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The Avengers New Cat  | Loki Laufeyson Romance | COMPLETE by PricklePeach
The Avengers New Cat | Loki Laufe...by Eden Smith
Sparrow may not be the most interesting person on the planet at first glance, she's just a girl who works with her adoptive father in a cafe located in New York City, no...
Queen of Asgard (Loki x Reader) by enimies2lovers
Queen of Asgard (Loki x Reader)by enimies2lovers
Love story between you and Loki NO CHARACTERS ARE MINE, all characters are part of the mcu This was my first time writing/fanfic so it's not the best...
The maneater by hotgirlhour
The maneaterby hotgirlhour
She's a hybrid cat that hates all men. He's a broken god that refuses trust. Do I really have to say anything else ? 18+ Strong language
Not Your Anything by kensy_lane
Not Your Anythingby Kensy
You and Loki have been arguing since first meeting one another, but despite seeming to hate each other, there's an awful lot of sexual tension between you two. He never...
Fallen by _bruised_peach_
Fallenby Frankie :p
Under Editing :p
LokixReader // Avengers fanfiction by Ms_SkyeClark
LokixReader // Avengers fanfictionby Skye Clark
COMPLETE: Loki was taken back to Asgard and as his punishment, he now has to work for the Avengers and clean up his mess. He is under Thor's watchful eye while he is sta...
The Prince that never laughed (Loki-fanfiction) by ElishaMoon24
The Prince that never laughed (Lok...by ElishaMoon24
This is a fairytale! Once upon a time, there was an Asgardian prince that never laughed. It was said, he had a heart of ice and couldn't feel anything else than grief. T...
Wolf Unleashed (Loki Fanfic) by legxcyhaiz
Wolf Unleashed (Loki Fanfic)by CEO of Emily Junk
Jane's sister is an experiment and agent for HYDRA. The Avengers are put on a mission to capture her and to try and bring her back. Loki, who is a part of the Avengers t...
Loki Imagines  |  Lokixreader by kleine_fanfictions
Loki Imagines | Lokixreaderby kleine_fanfictions
This is a collection of all my one-part Loki oneshots (or imagines, what you like to call it). I am very open for requests! :) They contain mostly fluff and happy emotio...
The Lost Asgardian (A Loki X Reader Story) by SammyJ67
The Lost Asgardian (A Loki X Reade...by Samantha Smith
This is a Loki x reader story. -------------------------- Excerpt: The guards flung you down at someone's feet and you kept your eyes on the ground, knowing that you we...
Loki Imagines by lokiedokiee
Loki Imaginesby lokiedokiee
Loki x reader one shots, short stories and some extra chapters of 'Meant to be' (I've put these at the start so that they're easier to find). These are all my own origin...
Loki Laufeyson Imagines by KalaylaJo
Loki Laufeyson Imaginesby KalaylaJo
Loki imagines!!! Fluff, funny, intense and more!! The Avengers are in here a lot too! I hope you guys enjoy and thank you!! I do not own any Marvel characters
Loki X Reader by HailTheFreakShow
Loki X Readerby AA
You want to find true love, so you escape to Asgard. Will everything go as planned? Loki X Reader
Exam Day by nekoamamori
Exam Dayby nekoamamori
Imagine Loki walking you home after a long school day.
I am Loki (Loki x Oc) COMPLETED (kinda?) by hamilcasting
I am Loki (Loki x Oc) COMPLETED (k...by Jess(ica Drew)
"I'm planning on taking over Midgard, and I will be King. So, I want you to be my Queen." My first ever story not edited and republished after 3 years for you...
The Great Pretender (Loki X Reader FanFiction) by HailTheFreakShow
The Great Pretender (Loki X Reader...by AA
Let them come Oh let them take us down, So I can be someone You will remember Let them come Oh let them take us down, So I can be the one The Great Pretender -ДVДTДR ~~...
ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ♔ L⃟O⃟K⃟I⃟ ⚔︎ R⃟E⃟A⃟D⃟E⃟R⃟ by beacrivark13rw
ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ♔ L⃟O⃟K⃟I⃟ ⚔︎ R⃟E⃟A⃟D⃟E⃟...by ᗷEᗩᑕᏒᎥᏉ
"Loki, there's a girl that loves you dearly, she adores you more than anything in the world. Why must you do this?"
Every Villain is a Hero by CatWinchester
Every Villain is a Heroby Cat Winchester
In a last ditch effort to rehabilitate Loki, he is magically bonded to a telepathic human, in the hopes that being forced to feel her emotions, will make him face the ho...
Loki x reader  by kiwifruithiddleston
Loki x reader by <3
You and Loki have been best friends since you were children, but you can't hide your feelings for him much longer. bro I wrote this 2 years ago I don't know why I posted...
Loki's Therapist (Loki x reader) by Renge_has_the_Tardis
Loki's Therapist (Loki x reader)by Elliott
When you get back from a mission on Midgard, you're sure the All-father will reward you for your good work. However, he has something else in mind... This is just someth...