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Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black  by EmmUrFav
Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black by 𝑒𝑚.
❝I think-I think I'm in love. I know it sounds crazy, but I really think she's the one.❞ ••••• Naomi Serdeys is peculiar, that was for sure. Despite being friendly, Naom...
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
Lollipop Curtis by Theoutsidersfan01
Lollipop Curtisby Book Lover
It's the fourth Curtis. The smallest and definitely the cutest - Lollipop Curtis. The only thing that's different about her then the rest of her gang is that she's a mut...
lollipop. renjun  by sosobancha
lollipop. renjun by *•.¸♡𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕞𝕪♡¸.•*
everyday, a lollipop and a note in her locker signed h.rj highest ranking #107 in huangrenjun highest ranking #1 in lovenotes
What Is Life (Ereri Fan fiction, ErenxLevi) by 0w0Dera
What Is Life (Ereri Fan fiction, 0w0Dera
another yaoi Enjoy But beware Much smut, Levi top, not that much drama, a lot of swear words Eren and Levi had their first time with each other but didn't keep in touch...
Play with fire (Hyunlix)  by ExolForLove
Play with fire (Hyunlix) by ExolForLove
Lee felix loves to see his boyfriend with jealous, in his opinion Hwang Hyunjin jealous is extremely hot and dangerous, wanting to tease his boyfriend who was already st...
Investigation | BFB AU | Book 1 by wwhattssmyname
Investigation | BFB AU | Book 1by wwhattssmyname
Four decided to go on vacation with X where Two was, they felt slight suspicion, and they needed a small break. Though, weeks later, the fourteen contestants came with t...
Lemon Like Love by Ipsitalali
Lemon Like Loveby Hopelessbooklover
Enter the intriguing world of feisty policeman Lenna Nightingale, who is entangled in a web of uncertainty. Haunted by her troubled past, Lenna aspires for a new beginni...
"I hate this show..." [Lollipop x Host!Reader] by n3wb1e4lliance_
"I hate this show..." [Lollipop ScarletWritez
// "Hey, we've been in space multiple times, how did we not see this rainbow-" "Shut up you stupid spoon lover." // _________ A host from [S/N] was...
Leafcake's Lovely Art Book. by LeafCake
Leafcake's Lovely Art mighty fireafy writer
This is just a book that I will do whenever I feel bored. I will use it for fanart and art comps because why not
Bleeding Royalty (Revamped) by katrocks247
Bleeding Royalty (Revamped)by Katarina E. Tonks
Violet Florentina is one of the best at what she does. That is, hunt fang faces for cash. But when an anonymous, mysterious client who goes by the name "V" beg...
Playboy's Girl [Christian Collins] by CrazyKaaath
Playboy's Girl [Christian Collins]by CrazyKaaath
"Jessica told me about your situation.." He said while looking at what I'm outlining "What about it?" I asked him " I know a certain job that ha...
BFB Book by PowerToLePotatoYEET
BFB Bookby Weed-kun
I guess you could call this an "On Crack" book. Or BFB spoofs. Just a BFB Book. Not much to see. They will mostly be about Lollipop so uh yeah hope you like h...
Candy Man - Harry Styles by -yelllow
Candy Man - Harry Stylesby -yelllow
All little Lana wanted was a lollipop. #freethekinks
Lollipops (Ranpo x Reader) by ShiHana84
Lollipops (Ranpo x Reader)by Shi_Hana
Y/n is a childhood friends with Poe and has investigation skills that only rival those of Ranpo Edogawa. What will happen when these two meet for the first time? Will lo...
Corruption (ON HOLD) by leafyisbest
Corruption (ON HOLD)by leafyisbest
⚠️ THIS AU IS ON HOLD, THERE WONT BE ANY UPDATES FOR A WHILE ⚠️ Have you ever had a feeling of boiling, raging hot fury or betrayal that you immediately wish to act upon...
Lollipop x Reader ( why did i make this ) by Sweet-Oranges
Lollipop x Reader ( why did i Abby the simp
Why did I write this now im going to be flushed for the rest of the day-- i meAN YEAR OR MORE KHJGFDGNHJKHGTFDNHNJBGFCDS,KBGFXHYT'32[][;21]'[T]GTFPA[JiAPDFOGDSAJOLGVAPSW...
Bfb/Tpot/II Crack book by WanderingStoryTelIer
Bfb/Tpot/II Crack bookby WanderingStoryTelIer
Picture used for cover is not mine.
Sleeping With My Male Babysitter by LeaLollita
Sleeping With My Male Babysitterby ▲Léa▲
**WARNING** This story gets...dark. This story is also set in the same world as my book Justice Will be given, so some characters and themes are from that book too, don...