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Maid to Honor (Loki Love Story) by MischiefMaker615
Maid to Honor (Loki Love Story)by MischiefMaker615
This job wasn't quite what she was expecting when Fury assigned her to 'assist' the God of Mischief, where the pampered prince only saw that word as a fancy way of sayin...
Green sunrise  |  Loki fanfiction by kleine_fanfictions
Green sunrise | Loki fanfictionby kleine_fanfictions
You are the new Avenger and a very happy person. Loki, au contraire, is only smiling when he is teasing someone, and that someone is mostly you because you have to train...
loki laufeyson x female reader oneshots by theloveisadagger
loki laufeyson x female reader one...by 𝖾𝗆𝗆𝖺 ✰
the title is pretty self-explanatory i think. i'll fill this book with oneshots about our favourite god of mischief. i'll always appreaciate your feedback, comments, etc...
The Queen Of Winter Book One by Lenore1831
The Queen Of Winter Book Oneby Lenore
Annabelle gets tangled up with the wrong crowd in an attempt to get off the streets and finally find a home. She is rescued by the Avengers and becomes part of the team...
Loki Fluff Oneshots (Loki x Reader) by trekkingroundasgard
Loki Fluff Oneshots (Loki x Reader)by startrekkingaroundasgard
A collection of Loki x Reader reposted from my tumblr (startrekkingaroundasgard). Individual summaries, ratings and warnings on each chapter/fic.
Loki One Shots by privzqn
Loki One Shotsby iz
title is pretty self explanatory:) enjoy
Dove (Loki Love Story) by MischiefMaker615
Dove (Loki Love Story)by MischiefMaker615
Loki and Dove hated each other, only tolerating each other's present when they had to ever since Loki came to work under SHIELD as 'community service'. So what happens w...
Loki x Reader | Different World by fictionalsimpybish
Loki x Reader | Different Worldby fictionalsimpybish
this is my first story, it's gonna be Loki x reader but there's a twist! also be careful there will probably be somethings that will Trigger you!! I will put warnings to...
loki stuffssssss by -antisocialish-
loki stuffssssssby loki’s baby mama
💚 so basically i love loki endlessly 💚 anywhoozles i decided why not write some stuff about him? sooooo this is gonna include some smut, which will be on the warnings...
Tears of a Mermaid (Loki Love Story) by MischiefMaker615
Tears of a Mermaid (Loki Love Stor...by MischiefMaker615
Loki had followed the sweet sound of a voice one day among the many paths throughout Asgard's forest. He discovers the voice came from a mermaid named Mara and the two g...
Loki x Reader |One-Shots| by fictionalsimpybish
Loki x Reader |One-Shots|by fictionalsimpybish
some one-shots for the lovely God of mischief I don't take request, since I'm new at this I don't want to butcher any requests so sorry💚 this will be posted whenever I...
beg lokixreader  by lokisw1feyy
beg lokixreader by lokiswifeyy
on a mission you say something that sparks an idea in loki warnings:smut
Love Is Like A Dagger by LexiShakespear
Love Is Like A Daggerby Lexi Shakespear
"You!" She screamed at Loki. "You bit me!" Thor yanked the chain, pulling her back to the floor. "Stop!" Loki grabbed the chain from him...
Parce Mihi  || Loki x Sigyn | by AshShepard
Parce Mihi || Loki x Sigyn |by Ash Crimson
||Weekly Publications|| Loki, prince of Asgard, a constant shadow of his brother. Even back then, way before Thanos, he is unable to believe that anyone will ever choose...
Loki x reader imagines mcu by AsgardianRavenclaw
Loki x reader imagines mcuby A Ravenclaw writer
[ currently going through editing process ] Mostly Loki x reader in the form of one shots and series, but occasionally a few of original characters. Finished until furth...
Thor & Loki: Captivated by the Mystery of the Lady with the Golden Hair by Goddess_Of_Loki
Thor & Loki: Captivated by the Mys...by Nicole 💙📝
Edit 2021: This story (previously named Thor & Loki: 2 brothers, 1 girl) is currently being rewritten! Loki and Thor continue their lives in Asgard after Thor (2011). T...
Redefinition (Loki x Reader) by Whistlingbirds
Redefinition (Loki x Reader)by Whistling Birds
You think Loki's a sweetheart. He's charming and cute and likes to use his magic to make you smile. He's not calculating, he's contemplative. He's not uncaring, just gua...
Loki x Y/N Imagines by ItsHumiliating
Loki x Y/N Imaginesby Alice Luna Black
A safe place for Loki lovers to go when they are feeling disconnected from their own reality. Feel free to comment your thoughts, I try to respond to most of them!
be good by lokisw1feyy
be goodby lokiswifeyy
sub!loki x dom!reader warnings: smut and fluff <3
Loki x reader (oneshots) by Mishti1717
Loki x reader (oneshots)by Mishti1717
here you'll find fluffy Loki x reader imagines (oneshots) type: fluff , can contain Smut 😏