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The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2by ✌🏽💜Emery💜✌🏽
[COMPLETED!!] ❝Ezran you also have you bethored coming tomorrow.❞ ❝I'm sorry, my what?!❞ Ezran asked as Rayla and Callum started laughing. •~•~•~•~• Sequel to 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓡�...
Force of Magic by Moonview
Force of Magicby Moonview
Trezac Navo'x is one of the last remaining Jedi after Order 66. Crash landing on a planet filled with a force the natives call magic, he joins two royals and an elven as...
The Royal Mystery || Rayllum/ Book 1 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Mystery || Rayllum/ Book...by ✌🏽💜Emery💜✌🏽
[COMPLETED!] ❝Who is it?" Ethari asked the blue-haired sky elf. ❝Someone you loved.❞ ~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Six years have passed since the return of Zym, the dragon prince...
The TDP Characters Watching The Show by Lizzi_The_Raven
The TDP Characters Watching The Sh...by Lizzi_The_Raven
My magical self has transported the characters of The Dragon Prince to a movie theatre to watch the future.
The Dragon Prince Memes by Mynameisbread8
The Dragon Prince Memesby Mynameisbread8
All you need to know is in the title ❤️ there will also be spoilers.
TᕼE ᗪᖇᗩGOᑎ ᑭᖇIᑎᑕE by TheREALFoxGamer
TᕼE ᗪᖇᗩGOᑎ ᑭᖇIᑎᑕEby Eve
(OC INSERT) In the magical land of Xadia, magic comes from six primal sources: the sun, moon, stars, sky, earth and ocean. When human mages create a seventh kind of magi...
How may I serve you ?(oneshot) by ScarletLunaa
How may I serve you ?(oneshot)by Luna
1. open ending 2. does not make sense 3. bare with me 4. Only in y/n' s pov --------------------------- * disclaimer* i don't own Aaravos he rightfully belongs to the...
How do you do? by TheArmadist
How do you do?by CDrey
Callum had gone looking for Ezran just a little sooner and Harrow is still killed. The two princes escape the castle and encounter the elves sent to kill the king. Unawa...
Lunar Lullaby by Agent_Melody_Carter
Lunar Lullabyby Agent_Melody_Carter
She was supposed to fix her mistake, for Xadia, for her queen. But when it came down to it, she couldn't do it. He was an innocent, just a boy. So she took him with her...
The Rightful Queen by LilCentralAmerica
The Rightful Queenby RennyBenny
There is an ancient story of injustice that befell the west of Xadia, once the elves and dragons drove out the humans. There lived a thriving kingdom, of a royal bloodli...
Two elves and a human by TheArmadist
Two elves and a humanby CDrey
Gren and Runaan are stuck in a dungeon. They contemplate their lives and the mistakes they made. Regret must never stand in the way of greatness, however. I have no idea...
Dragon High - Dragon Prince AU by 99_Peeta_Jackson
Dragon High - Dragon Prince AUby Beryl&Sapphire<3
Callum was taken when he was a child. He's less than fifteen and all he knows is the chains of his cell/bedroom and the halls of Dragon High, the high school he's lived...
The Little Water Elf by seaslugsupremacy
The Little Water Elfby k
Rayla is an ocean elf, stuck in the depths and unable to join either human nor elves on the surface. The war isn't real to her, and though she grew up hearing the horror...