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Fairy Tail Fairy Tales by klfelt
Fairy Tail Fairy Talesby KitKat
A collection of books that feature my favorite Fairy Tail couples! There will be some I'm certain that you don't ship and some you positively do! Descriptions of each st...
Fairy Tail Ship Oneshots by Lilymaid620
Fairy Tail Ship Oneshotsby Mallorie of Shalott
Various Oneshots for my favorite Fairy Tail ships. Now Taking Requests! Includes NaLu, GrUvia, JErza, GaLe, RoWen, MiraFreed, LaxAna, BixAnna, LoRies, ElfGreen, and AlB...
The Youtubers That Live Upstairs by KrunchieKookies
The Youtubers That Live Upstairsby ↱ rowan ↲
[ Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and Stingyu/Stiyu ] Six normal teens living normal lives as juniors. That is, until six famous youtubers move into the apartment j...
Fairy Tail High by AlterPerception
Fairy Tail Highby Logic
Where there are towns, there are schools. Where there are schools, there are students and people. Where there are students and schools, there is a lot of excitement. Thi...
Broken (A Fairy Tail FanFic) by tatitex1
Broken (A Fairy Tail FanFic)by Dead Girl Walking
Jellal, Gajeel, Juvia, Lucy and Romeo were the siblings of the Heartfilia family. They were a pretty close knit bunch until, Layla, their mother, died in a car crash an...
Mirajane's Shipping Book 2 by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Book 2by • Fia •
Mirajanes has expanded her shipping club! Most ships have been confirmed! You're invited to join the club too!
Fairy Tail One Shots by milly9220
Fairy Tail One Shotsby Hobbit
This will just be a bunch of One-Shots I will write when I'm bored or come up with a idea I think is good enough. Disclaimer - I do not own Fairy Tail, I only came up w...
Will they find out...... by PoisonDemon66
Will they find out......by PoisonDemon66
Lucy and Yukino have one thing in common they both were bullied by there guilds when they left they found a huge secret about both Start; April 4 2018 End: I do not own...
Dragon slayer mating season  by TheCartoonistDreamer
Dragon slayer mating season by Cartoonistdreamer
What is dragon slayer mating season? Is it just a season to mate? Or is it more? Is it an opportunity for those who had hidden their true feelings to finally tell the o...
The fairy house by madgirl2868
The fairy houseby No One
16 beautiful or handsome, yet not so rich or famous teens sign up for the fairy house, thinking they would be working as an intern or something like that to earn some ca...
Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Slow Updates~ ~Editing~ by Gruvia2006
Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Slow Updates~...by Macie
~Editing~ Where you can come to read about your favorite ships also I will do x readers too. ~Requests Closed Currently~ Disclaimer: I own no characters they all belong...
Mended: A Broken Story by tatitex1
Mended: A Broken Storyby Dead Girl Walking
It had been 2 years since Layla Heartfilia died and the whole ordeal with Sabertooth. Our heroes have moved on with their lives but, what's this?! Some weird people have...
Tales of the Heart by thebookeeper456
Tales of the Heartby thebookeeper456
Natsu buys Lucy a magic lacrama while the guild is on vacation. Because of the Lacrima Lucy, Levy, Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Carla, and Aries get sucked into a magic portal wh...
Fairy tail Fanfictions by Mymtngames25
Fairy tail Fanfictionsby Caleb Jones
This is just for romantic fanfics about fairy tail couples(somewhat connected to my other work Mating season)
The Troublemakers of Fairy High [discontinued ;; to be deleted] by KrunchieKookies
The Troublemakers of Fairy High [d...by ↱ rowan ↲
[Main ships: Gale, Stingyu, Nalu, Baccana, Miraxus, Jerza] Fairy. The All-Girls school. Mira, Cana, Erza, Lucy Levy, and Yukino are six troublemakers. They have a group...
Future Fairies [Hiatus] ●_● by Huntress_Pheonix
Future Fairies [Hiatus] ●_●by PRINCESS FUCKBOI KILLER
it was just a normal day at thhe Fairy Tail guild, when suddenly 12 kids come in claiming that they come from the future, and the future children of the Fairy Tail mages...
Save Me, Please by maybe_max
Save Me, Pleaseby Max Sartors
What would of happened if Aries bad master problem didn't stop, but instead just got worse. This would be after Angel. As if someone beat Angel and took all of her spiri...
Fairy Tail Ships Oneshots by Duq_Goddess
Fairy Tail Ships Oneshotsby whomp x 3000
This is a book for Fairy Tail oneshots! Request if you like what you see ;3
Citizen V by AandDFairyTailGuild
Citizen Vby Erza, Gajeel, Loke, Mira and...
On the 7th of June, 2012: Fairy Tail High hosted a field trip for the senior students to go the Hargeon port. Only thing is... they never got there. It's been three year...
Maid Heartfilia by EndlessMarshmallow
Maid Heartfiliaby (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
{cover says by -Lucy-Dragneel- cuz that's my old username} He never loved her. She was just a nuisance to him. He needed a way to get rid of her. -She was the payment f...