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In a Father's Embrace by Dawning_Despair
In a Father's Embraceby Dawn Fyodorova
A hobbit OC story. Thorin took in an abandoned elf maid, Thranduil's daughter, disowned for loving a common elf. She died in childbirth, leaving Thorin with a "da...
Saving Durin {Hobbit/Thorin} by Patagonian
Saving Durin {Hobbit/Thorin}by Fletcher
My following words of yore and spite may shock you to the very core. They acknowledge a fact known to few, and even less, known to heart. But please, by the whim of mi...
The Sisters [A Hobbit Fanfiction] by tegget
The Sisters [A Hobbit Fanfiction]by tegget
What if there was a group of ragtaggle, unwanted, yet powerful girls who worked as mercenaries for lords and ladies who couldn't be bothered to trouble themselves to sol...
King in Exile by WiseWolf1000
King in Exileby Kathryn Pepper
This is a fanfic for The Hobbit. This is a story of the Dwarves and their wanderings as they searched for a new home after Smaug took their mountain. I've done a lot of...
Silver And Blood | Legolas by makemeskywalker
Silver And Blood | Legolasby THE KING'S JEWEL
"Oh, I see, someone has a strong liking towards the pretty guard." She spoke to the blonde haired elf as he peered down at the red haired guard. She chuckled a...
Middle-Earth Facts and History by WiseWolf1000
Middle-Earth Facts and Historyby Kathryn Pepper
A collection of information about J.R.R. Tolkien's universe. Great to read if you're writing a LOTR fanfic, or if you're just curious!
Durin's Guardian by scarlet907
Durin's Guardianby scarlet907
Durin a line of Dwarves who are destine for great things, A king who lost his mountain, two princes who wait to see a home only their elders knew, A Guardian who will pr...
A Study in Gold: A HobbitLock ficlet by FrankTheGirl
A Study in Gold: A HobbitLock ficl...by Stephanie Mireille Chan
A little something I came up with randomly, inspired by the popular crossover of The Hobbit and Sherlock! All because Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch met in both...
An Unlikely Company-The Hobbit Fanfic by WalkswithChrist_2
An Unlikely Company-The Hobbit Fan...by Veronica B.
A hobbit, a dwarf, and an elf become a traveling company. Experiencing love and grief during their quest to the Lonely Mountain, they form a friendship that will never b...
Journey to Erebor by Serethiel
Journey to Ereborby Serethiel
(Currently revising and editing.) "You can't tell anybody or he will probably kill me. I'm travelling with thirteen dwarves and a hobbit. Mithrandir is accompanying...
The Tale of the Savior - The Hobbit by cathrineoriginal
The Tale of the Savior - The Hobbitby cathrineoriginal
Could the Prophecy be true? Could this girl be the savior they have all been waiting for? Amee or Neuriel as they call her, is a unique Dwarf girl raised by the elves of...
Mistaken Human by tyra_of_rivendell
Mistaken Humanby tyra
Important note: I'm currently working on re writing this story and I will post it again 'I'm an elf, daughter of Elrond and he is Thorin Oakenshield, the rightful king u...
Halcyon Days in the Withered Heath by MenchaRumble
Halcyon Days in the Withered Heathby MenchaRumble
My days spent in Erebor and the Withered Heath when the reging of Smaug was about to begin. The days are merry with Thorin, Fili and Kili.
The Hobbit Analysis: Should Bilbo be Considered a Hero? by WiseWolf1000
The Hobbit Analysis: Should Bilbo...by Kathryn Pepper
Hope you enjoy my analysis on Bilbo Baggins!
Rare breed  by Kurukocchi-fandom
Rare breed by Freya Killian
The Durin line of dwarves that wish to retake their homeland of Erabor. Throin Oakinsheild and his company of thirteen dwarves, the wizard Gandalf, their burglar Bilbo...
The Dragon & the Raven -Middle Earth Fanfic - Smaug by felixerie
The Dragon & the Raven -Middle Ear...by Felixerie
This is a fanfiction/short-story about Smaug living in the mountain before the dwarves come back (in the Hobbit book). It's based on J.R.R Tolkiens series of books, main...
The Lonely Mountain by ChoujuX
The Lonely Mountainby Z
A song/poem about the Lonely Mountain, heavily inspired by Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" album, along with basically every DragonForce, Hammerfa...
Protector of Erebor by StarlitValkyrie85
Protector of Ereborby StarlitValkyrie
When Freydis Fenrir answered the Grey Pilgrim's cryptic call to assist on a quest, she never expected to be swept up in an adventure that would change her life forever. ...
Lost Queen -The Story of Rione Oakenshield- (UNPUBLISHED) by reen-zette
Lost Queen -The Story of Rione Oak...by reen-zette
[ A Middle-Earth High RP Character. ] Rione Oakenshield is the lost daughter of Thorin Oakenshield. Growing up without ever seeing her father in the Iron Hills, these pa...