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Prince Loki's Maid (Loki x Reader) by Lokisqueen3000
Prince Loki's Maid (Loki x Reader)by Sigyn
(Y/n)'s parents were frost giants. They helped Asgard win the war against Jötunheim in return Odin kept their daughter safe. Laufey found out what (Y/n)'s parents were d...
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Gifted by nekoamamori
Giftedby nekoamamori
Direct Sequel to Giftless. Loki x Reader. Kat has powers now and Loki has left. He promised to return to her, but will he be able to keep his word?
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The One Who Changed   Loki Laufeyson by Alyssa2882
The One Who Changed Loki Laufeys...by Alyssa2882
Alana Lennon is an Avenger, one of the strongest as a matter a fact. She lives in the Tower along with most of the other Avengers. One day Thor brings back a prisoner, t...
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Debatable ~ Our Mutual Disagreement by Pyropticus
Debatable ~ Our Mutual Disagreementby Pyropticus
From a window in the bank she saw a furtive figure dart across the alley. In the alley he eyed her face in the window. She pursued, he led and suddenly . . . they met. W...
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Lovely by imnotrevealingmyname
Lovelyby Eccentricities™
Isn't it lovely? **** Started: 23rd March 2020 Finished: 23rd March 2020 Status: COMPLETED
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Behind the Darkness by lokishxart
Behind the Darknessby lokishxart
You have fallen for the god of mischief. He has fallen for you too. You have a way with him, being able to calm him and make him happy. You trust him. You see beneath th...
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The Light To His Lies (Loki) by bookydreams
The Light To His Lies (Loki)by Kori 💜❤
¡ This is a love story between the main character Lyra and Loki: Lyra Clovin is my OC¡ Lyra was born to be a warrior, fighting along Thor's side to the end, she was eve...
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The Monster Within - Loki x Reader by ClockLights0141
The Monster Within - Loki x Readerby Rock of Ages
You are a shapeshifter that works for S.H.I.E.LD. You don't know where you came from or who you truly are. When Earth encounters a threat you are called to be part of a...
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Exam Day by nekoamamori
Exam Dayby nekoamamori
Imagine Loki walking you home after a long school day.
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Soulbonds and Fairy Dust by nekoamamori
Soulbonds and Fairy Dustby nekoamamori
One of the fae decides to help out the Avengers. But there is more to this aid than what it first appears.
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taken [loki laufeyson] by reverieloki
taken [loki laufeyson]by ⛓🕯🖤
❝for now, you are my prisoner. And i am your king.❞ ⋆ status: writing, unfinished. editing soon. a loki fanfiction. may be mature for some audiences. all characters...
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The Little Witch  by gracielyonss
The Little Witch by Gracie Lyons
|| THE FIRST CHAPTER HAS A BOOK TRAILER || • • • • • Gracie. A teen witch recruited by Tony stark to save a life. Loki. A former villain sorcerer trying to prove...
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Random Short Stories by BuckyandLokisGirls
Random Short Storiesby Laura Nichole
Some of these are original works, some are based on fandoms. They're all just a slew of ideas I had, but didn't want to turn into whole books. Also might put the first...
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Perspective (Loki x Reader) by LazyBonezz
Perspective (Loki x Reader)by Lazy Bones
Loki has just returned from destroying the ether with his brother, Thor, his bravery and sacrifice earning him a full pardon from his father Odin. However, little has ch...
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The Last Bargain #AnExcerpt by imnotrevealingmyname
The Last Bargain #AnExcerptby Eccentricities™
This is the eighth chapter of my fanfiction The Last Bargain, added here as an entry for a contest held by @Fanfic . Started: 11th January 2020 Finished: 11th January 20...
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My Glorious Purpose by Is-It-Madness-Is-It
My Glorious Purposeby Is-It-Madness_Is_It
She turns towards me, "I'm going to need you to stay here with him." "What? Why? Why me?"
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Scandalous by imnotrevealingmyname
Scandalousby Eccentricities™
Ragnarök didn't sit well with anyone. Least of all the mortal who had been waiting for her love to return. **** Started: 5th December 2019 Finished: 5th December 2019 St...
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A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity War by GeneralOfLoki
A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity Warby Behind The Screen
"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT IGNORANCE IS BLISS." Naomi Swanson is fresh out of college, working as an assistant in a small paper supply company and inhaling coffe...
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A Maiden in Battle Armour by Green0arrow
A Maiden in Battle Armourby Dylanthesheep
Serlida is the last of her kind, her planet being destroyed by the mad Titan Thanos. He took her to his ship as a child and has been there for 17 years, fighting alongsi...
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Winter's Hearts by nekoamamori
Winter's Heartsby nekoamamori
You're a half-Jotun Valkyrie who has to live with the Avengers after helping them during a battle. Then Thor brings Loki to join the team. Can either of you thaw your fr...
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