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Frostiron One Shots by galaxy-stark
Frostiron One Shotsby galaxy-stark
A Frostiron one shot Book, containing: - Smut/Lemon These one shots will contain sinful fantasies, sexy happenings, and that good ol' uncensored content - Lime These one...
You're Not a Horse, Harry! by MaeglinYedi
You're Not a Horse, Harry!by MaeglinYedi
In which Harry Potter is the product of a prank that Loki once played on Thor. But hey, at least he's not a horse, so there's that. A series of vignettes about Harry's l...
Innocent (FrostIron) by CosmicCubeTM
Innocent (FrostIron)by 𝒞ℴ𝓈𝓂𝒾𝒸 𝒞𝓊𝒷ℯ
after Loki faked his death during the events of Thor: the dark world, he crash-landed in the Avengers tower. weak and broken from everything that happened to him, Loki f...
Tortured (Frostiron) by lukalucalu
Tortured (Frostiron)by Cosplay GEEK
Time moved slowly inside the cell with Loki. But the more time that passed, the more worried Tony got about him.
I'm Not A Mortal!!! (loki x tony) by a_fat_tribble
I'm Not A Mortal!!! (loki x tony)by Eddie Robotnik
Loki gets in a fight with his "father" Odin and gets banished from asgard and gets sent to earth. Odin taking his powers,clothes, and leaves him looking like a...
How About That Drink? [frostiron] by pippitypipes
How About That Drink? [frostiron]by ✨sharky boi✨
After the events of Thor Ragnarok, Thor, Loki and the people of Asgard are forced to take refugee on Earth where Loki is once again introduced to the Avengers and the pe...
thorki/frostiron images-oneshots by bellasorpes
thorki/frostiron images-oneshotsby bella sorpes
frostiron and thorki and possibly one-shots -fluff -smut -angst
Marvel one shots by 6noyaa9
Marvel one shotsby noyaa
!! I accept requests. !! One-Shots I've done already: Lokison, WinterFalcon, IronFrost, de-aged Loki, little angst after endgame, WinterWidow, IronHawk, Stucky. Currentl...
Let Sleeping Gods Lie by dadreadedjester
Let Sleeping Gods Lieby Tasha
Loki's been busted - after the events of 'Thor: The Dark World' - and Thor knows that he will be sentenced to death, if he is returned to Asgard. Therefore, he places Lo...
Walk a Mile by lethalPopcorn
Walk a Mileby LethalPopcorn
Loki comes to earth seeking redemption by himself. Of his own free will. But what happens when the Avengers find him helping old people across the busy streets of New yo...
Frostiron Oneshots by oc_fanart
Frostiron Oneshotsby Sam
Here you'll find Oneshots I wrote about my favourite Marvel ship, Frostiron (Tony x Loki) I won't update regularly, only when I feel like it.
Beautiful Monster by cheeseislife55
Beautiful Monsterby cheeseislife55
One night, The Avengers found not only one, but two body of gods. And what if Tony give Loki a second chance? A Frostiron or Tony/Loki pairing.
Come Get Y'all's FrostIron (Oneshot Collection) by royalr-5
Come Get Y'all's FrostIron (Onesho...by royalr-5
Exactly what it says on the tin! None are related story-wise unless specifically stated. I'm always open to hearing ideas, but no guarantees that I'll do them! Crosspos...
Golden Days (FrostIron) by royalr-5
Golden Days (FrostIron)by royalr-5
It was a discussion they were always going to have, even if they wanted to ignore it. The fact was, Loki was immortal and Tony was not. Will he accept the golden apple? ...
I'm Sorry -- Frostiron oneshot by lestradok
I'm Sorry -- Frostiron oneshotby welcome to trench
Loki is the perfect killer, Tony is the perfect target, and he needs to do nothing more than watch and wait. Basically I saw a prompt on tumblr and ran with it. leave a...
Technicolor Lights by rightsidethru
Technicolor Lightsby rightsidethru
The world was one that was painted in colors, rainbow shades that danced along one's skin-each child born in vibrant hues, vivid reflections of the effect that their sou...
Getting back to... by RedRamzi
Getting back to...by Ramzi
Peter admitted that after studying for three years, he is ready to invite his dad on campus. Nobody expected what happened during the visit and how it all ended. Words:...
Easier to Run  by Kymera219
Easier to Run by Kymera219
Loki has a tendency to run away...from everything. A certain inventor might change that. Cross-posted on A03 and ff.net
A Prison Of Our Minds  by WePreenforLoki
A Prison Of Our Minds by WePreenforLoki
Tony has a mental breakdown and ends up locked in Shields prison (which is where Loki would be) and since Loki's his only companion they are forced to be together all th...
Rebel Magic! by IronFrostQueen
Rebel Magic!by Iron Frost
Loki has been reincarnated as a childish god of chaos and the responsibility of raising him not to become the future god of evil falls into the hands of a misguided adul...