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Loserfruit/ Kathleen Story by Best_fanfics1
Loserfruit/ Kathleen Storyby Hi Hiu
Contains content for 18+ - sexual
Trapped. (Lazarbeam x Reader) by NuggiesFlipyFlops
Trapped. (Lazarbeam x Reader)by NuggieFlipFlops
*Completed* As you continue living and having a blast at the click house. Your feelings develop for a fellow Australian. After feeling trapped for so long, will Y/n beco...
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Reader by ActuallyReady
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Readerby Lana
"I saw him." Being crowded with young fans screaming. I couldn't help but laugh. And then we turned to me, eyes wide. He walked towards me. And that's when I k...
Three's A Crowd by fauxprism
Three's A Crowdby L
Ansty reader insert story of unrequited love with Elliott 'Muselk' Watkins. Something (hopefully) a bit different between the reader, Lannan (lazarbeam) and Elliott. I h...
By Chance (Muselk x Loserfruit) by glowyghost
By Chance (Muselk x Loserfruit)by Glowyghost
This is a fanfiction between YouTubers Muselk and Loserfruit. Loserfruit has always been with her loving boyfriend, but when things get turned upside down, will true emo...
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Adopted by the Click House by HPL_3553
Adopted by the Click Houseby Alyss Watson
Y/N, a sixteen year old girl, gets adopted by her favorite youtubers, Click. *IN PROGRESS* Click x reader (Kind of) Fresh x reader
god must've spent a little more time on you // crayator by cowboycray
god must've spent a little more ti...by yeehaw - i'm that bitch 🤠
[was simply platonic - now rewritten] [Y/N] revisits the wonders of Sydney, moving back after almost 15 years of living away - and to celebrate, they hit the town. Coinc...
What are the Odds? (lazarbeam × reader) by SamTheBamDam
What are the Odds? (lazarbeam × re...by Papa Sammy
Y/n was scrolling through her social media when she sees her followers are shipping her with a guy named Lannan Eacott? She checks out his profile and finds out she has...
lucky girl | mrfreshasian by 69peppapig69
lucky girl | mrfreshasianby 69peppapig69
fresh don't read this if you ever do choose to look at fanfics "one lucky person from chat will be randomly picked to visit me and the click crew for two weeks. to...
One last Game by MagicallyLonely
One last Gameby Lonely
Lunar Lone or more commonly know as Hi I'm Lonely. Is a twitch streamer. After ending a late night stream she chose to play or last game off stream and meets BazzaGazza...
forgotten - lazarbeam by lazarbeammm
forgotten - lazarbeamby lazarbeammm
you and lannan were best friends from a very young age who did everything together. however, when his youtube channel began to really take off, he began to get busy and...
A happy family by ryanchandler47
A happy familyby ryanchandler47
The story is about fresh,lazarbeam,and Ilsa being a happy family
Living with 4 boys; A Loserfruit story. by crayatorsleftnipple
Living with 4 boys; A Loserfruit s...by miæ
Note: this whole story is Kaths POV My name is Kath, also known as loserfruit. I am about to move in with 4 boys, Cray, Bazz, Elliot, and my boyfriend Marcus. What strug...
muselk × reader :)))  by jaine_EC
muselk × reader :))) by INEEDALIFE
you are a YouTuber with a lot of followers and all. What if one day, you meet a guy. Who is humorous, cute and kind. Would you love him or would you friends zone him...
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShots by MuseSaseru
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShotsby :))
hey this is just oneshots of gbg, bbs, and the click with eachother mostly based on requests this is pretty old, so its embarrassing when i see people reading this cause...
Click One Shots (Smut) by SmoshSmut
Click One Shots (Smut)by Zam
Smut of the people in click, mostly Lufu