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My Princess // Mephisto x Reader {LoliRock} by sunberryflower_
My Princess // Mephisto x Reader { Rai
"Bad dream, huh, princess?" You jumped to your feet. "W-what are you doing here?" "I came to..." he hesitated. He took a deep breath and sa...
Lolirock: Princess of Ira (SLOW UPDATES) by KNR2003
Lolirock: Princess of Ira (SLOW K-N-R
Ephidia is free from one threat and is now in danger of another, how will the princesses make it through this one? Perhaps through the help of old enemies and new friend...
Lolirock: Lost Sister by Amari_LoK
Lolirock: Lost Sisterby Ari
This is about lolirock, Iris has a twin sister, her twin shows up on Earth being hunted and starts living with the girls. How will this go down, I don't know. Let's find...
Lolirock one-shots by bringbackmephisto101
Lolirock one-shotsby Majestic Neapolitan Icecream
cute one-shots, mostly focusing on the evil twins and the bond that they share as siblings
My Princess (Wild Card X Oc) by Gacha_Crystal12
My Princess (Wild Card X Oc)by Crystal_Snow14
Trinity is the daughter of Princess Iris. Iris is a part of the Heroics whenever she's not fighting alongside her best friends Talia and Auriana. Trinity has the same po...
lolirock miraculous crossover AU (Completed) by D_A_D_D_Y_L_O_K_I
lolirock miraculous crossover AU ( D_A_D_D_Y_L_O_K_I
so i suck at describing things so lemme try dis Catty Princess of Voltix Marinette Princess of Turix Chloe Princess of Malix they were sent to earth on paris to be safe...
The Wolfskin and The Songstress by MysticonArcher
The Wolfskin and The Songstressby Lesedi Tshabangu
In this Lolirock/Fire Emblem Fates crossover, the Princess of Volta finds love in the most unexpected being ever; a wolfskin. How will Iris and Talia react to Auriana h...
Lolirock + Cardcaptor Sakura by TeddyBaa
Lolirock + Cardcaptor Sakuraby TeddyBaa
Sakura's class goes on a field trip to a town called Sunny Bay. ONce they arrive KIro picks up on a strange but powerful magic.
Toon Heroes: Mayhem in the Multiverse by MLPFan2456
Toon Heroes: Mayhem in the TheMlPFans
"During the final night of being together, Anne, Sasha and Marcy are transported to a different world and meet two wolves, Myst and Blaze. After being told that ter...
Lolirock and ladybug a crossover by TeddyBaa
Lolirock and ladybug a crossoverby TeddyBaa
Marinette and he family go on a vacation to the small town of sunny bay were ladybug has more to do then she realize. The lolirock girls (yes this includes Carissa and L...
Ladybug and Cat Noir meet Lolirock: A Crossover by Evaliny
Ladybug and Cat Noir meet Evaliny
Lolirock gets a one in a lifetime chance to go to Paris to perform! However, right before they leave, Iris and Nathaniel get into a big fight. What will happen to their...
LoliRock Character Opinions  by MagicLoliRock
LoliRock Character Opinions by {Lily LoliRocker}
A book where I rant about my opinions on the LoliRock characters.
Hero Academy: Ticking Time by Queen_Rainheart
Hero Academy: Ticking Timeby Queen_Rainheart
Crossover Fanfiction After finding out that Hawk Moth has escaped into the multiverse and found new allies, the Miraculous heroes are given a choice to find him by going...
Lolirock Season 3 ( Devotion ) Natisto by Crystalii_Hymn
Lolirock Season 3 ( Devotion ) Crystalii_Hymn
what would happen if in the explosion didn't kill Mephisto, but instead teleported to earth and forgot what happened to him. And Nathaniel sees him and helps him out. Ma...
New Heros (Rainimator, Season One) by kittycat33333333
New Heros (Rainimator, Season One)by Arctic Diamond
Crystal and her team have been tracking down the twins, Mephisto and Praxina for a while. But, every time they catch up to the twins, they go to another dimension. Now...
Sitting in the Starlight (a LoliRock FanFiction) by HeeeeyitsNova
Sitting in the Starlight (a HeeeeyitsNova
Emily, a girl who is not what it seems to the naked eye. She was a magical princess from the kingdom of Starlight, alongside Auriana of Volta, Talia of Xeris, Carissa of...
Lolirock and Miraculous Ladybug Crossover by 26pridchalunionsdorg
Lolirock and Miraculous Ladybug Pridiya Chalermsuksant
Iris, Talia, Auriana, Carissa and Lyna are going on a tour to Paris and be exchange students while Marinette and her school prepare for the arrival of the Lolirock band...
Sisters Reunited by kittycat33333333
Sisters Reunitedby Arctic Diamond
It is almost time for Arielle, Erin, and Emery's first concert as their band the Crystals. The location is in Beach City and the Crystal Gems are helping them set up the...
Trapped In Betrayal | A Lolirock X Reader Fan fiction  by IndigoEmber
Trapped In Betrayal | A Lolirock LovableBella
( hold it this book is on hold so if you wanna wait I suggest you just add this to your list and move on because it will be awhile until on update) Your a prince...
Lolirock  Miraculous Crossover AU Book 2 (COMPLETE) by D_A_D_D_Y_L_O_K_I
Lolirock Miraculous Crossover D_A_D_D_Y_L_O_K_I
What if after Praxina Threatened the princesses that she was gonna take someone away that they loved but what if she disnt know that Mephesto survived what will happen ...