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Mipha/Breath Of The Wild Females X Male!Reader by Dere_Lover
Mipha/Breath Of The Wild Females X...by Dwarf
A story between you and mipha, your links brother, always in his shadow, and just a mere shadow to everyone on hyrule. Maybe turning into a Breath Of The Wild females X...
Satogou - The Dream Boy Of A Gangster by Pokemon_Satogou
Satogou - The Dream Boy Of A Gangs...by Pankaj Maurya
Hey guys, welcome to my fourth story of satogou, it will be a fluff, soft limey and romantic story and I hope you all like it
WE ARE BEGINNING THE END  by amateurfellow
Life, love and death. Can their blend truly be exotic, appeasing to the soul and healing to sick? How far can one go for love? How strong can one's bond be? Started: 06...
We're Destined | Mclisse Series 1 by ML_DB_KF
We're Destined | Mclisse Series 1by DONBELLE ENDGAME
Love is love and if your meant to be your meant to be, only destiny will make way for us to meet, because we're destined
"Loving you is a losing game" ( Sequel ) by nookieparr
"Loving you is a losing game" ( Se...by Elff 💜
( Sequel to + Dream SMP War + ) Please go and read the first book before this! x 'I got addicted to a losing game.' Reader is included in this story. - written to be a g...
You and I | Donbelle Series 2 by ML_DB_KF
You and I | Donbelle Series 2by DONBELLE ENDGAME
I don't know the end of the world but I know the beginning, you and i
Lonely too by McLennonLuv
Lonely tooby Macca's Linda
If you ever loved me the way I love you, you would be lonely too... a Cynthia/John Lennon one shot (Don't own them or the words of the song I mixed into it...)
a diary of a depressed girl. by daisy913
a diary of a depressed girl.by Daisy🌼
I'm always depressed and the only thing that helps me is writing. So there are my thaughts. I'm writing them when I'm the most emotional and usually I'm crying while I'm...
Finally home (a naruto fanfiction) by tutles12344
Finally home (a naruto fanfiction)by tutles12344
This little neko girl, without a name was abandoned found by a team of konoha nin. Taken in by the only female on the team during a severe rain storm, Kurenai yuhi . Thi...
My Man(The Dream) by Chardawn10
My Man(The Dream)by Maggie Ubaña
ito ay tungkol sa isang taong nagmahal NG tao na mula sa kabila NG mundo.
The Player's Baby by LissaLou
The Player's Babyby LissaLou
Abi Thomson. Popular, pretty, smart, and... PREGNANT!? Yes, indeed. Abi is currently with child with the school's Player, Brett,'s baby. Now with losing her best friend...
The Empty Feeling by FuglyDude
The Empty Feelingby FuglyDude
Everybody knows what I mean.Everybody is familiar with the situation.Nobody knows the solution.
Jake's Struggles by PurifyingHeatWave
Jake's Strugglesby iHype
What would you do, go after what you love or let it slip away? Or is slipping away best?
The Smallest Horror Book of the Time by user58331159
The Smallest Horror Book of the Ti...by
The most mysterious and thrilling story you'll ever read in your life !
My story by GraciellaTolores
My storyby Graciella Tolores
My true life story no lies I wan to everyone knows how important life is how important the chance you must not loose when the time comes feel free to read this is my...
My imaginary friend by Crazy_Pencil
My imaginary friendby Crazy_Pencil
Its about a girl named Nomi, she lived with her mother.She is 12 years old and she like Donuts ;-; The rest of the story?You will know it by reading it (obviously -_-)