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Fairy tail Fanfictions by Mymtngames25
Fairy tail Fanfictionsby Caleb Jones
This is just for romantic fanfics about fairy tail couples(somewhat connected to my other work Mating season)
A Twisted Fairy's Tale(NaLu) by TheJaniMarki
A Twisted Fairy's Tale(NaLu)by Frankles
Enemies to Friends to Lovers, what could possibly stand in their way? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sequel wil be included in th...
Mirajane's Shipping Book 2 by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Book 2by • Fia •
Mirajanes has expanded her shipping club! Most ships have been confirmed! You're invited to join the club too!
To love and be loved by the stars by Charliepoet13
To love and be loved by the starsby Charlie
With the rest of Team Natsu gone for a job, Lucy is left alone in Magnolia with some time on her hands. Perhaps it's time once and for all to settle these feelings she h...
The Lamb🐏♈, The Lion🦁♌, and The Abusive Bitch😡 by FT_Rules
The Lamb🐏♈, The Lion🦁♌, and The...by Mrs. Fullbuster 😍
Slow edits~ Writer's block is real😅😑 Okay so this is a LoRies fanfic😄Karen Lilica is the abusive aunt of Aries Ramsay. Aries has never opened up to any of her friends...
Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Slow Updates~ ~Editing~ by Gruvia2006
Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Slow Updates~...by Macie
~Editing~ Where you can come to read about your favorite ships also I will do x readers too. ~Requests Closed Currently~ Disclaimer: I own no characters they all belong...
★彡 ɧԾʍȝ 彡★ by AllHailAlexGail
★彡 ɧԾʍȝ 彡★by Gail
₳ ₱Ⱡ₳₵Ɇ ₩ⱧɆⱤɆ ł ₵₳₦ ₲Ø ₮Ø ₲Ɇ₮ ₮Ⱨł₴ Ø₣₣ ₥Ɏ ₴ⱧØɄⱠĐɆⱤ₴
We're Not Crazy  by SkylarMinthe
We're Not Crazy by Skylar Minthe
Fairy Tail fanfic Crazy. Insane. That's what people think of when they hear about the Fairy Tail mental hospital. But inside, there's twenty-two residents living their...
HAI by Ultear_Milkovich_
HAIby Ultear_Milkovich_
Just a lil question
Mirajane's Shipping Book by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Bookby • Fia •
Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.
Fairy Tail Ship Pics by WolfWeeb89
Fairy Tail Ship Picsby Wolf Weeb
Pictures of all of the fairy tail ships ( or that I approve of and know) There will also be some interviews from the characters and what they think about their ship I do...
Fairy Tail Fairy Tales by klfelt
Fairy Tail Fairy Talesby KitKat
A collection of books that feature my favorite Fairy Tail couples! There will be some I'm certain that you don't ship and some you positively do! Descriptions of each st...
Watch Soulmate swap Fairy  by EmelieJinton
Watch Soulmate swap Fairy by Emelie Jinton
All Fairy Tail characters gets the chance to watch the future....with a twist. All the soulmates switch places!!! Set during Phantom Lord Arc
Will they find out...... by PoisonDemon66
Will they find out......by PoisonDemon66
Lucy and Yukino have one thing in common they both were bullied by there guilds when they left they found a huge secret about both Start; April 4 2018 End: I do not own...
Fairy Tail and Hetalia Ship Stories by BookDragonForEver
Fairy Tail and Hetalia Ship Storiesby PancakeStack
This is a book of Ship Stories with characters from both Fairy Tail and Hetalia. Mainly fluff. Not just romantic ships, but also family relationships and friendships. Up...
Fairy Tail One-Shots[Currently Taking Request] by easterniese
Fairy Tail One-Shots[Currently Tak...by ♡
I take request! So, send me as much as you like, and I'll try my best to get to them when I can!
Fairy Tail High by AlterPerception
Fairy Tail Highby Logic
Where there are towns, there are schools. Where there are schools, there are students and people. Where there are students and schools, there is a lot of excitement. Thi...
Maid Heartfilia by EndlessMarshmallow
Maid Heartfiliaby (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
{cover says by -Lucy-Dragneel- cuz that's my old username} He never loved her. She was just a nuisance to him. He needed a way to get rid of her. -She was the payment f...
The fairy house by madgirl2868
The fairy houseby No One
16 beautiful or handsome, yet not so rich or famous teens sign up for the fairy house, thinking they would be working as an intern or something like that to earn some ca...