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Pirates Achievement System by RagingBull04
Pirates Achievement Systemby RagingBull04
"Ron" found himself inexplicably in the world of One Piece, after he was hit by a speeding truck. Facing a life-threatening situation, our hero was rescued by...
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving demon. Season one by saki-san2
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving Saki san(lu chan)
In an ordinary modern world. The ordinary teenager - draws the road and lives his free daily life. One day, two years ago, everything changed. How did I become a Loli? H...
Blue Archive - Traveling across Kivotos as a Student by ProjCRys
Blue Archive - Traveling across Masako
A girl result from an inhumane experiment on developing halo breaking weapons, saved by a group of girls wearing maid outfits along with their Sensei. Now attaining her...
It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World by BLACKDOKI
It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated ❇
Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down t...
♥Children's Daycare♥ 18+ Taboo Roleplay by Loli_Loli_Playz
♥Children's Daycare♥ 18+ Taboo Loli_Loli_Playz
This is probably one of the most Taboo Roleplays you'd ever do~! All types of children get dropped off at Daycare, but what's so special about this one? beside the cheap...
Fate Kaleid - Visitor from the Void by TRUExtremeSamX
Fate Kaleid - Visitor from the Voidby TRUExtremeSamX
A guy becomes Shirou, but wait- why is Illya younger? And why is Irisviel here? And why does he have the First Magic? And why is Illya so cute?! (Self Insert Shirou in K...
🍋Y/n the Loved (Fantasy Story)🍋 by CalebTheFandomGuy
🍋Y/n the Loved (Fantasy Story)🍋by CalebTheFandomGuy
y/n dies and gets reincarnated. Who is our hero in their new incarnation? This Lemony, Lewd story is all for you to decide for yourself and enjoy.
Fate/Alternative Order by PhantomVenus
Fate/Alternative Orderby Smug Overlord
Emilya Von Einzbern, an influential member of the Chaldea staff whose role is to research the rayshift project. But one day some unexpected incident occurred and she wou...
Sagiri x reader [one shot] by MiyukiSxnpai
Sagiri x reader [one shot]by Bun Bun
One day your cute little sister is upstairs in her room live streaming.After you get home from school she pulls you into her room as you were delivering dinner to her. Y...
Ayanami's Betrayal (Azur Lane) (Laffey x Javelin x Ayanami) by TimelessPapers
Ayanami's Betrayal (Azur Lane) ( ꒰ Chaiden ꒱· ꒰ ♤ ꒱・.˚ꮺ
The leaders across all nations have agreed that creating a worldwide alliance would greater their odds of defeating the sirens. The contract has only been recently imple...
mostly neutral T-doll in girls frontline  by Anton1737
mostly neutral T-doll in girls Anthony eh
A griffin commander decides to order a new T-doll to be built, but when said T-doll gets a virus from sangvis ferri things get interesting.
Loli × Danmachi (yuri harem) by Vjbbjvhctcrcu
Loli × Danmachi (yuri harem)by Lumi Yuri
As the title says, The mc of this story is going to be a loli because why not? I may have forgotten some details about this anime because last time I watched it was abou...
Synopsis: Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedente...
Welcome! || Akizuki Koyo by wh1sp145
Welcome! || Akizuki Koyoby Wh1sp
Meet Stile's new waitress, Karin Hoyoshi. A girl who has finished college and was asked to be a waitress at Stile. In her life as a waitress, she soon lay eye on a certa...
Mad Father: Reincarnation (Old Ver.) by Deus_Desu
Mad Father: Reincarnation (Old Deus Desu
Aya is Aya, we all love her as she is, but what happens when Aya isn't really Aya? In this book, a boy is isekai'd by a truck, but instead of being sent to a fantasy wor...
In Another World As A Cultivator by ShadowKatake
In Another World As A Cultivatorby Katake Kage Zenchi
In Another World With My Smartphone X OP Cultivator OC Fanfic. Alt Title: In Another World As A Cultivator With A Smartphone Addict Brother Seref, the person who has acc...
Bishoujo ni natta kedo netoge haijin. Yattemasu by saki-san2
Bishoujo ni natta kedo netoge Saki san(lu chan)
Shuntaro is a high school student who fails miserably at confessing his love.  His misfortunes continue and he develops a gender-reversal disease that is all over the ne...
Ta lão công là gian nịnh by sharetruyen
Ta lão công là gian nịnhby sharetruyen
Đây là một cái thanh mai bị bắt nỗ lực thông đồng hung tàn trúc mã lại nhiều lần bị làm chết chuyện xưa Đây là một cái sói cưỡi trúc mã đến, quấn giường làm thanh mai...
The Moonlight Pillar (Demon slayer) [Shoujo ai/Yuri] by Rokuro-Sama
The Moonlight Pillar (Demon Roku-San
"It's almost like starting a game with a maxed out character! This is gonna be easy"I yelled Just have about 208 more years to go Lucifer strikes again! This...
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear 2 by Rimuru_T
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear 2by Rimuru_T
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY This is the continuation of KKKB, if you haven't please read book 1 first. Author(s): Kumanano, くまなの Artist: 029...