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The Loud House Yuri One Shots *Discontinued* by Stariluss
The Loud House Yuri One Shots *Dis...by Jessie
I can't be the only one to think about this right? Btw the younger girls will be older
  • lisa
  • leni
  • lucy
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Bugs and Fire ⌲ HazelSnow [1/3] by Manimatsu
Bugs and Fire ⌲ HazelSnow [1/3]by ( Yama )
|| Remake of the older Bugs and Fire || || Book 1 of 3 of the HazelSnow series || The white-haired man simpered. "Heh. You seem like the tough type, don't you? Y...
  • hazelsnowshipping
  • manimatsu
  • romance
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A Boss And A Maid #Wattys2017  by -lonatommo-
A Boss And A Maid #Wattys2017 by ŁøÑã
"لقد احببت فقيرة مرة و اتضح انها تستغلني لن اقع في ذات الخطأ مرتين" "ولكن زين انا .." "انا السيد الصغير انجل وانتِ خادمة ، وعاهرتي في القصر لا ت...
  • harry
  • lona
  • adam
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Only Then||J.JK by ParkRae95
Only Then||J.JKby °Apple Pie ♡°
•الوقوع في حبي ليس صعب ، الأن تعالي و احتضينيني ، بالرغم من أن مستقبلنا مازال غير مؤكده ، هذا الغموض الذي أحبه• J E O N J U N G K O O K & M I N L O N A ~ONE SHOT~
  • jungkook
  • love
  • fanfiction
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Dimensión alterna  by megmvz
Dimensión alterna by megmvz
Un sendokai los chicos se pelean con un dios del tiempo los chicos pierden causando que se queden atrapados en el tiempo pero gracias a su hija los ayudan a contrumbras...
  • dioses
  • oscuros
  • los
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The love of night and day by shapfiere
The love of night and dayby shapfiere
Luna is the dauther of Night and Apollo is the son of Day and this is there love story. Oneshot
  • fantasy
  • lona
  • romance
THE BOY by onikamcitakali
THE BOYby onikamcitakali
the boy is from a poor family
  • lona
The Others by brennaleigh
The Othersby brennaleigh
There is a world outside the Wall. Are you brave enough to enter the unknown?
  • town
  • sciencefiction
  • apocolyptic
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Chain of Many Secrets *Editing* by PurplePoison28
Chain of Many Secrets *Editing*by Ellaine
Strange mysteries go around the lives of the mysterious people that try to hide in the shadows of the town Silverette. A group has been through many strange things but...
  • astrid
  • red
  • elementals
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Camp Blood Bath  by mymuseisyou
Camp Blood Bath by mymuseisyou
Lona goes to her room after a long and sees a note on her desk. Someone kidnapped Aviana, her best friend. She doesn't know who or why, all she knows it that she has to...
  • supernatural
  • aviana
  • camp
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The Last Kryptionian by ManuelCollazo
The Last Kryptionianby Manuel Collazo
I'm a huge fan of the series Smallville and its taken a few years to write this I hope you all enjoy it
  • loss
  • family
  • dcuniverse
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Lost by ashley11112222sdfggh
Lostby #Randomperson
This is a short story about a brother, a sister and a boyfriend. Things happen. People die or should I say a person dies. Read to find out what happens in the story cal...
  • confused
  • brother
  • lost
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Put Your Heart Up- SmallVille FanFiction by analighe
Put Your Heart Up- SmallVille FanF...by analighe
"You, and me we're different, and we do feel like outcasts, but we have each other so that means that from where ever we are we are not a lone. I'll be there for yo...
  • batman
  • lois
  • ville
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That beautiful girl by buenolis1023
That beautiful girlby Paola Bueno
This story is about the true and the real typical,perfect, popular girl...
  • perfect
  • girl
  • real
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Art Gallery by MalayaCatMagic
Art Galleryby Malaya
Pieces of art with captions.
  • art
  • caption
  • lona
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AMA LIVE by prusha99
AMA LIVEby prusha99
  • badboy
  • lona
Liebesstory by mxliksgxrl
Liebesstoryby Jenny
Lona wird von ihren Mitschülern gemobbt. Ausser von einem. Ihrem Schwarm. Es ist offensichtlich, dass sie sich gegenseitig lieben. Aber es gibt ein Problem! Er hat schon...
  • liebe
  • zaynmalik
  • liebesgeschichte
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Dear Diary by SwiftArrowX
Dear Diaryby SwiftArrowX
For Becky her life is a total mess but when she meets a certain someone her whole world changes.
  • kenzie
  • jack
  • abbie
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vise implinite by fata_cu_vise19
vise impliniteby fata anonima
hei! Printr-o mica descriere la aceasta carticica vreau sa spun ca asta e inceputul contului.Sper sa va placa.M-am inspirat dupa serialul / cartea ,,Anne cu e la sfarsit...
  • lona
  • marie
  • patrik