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Calming The Beast by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Calming The Beastby Lone-wolf-fanfics
Once Upon A Time....Logan and Bruce were very much in love. So very much in love that when he had his 'accident' Logan's heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. Loga...
Liam by YashasviSandeepJaisw
Liamby ThePurpleThing
"A strong man is strongest when Alone" - Liam Hernandez "A strong woman stands up for herself, A stronger woman stands up for everyone else" - Eve...
Two Hearts & One Life by FelicityMaria
Two Hearts & One Lifeby Maria Felicity. A.
They thought they already have everything, a perfect relationship that had been going strong for over ten years, both of families who always supporting them, and last bu...
Realms Apart by MayaAlayaCrawford
Realms Apartby MayaAlayaCrawford
Lloyd, who is the last Ninja to find love, wishes he could see his long lost companion. Akita, who is a forming with the ability to shape shift into a white and red wolf...
Our Promises ➳ jinheung x reader by chanyears
Our Promises ➳ jinheung x readerby 肉欲
I N T H E P A S T // these two children made promises to stay together forever. N O W // these two, after being separated due to circumstances their paths meet again. ca...
The Contract(muslim love story) by flawless43
The Contract(muslim love story)by ayesha
..........{#13 spiritual} 04/02/16 It all started with a pen and a paper!!! Almira had to sign a contract to save her father from the millionaira. she is to marry the m...
As Infinity Becomes the Present by claireislonely
As Infinity Becomes the Presentby Claire
Reki and Langa are all grown up. Reki continues to live and Okinawa, while Langa moved back to Canada years ago. What will happen when these too old friend rekindle thei...
Shakhi TS- Caged Feelings by shakhilife
Shakhi TS- Caged Feelingsby Knight_of_the_pen20
Shaurya-"You look beautiful Anokhi...may you have a happy life ahead with Ahir " * * Anokhi - "Four years before you left me..... Now why are you here...
Stella, My Star by SweetMuse
Stella, My Starby SweetMuse
A female lieutenant is assigned to Captain Samuel Rafferty's spaceship, the I.S.F. Destructor. Sexy, stubborn, sassy; she will have a controversial impact on everyone sh...
After All This Time (Twilight) by EinrabelFox
After All This Time (Twilight)by Girl With No World
*On Hold* Bella is a vampire, but she doesn't let anybody know. She decides to live with a friend of hers, Charlie, and for the sake of aperences they tell everyone the...
Save Me by AmourD
Save Meby BadgalDiDi
Hello, It's me... I was wondering if after 6 years you'd still want to meet me and go over everything we've been through. I tried calling but to no avail. Jay, I'm sorry...
The Forbidden Bond by KieyoraF
The Forbidden Bondby Rosé'sHoe_97
This is a continuation of Behind Her Angel Eye, you don't have to read the first book but I recommend you do in order to understand the story line and the characters...I...
IF  (A Jottie story) by St4rryx_
IF (A Jottie story)by bloop bloop
Hi guys, since reading Princess at heart by Connie Glynn, I have decided to make a fan fiction. Make sure to check out Connie Glynn's work, all are admirable. I just wa...
A loving embrace - Quackity/Alex x Obama by cute_plaque
A loving embrace - Quackity/Alex x...by #slay
When a streamer and the president of the united states meet, only few will understand the depth of their love. Follow along for a story about betrayal, love, death, roma...
Unloving a Fuentebella by graciaangela001
Unloving a Fuentebellaby graciaangela001
Ever since that day ten years ago, Serenity learned to guard her heart from men. Hindi man niya sinasadya, ngunit tinanggal niya muna sa kanyang priorities ang pagkakaro...
Nothing More to Say by -AXLROSEsWIFE
Nothing More to Sayby JULIA
Alise has discovered that Axl is her father, and she wants to know more about his relationship with her mom. Oh, and hopefully, be their personal Cupid. But first, can s...
Between Enchantix💎 (On Hold/editing) by sakurayuki0_0
Between Enchantix💎 (On Hold/editi...by sakurayuki0_0
Sakura is an Indian college exchange student who lives a normal life in South Korea. This all changes when one day, she falls into a lake which takes her into another w...
LUCK ||4Clover Romance Book 1|| by ShaunaMc2019
LUCK ||4Clover Romance Book 1||by Shauna McDonnell_author
NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED Ella Andrews, finds herself newly single on Valentines Day, after walking in on her "boyfriend" in a rather compromising posi...
SKIN (#SLAXL ONE SHOT). by user27288652
SKIN (#SLAXL ONE SHOT).by MichelleGunner
Nikki Sixx tries to save Slash but it is too late: the guitar player has already overdosed Axl will finally realizes how much he loves Slash Inspired by the song Skin...
The Most Unlikely Heroes Of Halloween Night by TheSuperheroQueen
The Most Unlikely Heroes Of Hallow...by TheSuperheroQueen
With an imminent threat to the world coming on Halloween night, it will take a vampire, a prodigy, and a demigoddess to save the world from an evil witch. Can Vlad, Vict...