig. het gaat over mn eigen leven...
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What would happen to Two Best Friends if the drifted apart? {Short Story} by jazzybeishir
What would happen to Two Best Frie...by Lucy Dragneel (Heartfilia)
The main question of this story is: What would happen if Two Best Friends drifted apart? Well this has happened to me. My friend Erika and I were best friends up until...
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Depression by matt2130
Depressionby maddie
This is just going to be Things I write when I am sad or depressed.....can be all kinds of things but sometimes it can be triggering to someone recovering from depressio...
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Terwillegar by samlogic
Terwillegarby sammie
We knew each other like the back of our hands. And then we didn't.
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The Pros and Cons of Being Alice Turner by KTNeko99
The Pros and Cons of Being Alice T...by Siberia Ward
Alice used to have friends. She used to be somewhat happy. This story shows her struggle with home and school alike and how she deals with it all.
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The Mending of Four Hearts by burntgrilledcheese
The Mending of Four Heartsby Eden
Indie has always been in love with Ethan. They even dated. A year later, she is still hopelessly in love with him. But the thing is, Ethan's dating Kass, the flirty popu...
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Forever Alone by AngelQueenOfAll
Forever Aloneby AngelQueenOfAll
When Katy's dad becomes an alcoholic, Katy becomes scared to go home after school. She knows her mom is there but she won't do anything to stop Katy's dad from getting d...
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I wish, and wish... by Syd_baker
I wish, and wish...by Sydney Baker
"When you let an animal out of its cage for the first time, there's two options, it will either be scared and come out cautiously or take advantage and run full spe...
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high school by crowleysmybxtch
high schoolby crowleysmybxtch
My high school years of fighting to survive
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two way street by peppermintteabags
two way streetby peppermintteabags
in the midst of her parents divorce Bella gets involved in school activities and finds herself in a relationship. As if high school wasn't enough she needs to choose wh...
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Feeling Blue by Padfoot621
Feeling Blueby Ashley High
Highest rank in poetry- #211 Blue is the color of tears The color of his eyes, And the color of lies.
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poems by howyoudoing29
poemsby Simone joubert
just trying to write about things that matter to me
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Him And Her by ChronicYouthStolen
Him And Herby ChronicYouth
They've been through everything together. Breakups... Fights.... Being jealous... And even feelings.... Ryan and Regina one year anniversary is coming up.... Will it en...
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Broken Katie by theyletgo
Broken Katieby theyletgo
Katie is a 13 year old girl fighting depression. Soon after losing her mother and having to move to California to be with her father and his awful wife, she gets depress...
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The Crazy Trio. by jenessy0
The Crazy Trio.by queen
woah, woah, woah, just before you say anything about anything, my friend didn't want his real name so his fake name is jain. AND, before you say i copied someone else, m...
bad b by grungedino
bad bby dino!
best friends have each other's backs through thick and thin. ------ I guess you can learn some things about this book? like what kinds of friendships are toxic or not, a...
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The Chronicles of the Girls Next Door. by hallowcross
The Chronicles of the Girls Next D...by Harley Vermis
추억의 책
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Ocean Eyes by Moon_tars
Ocean Eyesby Moontars
This story is all about depression and love. Ano kaya ang mas makapagyarihan? Ang depression or love? If you're on depression you should read my story.
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