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Kirishima x Depressed and Drug using Reader(fem) by Bokugo_the_uke
Kirishima x Depressed and Drug usi...by Bokugo_the_uke
Y/n is a student at UA, and shes a good one. She's smart, kind, and practically a model student. She doesnt have a friend group, she likes to do her own thing, but she's...
Babqftim one-shots BOOK 1 [Completed] by pengeo
Babqftim one-shots BOOK 1 [Complet...by 🌕pengeo🌑
Give me what ever feed back you want and give me the ships you want and I will do them! And I do Smut Lemon Spicy And sometimes my writing can get rly bad because that...
Snape x reader by sips___tea
Snape x readerby sips
A new teacher comes to Hogwarts, (y/n). you where best friends with the cute kinda emo Snape but you lost contact with him after leaving school. Coming back you meet Sn...
The Soulmate Curse by Solstice51
The Soulmate Curseby Solstice
Killua hates his soulmate mark. Only a fraction of the population gets them and they're annoying. They're super annoying. But will his opinion change once he meets hi...
Hollow  by Kaiokengoku
Hollow by Kaiokengoku
Bleach fan dies and reincarnated as ichigo watch him get stronger as well as get hoes on the way Basically ichigo fuck most girls Haven't finished TYBW so I won't wri...
The Survivor by CrimsonShadowMask
The Survivorby CrimsonShadowMask
Stolen. Broken. Corrupted. Vanessa Amara De Luca has suffered for nine years under her aunt's care. When a tragic accident changes her life, she finds herself shipped to...
The Other Agent Hill by reader12433
The Other Agent Hillby reader12433
Y/n Hill, the young and snarky younger sister to Agent Maria Hill. Is consumed by the MCU, after becoming an Agent after fleeing her toxic home environment, only to beco...
A Dragon Rider's Element by Trash_Queen_33
A Dragon Rider's Elementby Trash Royalty
When dark armies and evils of the past awaken in the 21st century, anicent powers choose four new dragon rider are chosen to be the guardians and protecters of their wor...
to be loved and to be in love | h.s. by harryandhishairclip
to be loved and to be in love | h...by harryandhishairclip
in which harry styles and an 'ordinary' girl fall in love, all under the spotlight of his fame. [ social media ] [ harry styles x oc ] [ completed ]
genie  [ woosan ] by SkylerMaknae
genie [ woosan ]by hyunjin lovebot
in which san runs an advice blog, and receives a rather strange request for help. [86K+ words] [text and writing based fic] [started january 2nd 2020.] highest; #1 in m...
Twisting Illusions | Villain Deku by Peachie_Havoc
Twisting Illusions | Villain Dekuby Peachie_Havoc
-FINISHED- Villains and Heroes seemed so Black and White to me, the good and the bad, constantly at war. Hearing them talk, about their lives before and after they got t...
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE) by Wongleets
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE)by Leeetttss
The white room. A hellhole that takes in children and churns out perfections of the human society. Ayanokoji is the perfect human specimen, but he's one of two of them...
A New Challenger (Ryuko Matoi X Reader) by TheWhiteAnbu
A New Challenger (Ryuko Matoi X Re...by The White Anbu
#1 in Ryuko as of 11/26/19 #1 in inprocess as of 11/29/19 #1 in insert as of 4/22/20 This is the classic Kill La Kill story but with an added male protagonist that the r...
Opposites Attract: A Tobecky Story- Wordgirl X Tobey by CatNugget99
Opposites Attract: A Tobecky Story...by CatNugget99
Number one in - #TEAMWORK #NEVERENDING #WORDGIRL #PBSKIDS #TOBECKY <<Updates everyday!!!>> After finally spending some quality time with his superhero crush...
Nefarious ∆ Descendants by -Devoid
Nefarious ∆ Descendantsby t. •slow updates•
Ne•far•i•ous (adj.) Wicked, villainous, or despicable. "She was the most nefarious of them all, and she loved it." Hailey Hart, daughter of the hated red que...
Conversations With My Love (boyxboy) by Lolola245
Conversations With My Love (boyxbo...by Luffy💙
Pierre Lois is the priest's son. He is well-educated, smart, polite, and he's always available to help those in need. The term 'angel' is generally used to describe him...
Peter Parker and the Avengers one shots by EllaAnnabeth
Peter Parker and the Avengers one...by EllaAnnabeth
Avengers One-Shots. My writing gets better. Almost never my photos, only photos of mine are the ones of my dog. So these are one shots . This book used to be called 'T...
Bring It Back In September (COMPLETED//UNDER EDITING) by Ilyannaa_
Bring It Back In September (COMPLE...by ☽︎✵:家:✵☾︎
We all thought that the guy is the only one who can wait several years for the woman he love, but what if the woman is more than willing to the man who can wait for the...
Coincidence |h.s| by adorestylesharry
Coincidence |h.s|by adorestylesharry
What happens when your life long dream goes south in the city of angels?? Cecelia Rose Lovett, a small town girl from Canada, moves to Los Angeles for the internship of...
Inseminated by Klappers_Kittens
Inseminatedby NovelsbyJ✨
Amaryllis was a strong young women who loved to be surrounded by family. She decided she wants to get inseminated. 3 weeks after finding out it worked she feels guilty...