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Reincarnated as Issei! by KenKanekiTheCat
Reincarnated as Issei!by KenKanekiTheCat
A singular Soul was floating in the vast space of the Universe, nearby was Earth where it originated from. It took a few months before finally it was awakened to the sou...
Reincarnated As An Loli Within The SCP Universe?!! by Psyche_Sol_YT
Reincarnated As An Loli Within Psyche Sol
Muhahahahahahaha You have to read to find out Images used don't belong to me unless marked with (-psyche)
A New Era Of Sharks(Gawr Gura x Azur Lane) by RavenArch
A New Era Of Sharks(Gawr Gura x RavenArch
A Vtuber,Gawr gura is a actual mystical being living amongs the humans,Gawr gura is then transported into Azur Lane while she was sleeping!Follow her on her journey to r...
Izuku's Quirk by masterbob978
Izuku's Quirkby masterbob978
Izuku is still bullied until the day when Bakugo tells Izuku to swan dive off the roof. He does but doesn't die then wakes up with some... changes. I don't own Boku no H...
Bishoujo ni natta kedo netoge haijin. Yattemasu by saki-san2
Bishoujo ni natta kedo netoge Saki san(lu chan)
Shuntaro is a high school student who fails miserably at confessing his love.  His misfortunes continue and he develops a gender-reversal disease that is all over the ne...
Fate Girls x Male Reader Series by fustumono
Fate Girls x Male Reader Seriesby futsu
Most of these will probably be based on Fate Grand Order, due to the Masterverse being the most stable and easy to understand. I may include some of the backstories or u...
|EDIT - HOÀN| Hào môn nịch sủng: Manh thê quá đáng yêu - Miêu Mao Nho by Cutimap
|EDIT - HOÀN| Hào môn nịch sủng: Cutimap
Tác giả: Miêu Mao Nho ==== Hắn là con nuôi của Tiêu thị, cũng là tổng giám đốc Thịnh Thế, đế vương trên thương trường, dã tâm bừng bừng, lại làm người không khỏi sinh lò...
In Another World As A Cultivator by ShadowKatake
In Another World As A Cultivatorby Katake Kage Zenchi
In Another World With My Smartphone X OP Cultivator OC Fanfic. Alt Title: In Another World As A Cultivator With A Smartphone Addict Brother Seref, the person who has acc...
Welcome! - Blend-S Fanfic || Akizuki Koyo x OC by wh1sp145
Welcome! - Blend-S Fanfic || Wh1sp
Meet Stile's new waitress, Karin Hoyoshi. A girl who has finished college and was asked to be a waitress at Stile. In her life as a waitress, she soon lay eye on a certa...
Reincarnated From Vanity by CuriousOtaku
Reincarnated From Vanityby Niizuma Shiiori
DISCLAIMER | VERY GRAPHIC INTRO - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED A old man left a hard-working, lonely life. A slow campaign up the cooperate ladder Successful yet unsatisfie...
Fukase x Reader Oneshots by sumrandowritin
Fukase x Reader Oneshotsby whomtf
Okay so, the only oneshot books I see of Fukase are him being shipped with Oliver, so here's one where he isn't shipped with Ollie! Cover art is not mine! It's by arina...
That time I got reincarnated as a Loli by n00bmaster420
That time I got reincarnated as Noob Mommy
(full name) is an average girl living an average life. Having a decent amount of friends, a normal family and an average school life. One day, she and her friend decided...
Yuri's Afterimage (A DDLC Fan-Fic) (Yuri x Male Reader) by DarkFictionDude
Yuri's Afterimage (A DDLC Fan-Fic) DarkFictionDude
You have been in Yuri's class ever since grade nine. You've always wanted to get to know her better, but because she is anti-social, you've never had the chance. One day...
Reincarnated in another world as a great one by Kikin2006
Reincarnated in another world as Kikin2006
Hardcore gamer and weeb Alexander finally gets out of his house and goes to buy some groceries(since his parents left him out of disappointment),turns out Nyarlathotep i...
Ta lão công là gian nịnh by sharetruyen
Ta lão công là gian nịnhby sharetruyen
Đây là một cái thanh mai bị bắt nỗ lực thông đồng hung tàn trúc mã lại nhiều lần bị làm chết chuyện xưa Đây là một cái sói cưỡi trúc mã đến, quấn giường làm thanh mai...
Imperfect Perfection: A COTE Fanfiction by ClayoRS
Imperfect Perfection: A COTE Klaxo R (ALT)
Being perfect is nothing but a dream of mankind. The people who strive for ultimate perfection never took account of one thing. Perfection is impossible. You might be wo...
Tensura detta ken As a Slime [FANFICTION] by LufthansaFey
Tensura detta ken As a Slime [ Lufthansa Fey | Nod's
3 slimes at the same place and time Nothing will go wrong right? :3 May 8 2022/sunday
That time a player got transfered in another world by JuanZoiloBathan
That time a player got Juan Zoilo Bathan
A boy named Lex ruther was transfered to another world. he wakes up in a unkown place in a mushy forest filled with monsters. Cringe story Bad english ALL OF THE ART IN...
Azur Lane : Demonic Blacksmith Ivan by WriterEvan12
Azur Lane : Demonic Blacksmith Ivanby Ivan Cruz
Ivan was in previous Holy Grail War. Now there is a singularity that only him can join. So he wonders Through Island of Azur Lane. But to his Reaction. A girl with armam...
Reincarnated as a Grand Administrator by CuriousOtaku
Reincarnated as a Grand Niizuma Shiiori
Reincarnated as a Grand Administrator Sekai no kanrisha to shite umarekawaru 世界の管理者として生まれ変わる Disclaimer!!! All pictures used in this book isn't mine, but belongs to it's...